This is the intro title screen to Casey Junior and Friends Scene 1: The Intro


  • Casey Junior (from The Reluctant Dragon, Kronk's New Groove, and Dumbo) as Thomas # 1 (Casey Junior and Thomas are both the main heroes)
  • Toyland Express (from Babes in Toyland) as Edward # 2 (Toyland Express and Edward are both blue, clever, good, and smart friends to Casey Junior and Thomas)
  • Rustee Rails (from Rustee Rails Rides Again) as Henry # 3 (Rustee Rails and Henry are both funny and kind)
  • Montana (from Play Safe) as Gordon # 4 (Montana and Gordon are both powerful, big, proud, and blue)
  • Harry Hogwarts (from Harry Potter 1999 to 2011) as James # 5 (Harry Hogwarts and James are both vain)
  • Tootle (from Little Golden Book Land) as Percy # 6 (Tootle and Percy are both helpful, kind-hearted, young, and best friends to Casey Junior and Thomas)
  • Shelbert (from The Little Engine That Could "2011 film") as Toby (Shelbert and Toby are both wise)
  • Chick Hicks (from Cars) as Trevor # 45 (Trevor's voice suits Chick Hicks)
  • Pedro (from Sauldo Amigos) as Harold # 37 (Pedro and Harold are both flying in the air)
  • Tillie (from The Little Engine That Could) as Emily # 12 (Tillie and Emily are both the main females)
  • Narrators: Ringo Starr, George Carlin, Michael Angelis, Alec Baldwin, Michael Brandon, Pierce Bronsan, and Mark Moraghan


  • (The Season 3 Thomas and Friends theme plays as The Titles say 'Casey Jr. and Friends', 'Based on the film spoof called Thomas and Friends', 'Made By Julian Bernardino', and 'With All 22 Scenes In The Story Film)
  • Narrator: The Fantasyland and Fairytale Railway Traction Company Limited's Island is surronded by beautiful by blue sea. It has fields and sandy yellow beaches. There are rivers, streams, and lots of trees, where the birds sing. There are windmills, and a coal mine, and docks where visitors to the Island arrive. The Island also has lots and lots of railway lines. Who's that puffing down the track?
  • Casey Junior: (whistles two times as he puffs out the other side as Montana and Harry Hogwarts puff past each other while Pedro flies over the sky)
  • Narrator: It's Casey Junior! (Casey Junior puffs along) Hello, Casey Junior! (Casey Junior toots his whistle again)
  • Casey Junior: Hello, everybody! Welcome to the Island of the Fantasyland and Fairytale Railway Traction Company Limited. (Casey Junior whistles as Shelbert whistles too, as Chick Hicks whistles too, and Toyland Express, with his coaches and caboose, also whistles as he, Tootle with his trucks and caboose, Katy, and Tillie, with the birthday train, puff past each other, while the title says 'Casey Jr. and Friends with 22 Scenes')

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