Casey Junior and the Circus is the sixth scene in Casey Junior and Friends.


  • Thomas # 1 - Casey Jr. (Dumbo, The Reluctant Dragon, and Kronk's New Groove) (Both the main heroes)
  • Edward # 2 - Toyland Express (Babes in Toyland) (Both kind) (Role Cameo)
  • Henry # 3 - Rustee Rails (Rustee Rails Rides Again) (Both wise) (Role Cameo)
  • Gordon # 4 - Montana (Play Safe) (Role Cameo) (Both proud) (Role Cameo)
  • James # 5 - Harry Hogwarts (Harry Potter 2001 & 2011) (Both vain)
  • Percy # 6 - Tootle (Little Golden Book Land) (Casey Jr and Tootle are best friends, just like Thomas and Percy are)
  • Emily # 12 - Tillie (The Little Engine That Could) (Both the main females) (Role Cameo)
  • Salty # 39 - Willson (Chugginton) (Both diesels)
  • Coaches - Tootle's wagons, Casey Junior's four wheeled coaches, and Katy Caboose and Harry Hogwarts's Red Coaches - (Little Golden Book Land, The Reluctant Dragon, and Harry Potter 2001 & 2011)
  •  Sir Topham Hatt - Mickey Mouse
  • Annie and Clarabel - Casey Junior's Coaches
  • The Circus Trucks - Themselves
  • Performers - Themselves
  • Narrator - Michael Brandon


  • Narrator: It was a glarious summer day on the island of Fantasyland. Villagers, children, and even Mickey Mouse were excited. The circus was coming. (Tootle rolls by hauling his little golden book land train) The engines were thrilled. They loved the circus too. Tootle loved the horses, (Tootle imagines the horses), Harry Hogwarts loved the clowns, (Harry Hogwarts rolls by with his passenger train and whistles). The children had gathered on the bridges. They were waiting to see the circus pass by. (Casey Junior puffs with four coaches) Casey Junior became more and more excited. (Rustee Rails and Montana pass each other, hauling their coaches and freight cars) Everyone wanted to collect the circus from Porthmadog Docks. Mickey Mouse came to Oblivion Sheds. He had exciting news for Casey.
  • Mickey Mouse: Casey, you are to collect the circus.
  • Narrator: He boomed. Casey was very happy.
  • Casey Junior: (imagines himself excitedly) Pulling the circus sounds like fun.
  • Narrator: He thought to himself.
  • Mickey Mouse: Remember, if you have too many cars for you to pull on your own, you can always share the work with another engine. (Casey puffs away)
  • Narrator: Tootle and Harry Hogwarts were pleased. Maybe they would get to pull the circus after all. Casey puffed over to Porthmadog Docks. Casey steamed into the dokcs.
  • Casey Junior: Wow!
  • Narrator: He cried. Cranky was unloading the circus. Casey was amazed. They were trailers, horse boxes, colorful costumes, coaches and flatbeds as far as the eye could see. Casey was so excited that his crew beemed proudly. The clowns climbed Casey's yellow coach and green coach. Casey, having being turned at the turntable at Hawes station, ran back to Porthmadog to collect his circus train.
  • Willson: I say, Casey, do you need a helping hand?
  • Narrator: Asked Wilson cheerfully. Casey had remembered what Mickey had said about sharing the work. But the band started playing with everyone cheering for Casey, who thought this was the wonderful special ever. Even though his train was very, he would hardly share it.
  • Casey Junior: No thank you, Willson.
  • Narrator: He said.
  • Casey Junior: I shall do it on my own. (Casey sets off again)
  • Narrator: And Casey took the biggest puff he took, and pulled away. Casey trundled through the countryside, Thomas Bandicoot pulled the regulator slowly, and Emily Bandicoot slowly stoked a bit of coal into the stove. Casey didn't notice and kept puffing on while having too much fun. Casey puffed towards Central Italy. He had a wonderful suprise. Passengers and staff waved and cheer as he passed by. (Casey Junior whistles as he passes through the city) The band played on and Casey blew his in time with the trumpet. Casey felt very special.
  • Casey Junior: Pulling the circus is lots of fun.
  • Narrator: He thought. Casey stopped by a bridge. Tootle was waiting too. Children waved to Casey and the circus. (Casey Junior whistles) Casey blew his whistle. Tootle wanted to join in.
  • Tootle: Is there anything I can take?
  • Narrator: He asked hopefully. But Casey wanted to keep all the fun to himself.
  • Casey Junior: No thank you.
  • Narrator: He gasped.
  • Casey Junior: I can do it all on my own.
  • Narrator: Tootle watched Casey and the circus slowly chuff away. He felt very dissapointed. Casey puffed on. The train started to feel heavier and heavier. The coupling rods were waiting more than ever. Casey came to a junction. Harry Hogwarts was waiting in a siding and thought the band sounded very jolly.
  • Harry Hogwarts: If you want to uncouple some cars,
  • Narrator: He said hopefully.
  • Harry Hogwarts: I could take them for you.
  • Casey Junior: No thank you.
  • Narrator: Gasped Casey Junior.
  • Casey Junior: I can do it all on my own.
  • Narrator: He didn't want to miss out on any the fun. (Casey puffs away again) Casey steamed on. But every huff and chuff got harder. Casey passed through the next station, but now was almost out of puff, and wasn't going to have fun anymore. (Casey suddenly comes to a complete stop) Then there was trouble. (Half of his train brakes) With a horrible creak, the couplings got broken. Suddenly,... it was very quiet. Casey felt very sad. Thomas telephoned for help. Even the performers, practicing in the field, didn't make Casey happy.
  • Casey Junior: I wish I could share the heavy load.
  • Narrator: Casey Junior thought to himself. Soon, Harry Hogwarts and Tootle arrived, they had brought new coupling rods, and some hay for the horses. Casey still felt so unhappy.
  • Casey Junior: Please, guys, can I share the load with you?
  • Tootle: Okay, Casey.
  • Harry Hogwarts: If you share the load, we can all have fun.
  • Narrator: While the train was getting fixed, the engines watched the performers practice. Casey shared out the cars with Tootle taking the horses and Harry Hogwarts taking the performers with the band playing.
  • Casey Junior: This is all fun.
  • Narrator: The three engines blew their whistles loudly and the long train set off. Later, the friends watched the big tent getting put up.
  • Casey Junior: Thank you for helping me.
  • Narrator: Puffed Casey Junior.
  • Casey Junior: Sharing your things makes things much easier, but sharing the fun is the best full of all.
  • Narrator: And everyone agreed.

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