Let's assume that the Transportation Department of the City of West Blinsk runs a bus system. Let's say the fare is $1.00/$0.05, which is to say that you can board a bus for a buck, and for an additional mere nickel you can purchase a ticket (called a "transfer") that can be used in lieu of cash on a second bus ride on the same day.

Let's further assume that on one particular day, the Blinsk City Council passes an ordinance changing the transfer price to $.10, effective the first of next month. If the editors of the local newspaper have what could be called a "cash flow minimalist" editorial bias, the front page headline on the following day might read:


Since I have an annoying tendency to express concepts using analogies, I would venture that "cash flow minimalism" is to "cash flow" as "microcapital" is to "commercial finance."

If the present reader knows of a financial concept dubbed "cash flow minimalism" that has some other definition (even a slightly different one) that gentle reader is encouraged to edit this page and replace my definition of the term with the correct one.

In the event that this page is read-only, the probable explanation is that the pub wan project has yet to recruit philanthropist(s) of sufficient ability to emulate enough cash flow maximalism to obtain the amount of telecom product necessary to put pub wan wiki online as a read-write wiki. If this is the case, we apologize for the inconvenience, and invite you liame your corrections to The above Yahoo! address should not be typed literally, of course, because of the fact that email as a means of communication is hassle-free enough to be of any possible use only iff correspondents strictly refrain from using correctly spelled email addresses in public discourse. Thanks for reading this piece and thaks in advance for your input, if any.

Cash flow minimalism can be part of a strategy of economic minimalism.

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