Casper: A Spirited Beginning is a prequel to the Fantasy Comedy film Casper, produced by Harvey Comics and Saban Entertainment and released by 20th Century Fox on September 9, 1997. The Film is directed by Sean McNamara (Live Action), ???? (Animation), written by ???? , based on the Story Idea by Thomas Hart and Jymn Magon and filmed at Disney MGM Studios at Walt Disney World.


At the beginning of the Movie, Casper wonders in a Halloween Town full of Ghosts, with no idea of where he is and is a little bit unaware the he himself is a ghost. He then exits the Town with a Guide. Casper then travels through a Portal that leads to the City of Deedstown, where he meets a passionate Ghost-loving Author named Winston Churchill Jr, who tells Casper that he is indeed a Ghost. However, Winston told Casper that being a Ghost isn't really that bad, he told him that people are afraid of Ghosts because of Al Capone and the Gangsters of Chicago.

Meanwhile, a boy named Chris Carson, a loner with a passionate obession with the supernatural and his father, workaholic Tim Carson, who is trying to demolish the Applegate Mansion, in order to start his plans of a new renovation for the Town. However a group of protestors are being led by Sheila Fistergraff and Seymour Krelborn are against the demolition of the Building, which they consider a Historic Landmark.


Voice Cast



Narrator: Hello, i'm going to tell you a story about a Ghost, a Child and an Author that brought them together. We begin our story in the Town of Halloween, where everybody is a Ghost.

Casper: What is this place?

Ghost Citizen: This is Halloween Town, silly.

Casper: Here goes nothing! GERONIMOO!!!! YEEEHAAWWW!!!! Wow, what a Ride! So this is Deedstown, eh? "Welcome to Deedstown. Founded in 1924 by Al Capone." Now i have to remember what the Mayor of Halloween Town said.

Mayor of Halloween Town: Never talk to living people you don't know. Because even when they look at you, they will be scared of you.

Casper: So i won't make contact with other people.

Narrator: Now this is Winston Churchill Jr. A direct descendent of British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill. Unlike the people in Deedstown, he is a Passionate Ghost lover, he's even an Author. He is writing his new Novel "Deedstown Gangsters".

Winston Churchill Jr: "Chapter 1: History of Deedstown. Deedstown was founded in 1924 by Gangster of Chicago Alphonse Gabriel Capone, better known as "Scarface", or simply "Al Capone". Deedstown became best known for its lush buildings of progress, including the Applegate Mansion, built in 1850 by the Applegate Family. Unfortunately, since the end of Prohibition, Deedstown has it's worst threat ever."

Gangsters: SHOWTIME!!!

Winston Churchill Jr: Gangsters. "Chapter 2: Gangsters. The Gangsters have been ruling Deedstown since 1930, during the Prohibition Era. They have been hijacking every Car they see, including Police Cars,"

Gangster 1: Give us your damn Car, chum!

Police 1: Let go of me!

Police 2: You're under arrest!

Gangster 2: I don't think so!

Winston Churchill Jr: "stealing purses from ladies,"

Lady: Give me back my Purse, you Mugger!

Gangster 3: I am not a Mugger! I happen to be a Scrounger!

Winston Churchill Jr: "being racists to many people"

Gangster 1: Jewish Jackasses!!

Gangster 2: Black Bloogers!!

Winston Churchill Jr: "and they've been creating Road Rages everywhere."

Pedestrians: LOOK OUT!!!

Winston Churchill Jr: "But worst of all, out of those law being broken down, the main causes of all those dangers is"

Gangster 1: Ready, aim.....

Winston Churchill Jr: The shooting.

Gangster 1: FIRE!!!

Gangster 2: Everything is set boss!

Al Capone Jr: Excellent Job, you've done exactly as i planned it would be. Now let's get the Dough and get the Blazes out of here.

Gangster 3: That's right Boss!

Winston Churchill Jr: "They've also been robbing Banks and Stores everywhere, non-stop. Hopefully, there will be an end to this horrible nightmare."

Casper: Curiouser and Curiouser.

Winston Churchill Jr: What's stopping you?! Oh don't be frightened Casper, i mean you no harm.

Casper: How did you know my name, how come you're not afraid of me?

Winston Churchill Jr: I know alot more than just you're name. It's not safe to talk here, let's get under the table. Don't let anyone see you. Now listen Casper, under no circumstances of Jesus Christ, you are indeed a Ghost.

Casper: I am?

Winston Churchill Jr: Yes, but there's nothing to be ashamed of. What if i'd tell you that after many years, the answers to why people are afraid of Ghosts is right here, in this Photograph.

Casper: Hey, is that the year..?

Winston Churchill Jr: Of course it is. Go on, Casper, take a good closer look and you will see. The year was 1930, the year of the Great Depression.

Casper: Like what?

Winston Churchill Jr: The Prohibition of Alcohol.

Casper: Alcohol?

Winston Churchill Jr: That's right, Alcoholic Beverages, Beer, Wine, Liquor, Whisky, Vodka, Cider, you name it. It is also an era of Gangsters who rule the Cities of America. People call it "The Crime Syndicate of the USA". And that includes Frank Nitti, Dutch Schultz, Bobby Smiles, Bugsy Kidnap, Maurice Oyle, Kid Tannen, Frank Costello, Bugsy Siegel, Danny Walsh and "Scarface" Al Capone. The worst Gangsters ruled Chicago, when they're dead, they become Bad Ghosts. However, i've come to learn about the Worlds of Ghosts, Ghosts even people never dreamt, seen or heard of before.

Casper: Like what?

Winston Churchill Jr: Well like, you wanted to make real friends who can appreciate you for who you are. I am a direct descendant of one of the greatest figures in all history. Familiar?

Casper: Winston Churchill.

Winston Churchill Jr: That's right Casper, my ancestor. My full name is Winston Churchill Jr, i started becoming interested in Ghosts and Supernatural things than any other people. I don't find Ghosts as scary as they thought they would be.

Casper: What do you mean? Is it like when your parents were killed in a Train Disaster?

WInston Churchill Jr: Most people did these things, because it was a serious accident. But the main thing is, it's not Hell or the Devils that did Disasters, it was the living themselves. The people who go to Hell are the bad ones that don't obey God or Jesus.

Casper: That's me.

Winston Churchill Jr: And you'll appreciate the World that God created. Once you take the first step to heaven.

Casper: But how? It just doesn't make any sense.

Winston Churchill Jr: Not up here it dosen't, the answers are in here, Jesus in here.

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