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Thomas & Friends

  • Mr. Happy=Thomas
  • Mr. Grumpy=Gordon
  • Mr. Rude=Diesel
  • Miss Naughty=Daisy
  • Miss Daredevil=Mavis
  • Miss Scary=Elizabeth
  • Miss Sunshine=Emily
  • Miss Calamity=Molly
  • Miss Chatterbox=Rosie

Voice Cast:

  • Ringo Starr - Mr. Happy, Mr. Grumpy, Mr. Rude and Miss Naughty
  • Michael Angelis - Mr. Happy, Mr. Grumpy, Mr. Rude, Miss Naughty, Miss Daredevil, Miss Scary, Miss Sunshine, Miss Calamity and Miss Chatterbox


  • Mr. Happy=Ten Cents
  • Mr. Grumpy=Big Mac
  • Mr. Rude=Zorran
  • Miss Sunshine=Lillie Lightship
  • Miss Daredevil=Sally Seaplane
  • Miss Chatterbox=Pearl

Voice Cast:

  • Simon Nash - Mr. Happy
  • Nigel Anthony - Mr. Grumpy
  • Chris Tulloch - Mr. Rude
  • Britt Allcroft - Miss Sunshine, Miss Daredevil and Miss Chatterbox


  • Mr. Happy=Sonic
  • Mr. Grumpy=Knuckles
  • Mr. Rude=Snively
  • Miss Naughty=Breezie
  • Miss Daredevil=Dulcy
  • Miss Scary=Rouge
  • Miss Sunshine=Princess Sally Acorn
  • Miss Calamity=Bunnie Rabbot
  • Miss Chatterbox=Amy Rose

Scooby Doo

  • Mr. Happy=Fred
  • Miss Sunshine=Daphne
  • Miss Chatterbox=Velma

The Simpsons

  • Mr. Happy=Homer
  • Miss Sunshine=Marge
  • Miss Chatterbox=Lisa

Voice Cast:

  • Dan Castellaneta - Mr. Happy
  • Julie Kavner - Miss Sunshine
  • Yeardley Smith - Miss Chatterbox

Family Guy

  • Mr. Happy=Peter
  • Miss Sunshine=Lois
  • Miss Naughty=Meg
  • Mr. Rude=Stewie
  • Mr. Grumpy=Joe
  • Miss Chatterbox=Jillian
  • Miss Daredevil=Dianne Simmons
  • Miss Calamity=Trisha Takanawa
  • Miss Scary=Connie D'Amico

Voice Cast:

  • Seth MacFarlane - Mr. Happy and Mr. Rude
  • Alex Bolstein - Miss Sunshine and Miss Calamity
  • Lacey Chabert - Miss Naughty
  • Mila Kunis - Miss Naughty
  • Patrick Warburton - Mr. Grumpy
  • Lori Alan - Miss Daredevil
  • Drew Barrymore - Miss Chatterbox
  • Fairuza Bulk - Miss Scary
  • Lisa Wilhoit - Miss Scary

South Park

  • Mr. Happy=Stan Marsh
  • Mr. Rude=Eric Cartman
  • Miss Sunshine=Wendy Testaburger
  • Miss Daredevil=Sharon Marsh
  • Miss Naughty=Shelly Marsh
  • Miss Scary=Shela Broflovski
  • Miss Chatterbox=Liane Cartman
  • Miss Calamity=Carol McCormick

Voice Cast:

  • Trey Parker - Mr. Happy and Mr. Rude
  • Mary Kay Bergman - Miss Sunshine, Miss Daredevil, Miss Naughty, Miss Scary, Miss Chatterbox and Miss Calamity
  • Mona Marshall - Miss Sunshine, Miss Daredevil, Miss Naughty, Miss Chatterbox, Miss Calamity and Miss Scary
  • Eliza Schneider - Miss Sunshine, Miss Daredevil, Miss Naughty, Miss Chatterbox and Miss Calamity
  • April Stewart - Miss Sunshine, Miss Daredevil, Miss Naughty, Miss Chatterbox and Miss Calamity

Fireman Sam

  • Mr. Happy=Fireman Sam
  • Mr. Grumpy=Station Officer Steele
  • Miss Sunshine=Penny Morris
  • Mr. Rude=Norman Price
  • Miss Chatterbox=Sarah
  • Miss Daredevil=Dilys Price
  • Miss Calamity=Bella Lasagne

Voice Cast:

  • John Alderton - Mr. Happy, Mr. Grumpy, Miss Chatterbox, Mr. Rude, Miss Daredevil, Miss Calamity and Miss Sunshine


  • Mr. Happy=Sooty
  • Mr. Grumpy=Matthew Corbett
  • Miss Sunshine=Soo

Rosie and Jim

  • Miss Sunshine=Rosie
  • Mr. Happy=Jim
  • Miss Daredevil=Pat

Tots TV

  • Miss Sunshine=Tilly
  • Mr. Happy=Tom

Noddy's Toyland Adventures

  • Mr. Happy=Noddy
  • Miss Sunshine=Tessie Bear
  • Miss Calamity=Mrs. Tubby Bear
  • Mr. Grumpy=Mr. Plod
  • Miss Chatterbox=Sally Skittle
  • Miss Naughty=Martha Monkey
  • Miss Daredevil=Dinah Doll
  • Miss Scary=Miss Pink Cat
  • Mr. Rude=Gobbo The Goblin

Voice Cast:

  • Susan Sheridan - Mr. Happy, Miss Sunshine, Miss Calamity, Miss Chatterbox, Miss Naughty, Miss Daredevil and Miss Scary
  • Jimmy Hibbert - Mr. Grumpy and Mr. Rude

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