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Cast Super Mario Bros Characters Into Other Frandises is a thing that you can crossover Mario characters with other TV show/movie characters.

SpongeBob SquarePants

  • Mario-SpongeBob
  • Luigi-Mr. Krabs
  • Peach-Sandy
  • Daisy-Mrs. Puff
  • Yoshi-Patrick (they're kinda funny)
  • Birdo-Mindy
  • Wario-Gary
  • Waluigi-Plankton
  • Bowser-Squidward

South Park

  • Mario-Kyle
  • Luigi-Stan
  • Peach-Wendy
  • Daisy-Mrs. Broflovski
  • Yoshi-Cartman (they're both big-boned)
  • Birdo-Mrs. Cartman
  • Bowser-Scott the Dick
  • Wario-Clyde
  • Waluigi-Craig
  • Koopa Troopa=Butters/Proffesor Chaos
  • Toad-Kenny (they both have the same parka)


  • Yoshi=Fred
  • Birdo=Daphne
  • Peach=Velma
  • Mario=Shaggy
  • Luigi=Scooby Doo

Family Guy

  • Mario-Peter
  • Luigi-Quagmire
  • Peach-Lois
  • Daisy-Bonnie
  • Yoshi-Chris
  • Wario-Brian
  • Waluigi-Stewie
  • Toadswoth-Cleveland
  • Bowser-Joe

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