• Fievel: Pocahontas
  • Tiger: John Smith
  • Miss Kitty: Thomas
  • Cat R. Waul: Kocoum


  • Cat R. Waul: (Whooping angrily)
  • Fievel and Tiger: (Gasping, while your Cat R. Waul attacking the Tiger his to do.)
  • Fievel: (Shouts) CAT R. WAUL! NO!! (Cat R. Waul picks up a hammer. Tiger using the stick attack, knocking the Cat R. Waul. But, Cat R. Waul using the sharp knife.) Cat R. Waul! (Miss Kitty appears, the Cat R. Waul and Tiger growling) LEAVE HIM ALONE! (Tiger still struggles, by the Cat R. Waul holding the sharp knife.) CAT R. WAUL?! STOP!!
  • Miss Kitty: Both eyes open.
  • Tiger: Miss Kitty!
  • Miss Kitty: Is he?
  • Fievel: You killed him, Cat R. Waul.
  • Miss Kitty: I throught him.
  • Fievel: Get away for me him!
  • Tiger: Fievel, it won't help! He was only...
  • Fievel: (crying) He killed him!

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