Dofus Is een Spel die ik nog maar sins kort ken.

Maar het is echt leuk je kan in het begin kiezen uit 11 verschillende soorten poppetje's ieder zijn eigen Handigheid.

Hier is het verhaal In het Engels

In het nederlands viel hij niet te krijgen

... a dragon named Bolgrot arrived in the eternal Province of Amakna. The young Rykke Errel was the only one with sufficient courage to face the terrible creature. Instead of reducing him to dust as he could easily have done, the dragon prostrated himself before the young paladin and swore allegiance to him.

Rykke met Helséphine, a young enchantress, and fell madly in love with her. When he introduced Helséphine to Bolgrot, Rykke could not have imagined what would happen. The dragon, mad with rage, slew the sweet Helséphine and flew far away, ravaging everything in his path. Rykke threw himself into the pursuit of the dragon. When he found him, the two former friends clashed in a titanic struggle. Using his weapons and his magic, Rykke managed to strike down the dragon; however, mortally wounded, the young hero died soon afterwards.

... for the sudden violence shown by Bolgrot, the sages of Amakna discovered in the dragon’s entrails 6 strangely coloured eggs that they called DOFUS. Consequently, it was discovered that when these eggs were reunited their power was absolute. Absolute, but also unstable. The sages took the wise decision to keep these terrible relics a closely guarded secret.

the secret of the existence of the DOFUS was so well guarded that it was eventually forgotten altogether. But one accursed day, the guardians of the secret discovered that the DOFUS had disappeared. The news was not slow to spread, arousing terror and covetousness. It was not long before numerous adventurers arrived in Amakna, attracted by the prospect of glory or plunder. The destiny of Amakna from the on became uncertain, and the appearance of many unknown and terrifying creatures added to the confusion.

Dit is de website

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