Catemon is the first Battlemon in the BattleDex. Number 001. Catemon is also the most popular Baby Battlemon, followed by Hornmon Number 007. Catemon is the baby form of Meowmon. The forms are: Catemon (Baby) Clawmon (Child) Meowmon (Adult) Persiamon (Champion) Sharpclawmon (Ultra) Thornclawmon (Omega)


Catemon is the Claw Battlemon. It mainly uses its teeth, tail and ears in battle. It Bites with its teeth, Tail Twirls with its tail, and using Superhearing with its ears. It is a small Battlemon. It has a circular body with a tail and ears and a face. It does not have claws until it evolves into Clawmon, when it starts looking more like a cat.


Bite: The user bites with all its teeth

Tail Twirl: The user twirls its tail and the foe becomes confused

Superhearing: The user knows what attack is coming in the next turn.

Special Ability

Catemons special ability is Theif. It steals items from other Battlemon in battle.

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List of Baby Pokemon (1-22)[2]

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