The Ultimate Catholic Orthodox Debate

This a wiki with a difference. Unlike a normal wiki where competing interests fight for control of an article, each article here comes in two flavours: a Roman Catholic article and an Orthodox article. Over time, each side of the debate will be continually refining their arguments against the corresponding wiki of their opponent until each wiki presents the most compelling argument on a particular topic for each side that can be made.

There are two main sections. The first section is a time line, and the second section is a topic index. Whereever possible, put a new topic in the time-line so that readers can get an overall sense of how early in the history of the church a particular event took place. Things that should go in the time line are commentaries on the writings of particular church fathers, commentaries on particular councils or events. The second section is the topic section. This is partly to cover topics that aren't associated with a particular chronological event, and partly for people to put together summaries which point to other articles on common themes, or to link together the various articles by a particular ECF to form an argument about what that ECF believed. The Time Line index has a special section at the beginning for scriptural arguments. This section should be ordered according to the traditional book order in the bible. The next section is for arguments about events that happened BC (Before Christ).

Time line articles about ECF quotes should ideally link to an external copy of the entire document. Ideally it should be on a well known site like

If you are Roman Catholic you should not edit the Orthodox pages. If you are Orthodox do not edit the Roman Catholic pages.

The prefix W- refers to the Western (Roman Catholic) view, and E- refers to the Eastern (Orthodox) view. Timeline article links should be prefaced by the year it occured. (e.g. 1054Schism) Naturally this will sometimes be an estimate.

Make link names without spaces and beautify the links using the wikia syntax.

Time Line (Chronological)

Biblical Arguments

Matthew 16:18-19 Western View ...Eastern View

BC era

1st century

2nd century

3rd century

257 The Council of Carthage under Cyprian Western View ... Eastern View

4th century

11th century

1054 Schism Western View ... Eastern View

19th century

20th century

Topic Index (Alphabetical)

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