Cats Don't Dance/Happy Tree Friends

Cast lists

Version 1 (by Peggydru)(Do NOT edit or otherwise alter)

  • Danny as Cuddles
  • Sawyer as Giggles
  • Pudge as Toothy
  • Wooly the Mammoth as Sniffles
  • Tillie the Hippo as Petunia
  • T.W. turtle as Russel
  • Cranston Goat as Handy
  • Francis Albacore as Flaky
  • L.B Mammoth as Pop
  • Flanigan as Lumpy
  • Darla Dimple as Lammy
  • Max as Flippy
  • Farley Wink as Disco Bear
  • The Bus Driver as Mime
  • The Animals Actors as Themselves
  • The Movie Markers as Themselves

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