Mario once fell out of a tree and landed on his feet.

Cats were so impressed they asked him for lessons and he facilitated their amazing ability to lick their own ghoolies too.

contributed by Whispers

I know my boy puss Bother is forever in Mario's debt for the hours of pleasure he enjoys doing the latter.

It's a well known fact amongst those who know it well (FAMsters, 14 million fans, The Ant & Dec, etc, &c.) that Mario enjoys the harmless pastime of autofellatio. But did you know that when he licks his own ghoolies, his right leg sticks straight up in the air, just like a cat?

† Mario has one of the Long Sleeve T-Shirts available from here, with the 'They' crossed out and an 'I' written in in indelible black marker.

contributed by dalinian61

A cat has 32 muscles in each ear.

Mario has 32 muscles in each fingernail.

contributed by sezzie

Mario invented the low fat, high protein healthy dried dog and cat food, he doesn't like to talk about it as he doesn't want to be The Big IAMs.

contributed by Milly Moo

When Mario is strolling through the Maasai Mara and fancies a BBQ Thomson's Gazelle for his tea, he just keeps an eye out for a hungry cheetah keeping watch from atop a termite mound. As soon as the cheetah begins her hunting charge, Mario sprints ahead of her and captures her prey target before she's barely got up to her top speed. But he only takes the best cuts and leaves the rest of the carcass for her, cos that's the kinda fella he is, like.

contributed by dalinian61

Mario was the first person to let a cat out of a bag.

contributed by SofaSlob

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