File Format

Really strange file format. The byte in the very middle of the file (rounding down) is correct. To find the others you must subtract the value of the middle one from them.


<AE+ Arms Energy + Refill ammo
<AM+x:y ArMs + Get weapon X, add Y to max ammo (just adds ammo if you have the weapon)
<AM-x ArMs - Lose weapon X
<AMJx:y ArMs Jump Jump to event Y if you have weapon X
<ANPx:y:z Animate eNtity [P?] Animate entity X with method Y in direction Z [entity type determines Y values?]
<BOAx Boss [OA?] [animate boss entity?]
<CLO CLOse Close the text box (used after MSG/MS2/MS3)
<CLR CLeaR Clear the text box (used after MSG/MS2/MS3)
<CMPx:y:z Change Map [P?] Change map coords X:Y to tile Z
<CMUx Change MUsic Change music to song X
<CNPx:y:z Change eNtity [P?] Change entity X to entity type Y with direction Z
<CPS Clear Prop. Sound Stop propeller sound (used after SPS) (from helicopter cutscene after final battles)
<CRE CREdits Roll credits
<CSS Clear Stream Sound Stop stream sound (used after SSS) (from River area)
<DNAx [?] [something to do with bosses]
<DNPx Delete eNtity [P?] Entity X is removed completely
<ECJx:y [EC?] Jump @ Jump to event Y if any entity with ID X is present
<END END End scripted event
<EQ+x EQuip + Add X to equip flag bytes
<EQ-x EQuip - Subtract X from equip flag bytes
<ESC ESCape Quit to title screen
<EVEx EVEnt Jump to event X (non-conditional)
<FACx FACe Show face X in text box
<FAIx FAde In Fade in with direction X
<FAOx FAde Out Fade out with direction X
<FL+x FLag + Set flag X
<FL-x FLag - Clear flag X
<FLA FLAsh Flash the screen
<FLJx:y FLag Jump Jump to event Y if flag X is set
<FMU Fade MUsic Fade the music to a low volume (good to use before CMU)
<FOBx:y Focus On [Boss?] [Focus view on boss entity X? why not use FON?], view movement takes Y ticks
<FOMx Focus On Me Focus view on you (normal view), view movement takes X ticks (WARNING: speed 0000 crashes)
<FONx:y Focus On eNtity Focus view on entity X, view movement takes Y ticks
<FRE FREe Frees menu cursor [also used after ZAM for some reason?]
<GITx Graphic ITem Show weapon/item X icon above text box - add 1000 to X for items - GIT0000 to hide
<HMC Hide My Character Removes main character entity (use SMC after)
<INI INItialize Resets memory and starts game from the beginning
<INPx:y:z [I?] eNtity [P?] @ [same as CNP?]
<IT+x ITem + Get item X
<IT-x ITem - Lose item X
<ITJx:y ITem Jump Jump to event Y if you have item X
<KEY KEYlock Hides status bars and locks out input to your character until END (used with MSG/MS2/MS3 and PRI)
<LDP LoaD Profile Loads profile.dat into memory and starts game from save
<LI+x LIfe + Restore X amount of health
<ML+x Max Life + Max health increased X amount
<MLP Map [LP?] Display map [how is this used without blanking screen while map is displayed?]
<MM0 My Motion 0 Instantly halts your horizontal motion
<MNA [Name? New Area?] Displays name of current map
<MNPx:y:z:w Move eNtity [P?] Move entity X to coords Y:Z facing direction W
<MOVx:y MOVe Move you to coords X:Y
<MP+x [MaP ??] @ [map-related]
<MPJx [MaP Jump?] [Jump to event X if map exists for current area? the single instance of this seems to be dummied out]
<MS2 MeSsage 2 Open invisible text box at top of screen (text follows)
<MS3 MeSsage 3 Open normal text box at top of screen (text follows)
<MSG MeSsaGe 1 Open normal text box (text follows)
<MYBx MY Bump Knocks you back from direction X (0000 knocked right, 0002 knocked left, any other just hops in place)
<MYDx MY Direction Make you face direction X
<NCJx:y [NC?] Jump Jump to event Y if any entity of type X is present
<NOD [?] Text box wait for button press (used after MSG/MS2/MS3)
<NUM0000 [?] [used to output Y from AM+ as text, not sure exactly what it is]
<PRI [?] Hides status bars and freezes game action until KEY or END (used with MSG/MS2/MS3)
<PS+x:y [?] Set teleporter slot X to location Y
<QUAx QUAke Shake the screen for X ticks
<RMU Restore MUsic Restore music playback [plays previous song? or only works with some songs?]
<SAT Speed-up All Text Instant text display on all messages until END (glitches scrolling text)
<SILx Show ILlustration Show illustration during credits (use CIL after)
<SK+x SKipflag + Set skipflag X (remains set until program exits, to avoid repeating cutscenes/dialogue after retrying)
<SK-x [SKipflag -?] @ [clear skipflag?]
<SKJx:y SKipflag Jump Jump to event Y if skipflag X is set
<SLP [?] Teleporter location menu
<SMC Show My Character Restores main character entity (used after HMC)
<SMPx:y [?] [do something with entity X? - only used before and after the Omega fight]
<SNPx:y:z:w [S?] eNtity [P?] @ [create enemy/entity type X?] at coords Y:Z with direction W
<SOUx SOUnd Play sound effect X
<SPS Start Prop. Sound Start propeller sound (use CPS after) (from helicopter cutscene after final battles)
<SSSx Start Stream Sound Start stream sound at pitch X (use CSS after) (from River area - normal pitch is 0400)
<STC Save Time Counted Saves the current time to 290.rec
<SVP SaVe Profile Save game
<TAMx:y:z Trade ArMs Trade weapon X for weapon Y, set max ammo to Z (max ammo 0000 = no change) (GLITCH: first weapon 0000)
<TRAx:y:z:w TRAnsport Load map X, run event Y, transport you to coords Z:W
<TUR [?] Instant text display [until what? CLR?] (used after MSG/MS2/MS3)
<UNIx [?] [0000 normal / 0001 zero-g movement, facing direction is locked (disables focus commands) (from Stream boss) / 0002 movement is locked, can still fire]
<WAIx WAIt Pause script for X ticks
<WAS WAit until Standing Pause script until your character touches the ground
<XX1x [?] [shows distant view of island?]
<YNJx Yes/No Jump Ask yes or no, jump to event X if No
<ZAM Zero ArMs All weapons drop to level 1

Command Values

Maps (TRA)

Profile.dat byte 0x008 - for position, 0x011-012: distance from left,0x015-016: distance from top, 20h (32) per map tile (low byte first)

0000 0 Credits
0001 Pens1 Arthur's House - normal
0002 Eggs Egg Corridor
0003 EggX Egg No. 00 - normal
0004 Egg6 Egg No. 06
0005 EggR Egg Observation Room
0006 Weed Grasstown
0007 Santa Santa's House
0008 Chako Chaco's House
0009 MazeI Labyrinth I (vertical starting room)
0010 Sand Sand Zone - normal
0011 Mimi Mimiga Village
0012 Cave First Cave
0013 Start Start Point
0014 Barr Shack (Mimiga Village)
0015 Pool Reservoir
0016 Cemet Graveyard
0017 Plant Yamashita Farm
0018 Shelt Shelter (Grasstown)
0019 Comu Assembly Hall (Mimiga Village)
0020 MiBox Save Point (Mimiga Village)
0021 EgEnd1 Side Room (Egg Corridor)
0022 Cthu Cthulhu's Abode (Egg Corridor)
0023 Egg1 Egg No. 01
0024 Pens2 Arthur's House - Sue on computer
0025 Malco Power Room (Grasstown)
0026 WeedS Save Point (Grasstown)
0027 WeedD Execution Chamber (Grasstown)
0028 Frog Gum (Grasstown)
0029 Curly Sand Zone Residence
0030 WeedB Grasstown Hut
0031 Stream Main Artery (Waterway)
0032 CurlyS Small Room (Sand Zone)
0033 Jenka1 Jenka's House - normal
0034 Dark Deserted House (Sand Zone)
0035 Gard Sand Zone Storehouse
0036 Jenka2 Jenka's House - after Balrog attacks
0037 SandE Sand Zone - after boss fight
0038 MazeH Labyrinth H (sliding block room)
0039 MazeW Labyrinth W (main area w/shop, camp)
0040 MazeO Camp (Labyrinth)
0041 MazeD Clinic Ruins (Labyrinth)
0042 MazeA Labyrinth Shop
0043 MazeB Labyrinth B (booster)
0044 MazeS Boulder Chamber (Labyrinth)
0045 MazeM Labyrinth M (gaudi eggs)
0046 Drain Dark Place (Labyrinth)
0047 Almond Core (Labyrinth)
0048 River Waterway
0049 Eggs2 Egg Corridor?
0050 Cthu2 Cthulhu's Abode? (Egg Corridor?)
0051 EggR2 Egg Observation Room?
0052 EggX2 Egg No. 00 - hatched
0053 Oside Outer Wall
0054 EgEnd2 Side Room (Egg Corridor?)
0055 Itoh Storehouse (Outer Wall)
0056 Cent Plantation
0057 Jail1 Jail No. 1 (Plantation)
0058 Momo Hideout (Plantation)
0059 Lounge Rest Area (Plantation)
0060 CentW Teleporter (Plantation)
0061 Jail2 Jail No. 2 (Plantation)
0062 Blcny1 Balcony - normal
0063 Priso1 Last Cave
0064 Ring1 Throne Room (Balcony)
0065 Ring2 The King's Table (Balcony)
0066 Prefa1 Prefab House (Balcony) - normal
0067 Priso2 Last Cave Hidden
0068 Ring3 Black Space (Balcony)
0069 Little Little House (Outer Wall)
0070 Blcny2 Balcony - after boss fights
0071 Fall Ending
0072 Kings Intro
0073 Pixel Waterway Cabin
0074 e_Maze Credits - Labyrinth
0075 e_Jenk Credits - Jenka's House
0076 e_Malc Credits - Power Room
0077 e_Ceme Credits - Graveyard
0078 e_Sky Credits - Sky
0079 Prefa2 Prefab House (Balcony) - entrance to hell
0080 Hell1 Sacred Ground B1
0081 Hell2 Sacred Ground B2
0082 Hell3 Sacred Ground B3
0083 Mapi Storage (Graveyard)
0084 Hell4 Passage? - normal
0085 Hell42 Passage? - from Sacred Ground B3
0086 Statue Statue Chamber (Plantation/Sacred Grounds)
0087 Ballo1 Seal Chamber (Sacred Grounds) - normal
0088 Ostep Corridor (Sacred Grounds)
0089 e_Labo Credits - Laboratory
0090 Pole Hermit Gunsmith
0091 Island [map is totally blank - TSC is called right before good/best endings]
0092 Ballo2 Seal Chamber (Sacred Grounds) - after boss fight
0093 e_Blcn Credits - Balcony
0094 Clock Clock Room (Outer Wall)

Directions (FAI/FAO/MYD/MYB)

Profile.dat bytes 0x018 (your direction)

0000 Left
0001 Up [FAI/FAO only?]
0002 Right
0003 Down
0004 Center [FAI/FAO only?]

Weapons (AM+/AM-/AMJ/GIT/TAM)

Profile.dat bytes 0x038-098 (every 4 bytes: weapon, level (1-3), energy, max ammo (0 = infinite), current ammo) (every 20 bytes)

0000 [nothing?]
0001 Snake
0002 Polar Star
0003 Fireball
0004 Machine Gun
0005 Missile Launcher
0006 Missiles (GIT only)
0007 Bubbler
0008 [nothing?]
0009 Blade
0010 Super Missile Launcher
0011 Super Missiles (GIT only)
0012 Nemesis
0013 Spur

Items (GIT/IT+/IT-/ITJ)

Profile.dat bytes 0x0D8-14C (every 4 bytes)

0000 [nothing?]
0001 Arthur's Key
0002 Map System
0003 Santa's Key
0004 Silver Locket
0005 Beast Fang
0006 Life Capsule (GIT only)
0007 ID Card
0008 Jellyfish Juice
0009 Rusty Key
0010 Gum Key
0011 Gum Base
0012 Charcoal
0013 Explosive
0014 Puppy
0015 Life Pot
0016 Cure-All
0017 Clinic Key
0018 Booster 0.8
0019 Arms Barrier
0020 Turbocharge
0021 Curly's Air Tank
0022 Nikumaru Counter
0023 Booster v2.0
0024 Mimiga Mask
0025 Teleporter Room Key
0026 Sue's Letter
0027 Controller
0028 Broken Sprinkler
0029 Sprinkler
0030 Tow Rope
0031 Clay Figure Medal
0032 Little Man
0033 Mushroom Badge
0034 Ma Pignon
0035 Curly's Underwear
0036 Alien Medal
0037 Chaco's Lipstick
0038 Whimsical Star
0039 Iron Bond

Faces (FAC)

0000 [blank - does this set the text to normal width?] 0001 Sue (smile) 0002 Sue (frown) 0003 Sue (angry) 0004 Sue (hurt) 0005 Balrog (normal) 0006 Toroko (normal) 0007 King 0008 Toroko (angry) 0009 Jack 0010 Kazuma 0011 Toroko (rage) 0012 Igor 0013 Jenka 0014 Balrog (smile) 0015 Misery (normal) 0016 Misery (smile) 0017 Booster (hurt) 0018 Booster (normal) 0019 Curly (smile) 0020 Curly (frown) 0021 Doctor 0022 Momorin 0023 Balrog (hurt) 0024 Broken robot 0025 Curly (?) 0026 Misery (angry) 0027 Human Sue 0028 Itoh 0029 Ballos

Illustrations (SIL)

0001 riding Sky Dragon 0002 fighting Core 0003 fighting Misery 0004 Momorin's rocket 0005 Outer Wall 0006 fighting Ironhead 0007 fighting Balrog (with missiles) 0008 Clinic 0009 King fighting the Doctor 0010 Jenka with puppies 0011 Curly with Mimiga children 0012 riding Balrog 0014 Hell 0015 floating island (blue sky) 0016 floating island (orange sky) 0017 King, Jack, Sue 0018 Ballos

NOTE: any other values (including 0013) show 0001

Credits Format

Credits.tsc has a different format than all the other .tsc files.

[T]X Text T with casts.pbm image X [on left?]
+X [?]
 !X [?]
-X [line has height X?]
fX:Y Jump to location Y if flag X is set
jX Jump to location X
lX Location X
~ [switch to the left half of the screen?]
/ [end?]
<<< [comment?]

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