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Chalkboard (Cboard) discussion group's wiki.

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Cboard Book Lists

What five books would you take to a deserted island? (for enjoyment? or for survival? intellectual quest?)

What five books would you bequeath to a post-Apocolypse society? (to help them? to remember us? avoid tainting them?)

[Add your lists]

Five Books I'd take to a deserted desert island - Mark 8/5/07

  1. Godel, Escher, Bach - Douglas Hofstadter (for fun)
  2. The King James Bible - A bunch of cult members (I dropped History of Art for this, lots of culture in this)
  3. The Complete Works - William Shakespeare (to learn to appreciate it, find the human history / psychology / language / culture)
  4. Webster's Collegiate Dictionary - Merriam-Webster (connections, word-play, self-improvement)
  5. Bhagavad-Gita As It Is - ACBS Prabhupada (fascinating ancient religion and modern cult)

Five Books I'd give to post-Apocalypse society - Mark 8/5/07

  1. Hein & Carl's favorite math/physics/logic book (to jump-start science)
  2. Rebecca's favorite How-To book (to make ropes, buckets, ink, etc.)
  3. Canonical list of names for things (plants, animals, anatomy, stuff) (or does that do more harm than good?)
  4. Our best medical knowledge + natural medicine?
  5. Some huge compilation of our failures and hopes and dreams? (lessons learned to ratchet them up, goals to inspire them? some way to caution them against superstition and religion?)

May reason help us to think, say, and do what's important, timely, right, and true. - Mark T. Shirey

Links - our other wiki; which is better? [Need the "basketball video",, etc.?]

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