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Account Information

Username: admin
Registered: 28Jun 2005
Level: Adjudicator
Rank: Legendary
Birthday: 21Jun

Game Play

Worldcage RPG

Character: Celest Wolf
Affiliation: Unaligned
Renown: Mythic

Games Run

  • Heavens High (HvHi)
    • Big Eyes, Small Mouth (Fast Start)
    • Begun 06Nov 2006
    • Ended DDMmm YYYY

Games Played

  • Order of the Twelve Willows (O12W)
    • Tri-Stat dX
    • Begun 21May 2005
    • Ended DDMmm YYYY
  • Breath of Fire (BofF)
    • BESM d20
    • Begun 13Sep 2005
    • Ended DDMmm YYYY
  • Politics (Poli)
    • Vampire: The Masquerade (Revised)
    • Begun 12Oct 2005
    • Ended DDMmm YYYY
  • Twilight of the Evenstar (ToE2)
    • AD&D Second Edition
    • Begun 22Nov 2005
    • Ended DDMmm YYYY
  • Final Fantasy VII: Iconoclasm (FF7I)
    • Homebrew/Final Fantasy
    • Begun 05Dec 2005
    • Ended DDMmm YYYY
  • Mission Accepted: Season X (MASX)
    • Longsword
    • Begun DDMmm YYYY
    • Ended DDMmm YYYY
  • Star Trek: Remnant (ST:R)
    • Freestyle: Star Trek
    • Begun 14Apr 2006
    • Ended DDMmm YYYY
  • Mission Accepted: Legion (MA:L)
    • Shortsword
    • Begun 23Oct 2006
    • Ended DDMmm YYYY

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