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Cell Structure and Function: Organelles

The Cell

The cell is one of the most basic units of life. There are millions of different types of cells. There are cells that are organisms onto themselves, such as microscopic amoeba and bacteria cells. And there are cells that only function when part of a larger organism, such as the cells that make up your body. The cell is the smallest unit of life in our bodies. In the body, there are brain cells, skin cells, liver cells, stomach cells, and the list goes on. All of these cells have unique functions and features. And all have some recognizable similarities.


Please edit the wiki page of the cell structure assigned to you in class. Each student will complete one page on a topic, which will be review, edited, and corrected by others in the group. A final grade will be given to each individual for the first page submission, and the group based on the finished product of the wiki page. Be sure to discuss all of the terms I have provided for each topic in order to receive full credit. Provided are links to help with the topics, as well as a wiki help editing page. Please also add any additional resources you used to this list, as to help your group mates. Feel free to add pictures, links, or anything to help clarify the important concepts of the topic assigned to you, and improve your grade.


DNA, Chromosomes, Heredity


Energy Production, Cristae, Glucose


Photosynthesis, Stroma, Granum, Chlorophil

Endoplasmic Reticulum

Rough, Smooth, Ribosomes


Turgor pressure, waste storage

Golgi Apparatus

Cisternea, vesicles

Plant Vs. Animal Cells Name at least three major differences


Editing help [[1]]

The Biology Project [[2]]

Cells Alive! [[3]]

Cell biology Videos [[4]]

Action Bioscience [[5]]

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