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(*)DanceIntro (::)Dance is a year round art that takes place in a studio. Dance can also take place in a school. There are many different kinds of dance. Some are: ballet, jazz, tap, lyrical, pointe, musical theater, hip hop, clogging, and modern. (*)Feelings about Dance (::)I have been taking dance for 14 years now. After many years of taking it, I have realized that this is my passion. Dance is something that you definitely have to be dedicated too in order to succeed in life. Dance is an amazing way to get out your emotions. My point or view is that dancing tells a story. I like that because there are no words involved and it keeps peoples attention easier. (*)DanceConclusion (::)Many people love to dance. I am one of those people. Dance is my escape from the world. It's my breath or fresh that I take in every day. My saying is: without dance, there is no point. (haha, i think that's kind of funny because you always need to point your feet in dance..) Well, that's all I got.

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