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(*)Introduction (::)Snowboarding takes place in the winter time when it is really cold. I, for one, really like the cold, because the snow doesn't melt. When there is snow on the ground, a snowboard can move a lot easier than if there isn't any snow on the ground. (::)There are many types of snowboarding styles. My favorite, is freestyle; which includes the air, spins, flips, grabs and grinds. Other styles include; mountain, snowboard cross, and freeride, which is just riding on the hill for fun. (*)Tricks (::) There are many tricks that riders may lern to perform on their snowboard. Some of my favorites include the Japan Air, Crail Air, Seatbelt Air, and Corked rotations. Even though i haven't learned a cork rotation yet, i hope to accomplish it in the near future. It is really challenging because you need to do a flip in mid-air to complete this trick. (::) For grinds, there are also many tricks that riders may attempt. Some of these include; front and backside boardslides, 50-50's, nose and tail slides, and nose and tail presses. Here is a link for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy the extreme talent these riders have, and maybe someday you will be able to do this. [1]

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