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It is a busy day at the central park and as kronk is taking away from actual factual with his loaded cart, metal from the playground bridge comes tumbling down from above. Berliouz is traveling towards the crumbling bridge with his heavey slate carts which push him onto the bridge. Berliouz just manages to clear the bridge before it gives way. Berliouz thunders Down the line at high speed, knocking into walls on his way. When he comes to a stop, his collar is badly scratched but not hurt. Kronk on the other hand has not been so lucky and has been knocked by rubble from the playground bridge. He is in need of urgent repair.

on tiger's branch line, tiger is working with his two cars mia and tia when a crocadile lurches around the bend carrying dailey reed. Tiger is Surprised, but dailey reed explains that it is louis his new cart riding inspection vehicle. he tells tiger that kronk has been crashed in an accident and the he is to take kronk's place at the central park

Tiger hurries to the park and spends the day working hard with his kitten and friends. When evening arrives, Tiger takes his trucks to The Harbor and returns to The Hotel for the night. The next morning, Tiger is shunting trucks in the quarry when a mysterious square pumpkin engine darts from a tunnel. Tiger introduces himself, but the Pumpkin does not reply and quickly rattles into another tunnel. Tiger asks Lampy who the Square Pumpkin is, but Sir Lampy tells Tiger he must have mistaken it for a runaway truck and hurries away. Then Tiger sees the pumpkin pulling slate cars. He asks Berliouz who he is, but Berliouz says that he does not know. Later on, Tiger sees the Square Pumpkin emerge from behind a shed. Tiger calls out to him, but the pumpkin races away. Tiger decides to ask Toaster about the pumpkin, but the little Toaster hastily tells Tiger that it must have been a mountain goat and he rolls quickly away. Tiger makes his way to Toulouse, in hope that he will be able to tell him about the square pumpkin. Just then, the little pumpkin reappears and screeches to a halt. The little engine freezes and stares at Tiger before reversing into a tunnel. Thomas chases the Square Pumpkin all around the quarry, but the little pumpkin is just too quick for him.

Soon Berliouz puffs along the line, accidentally blocking the little pumpkin's path back to the tunnel. Berliouz apologises to the pumpkin. Tiger overhears and realises that the others knew about the pumpkin all the time. Tiger later confronts Toulose and asks him who Luke is, why he keeps puffing away, and why none of the others will talk about him. Toulouse decides that since Tiger is a friend, he can be let in on the secret. Skarloey tells Thomas that long ago Spookley did something very bad and he thinks if anyone finds him, he will be sent away from New York City forever.

That night, Tiger asks his friends at the Hotel what the worst thing an engine could do is. The engines think hard and Fievel remembers the time when he tried to sneak up on the coaches, but ran into a baggage trolley and covered himself and the Mr. Reed in jam. Squidward thinks of the time that he did not want his paint to be spoilt and stayed in the tunnel, only to be bricked up inside. Tiger recalls the time he ignored a danger sign and fell down a mine. Tony mentions the time Grasping pushed the trucks into the sea. But they all agree that none of that was bad enough to be sent away from New York City.

The next morning, Central Park is very busy. Rocky Rhodes is moving metals from Playground. Tiger wheeshes in to find Berliouz complaining to Toulose about needing a new coat of paint after his accident. Tiger tells Toulose that he has asked his friends and they have all decided that nothing is bad enough for every person to be sent away forever. Toulose turns stern and asks Tiger if he has told his friends about Spookly. Tiger says that he has not told them and that he wants to help Toulose and be his friend. Toulose is satisfied and reverses down the line. He does not see Rocky Rhodes lifting rocks across his track. Tiger shouts out a warning and Toulose manages to stop just in time. Toulose thanks Tiger who is pleased that Toulose is able to trust him.

As Tiger works, Spookly puffs out of hiding and pulls up alongside Tiger. Spookly apologises for hiding and tells him that he was scared. Luke then asks Tiger if they can be friends. Tiger is very pleased and the two friends work together contently. Suddenly, the sound of a horn echoes around the quarry. This startles Spookly who quickly goes into hiding. Louis whizzes around the bend carrying both Daily Reed and Dibbles and pulls up beside Thomas. Mr. Reed and Dibbles thank Tiger for his hard work and tell him that Kronk is now fixed and will be resuming his usual duties at the quarry. With that, Louis rattles away. Tiger rolls over to Spookly's tunnel and says goodbye. Tiger asks Spookly about what he did to fear being sent away from New York. The little pumpkin promises to tell Tiger if he tells no one else. Tiger agrees to keep the secret and Spookly tells Tiger that it all happened when he first arrived on New York. On the boat he arrived on, there was yellow guy who spoke a different language that Spookly could not understand. When they arrived at the airport, the men wanted to lift the yellow guy off first, but an excited Spookly asks to be lifted off first. The dockers agreed. Spookly pauses ominously. Tiger asks Spookly to continue. Spookly then tells Tiger that he knocked the yellow guy into the cart. Spookly then recalls having to go to the Steamworks, but all he could think about was the yellow engine. The yellow guy was left in the baggage cart for a long time and when he was finally lifted out, he was rusty and ruined. The yellow guy was never seen again and Spookly assumes he must have been sent to the Smelter's Yard as he was not fit to work. Suddenly, Tiger hears Toulose shouting at Kronk who bolts out from behind some trucks. Tiger questions what Kronk is doing and the Diesel stutters that he has come to take over from Tiger and Kronk speeds away. Tiger looks back towards Spookly, but the little pumpkin has vanished. Tiger calls a final goodbye into the tunnel and leaves.

The next morning, Tiger asks Dr. Dithering to work on his branch line while he sets out to find the yellow engine. At the Sodor Dieselworks, Thomas spots loads of engine parts, but none of them yellow. As Tiger rolls out onto the forecourt, he hears something that makes his boiler run cold. Kronk is telling Grasping all about Spookly and what he had done all those years ago. Grasping is adamant that he does not want an engine that is capable of knocking another guy into the baggage cart in his city. He tells Kronk that they will tell Mr. Reed who will tell Officer Dibbles and together they will send Spookly away forever. Thomas does not want to hear another word and steams away as fast as he can. Grasping sees Tiger and tells Kronk that they must find out what tricky Tiger is doing.

As Tiger races down the line, he remembers that Spookly had said the yellow guy was rusty after the incident. He concludes that a rusty engine would have been taken to the Steamworks. When Tiger puffs in, he asks Victor if he can recall fixing a yellow guy that had fallen into the baggage cart and spoke a different language. Megamind stops dead in his tracks and makes an exclamation in Spanish. Tiger realises that Megamind was the yellow guy that had fallen into the baggage cart. Tiger insists that Megamind tell him what really happened. So Megamind takes a deep breath and tells Tiger the story. It is the same story up until the end. Megamind tells Tiger that a big lighing broke the weak seat belts holding him to the seat. Megamind remembers calling to the dock workers, but they could not understand his language. As Spookly was getting of the plane, he swayed on the end of the hook and knocked into Megamind who could do nothing to prevent himself from slipping into the baggage cart. Because of the bad weather, Megamind was left in the baggage cart for a long time and when he was taken out, he was in a terrible state. As no one could understand him, Megamind decided to learn English and, since he was in need of a repaint, his first word was "red" as that was the colour he wanted to be.

Tiger races away from the Steamworks, determined to reach the Central Park before Kronk and Grasping. As he arrives, Spookly puffs out from the quarry hills to greet Tiger who calls out that he has spoken to Megamind about the incident, but he is unable to say any more. Toulose interrupts him and tells Tiger that he had made a promise not to mention Apookly to the others. All the kittens and talking items are cross, including Spookly. They all tell Tiger that he is not their friend any more. Then Grasping's car horn echoes around the Park and he pulls up behind Tiger with Kronk close behind him. Grasping looks up and spies Spookly at the top of a hill. Tiger tells the Kittens and Items not to listen to Grasping, but he knows the kittens and items will not let him explain his side of the story as they feel that Tiger has let them down.

Tiger puffs over to the foot of the hill and begs Rocky Rhodes to lift him onto Actual Fauctal's platform so that he can reach Spookly and explain to him. Actual Factual starts to pull Tiger slowly up the hill. Grasping shouts up to Spookly, telling him that Thomas cannot help him now and that he will have to leave the island. Spookly believes Grasping and backs away as Tiger rises towards him. As Tiger reaches the top of the incline, he shoots off the platform to chase after Spookly, but Tiger has forgotten that the sidewalks in the hills are for kittens and talking items only. Tiger tries to back onto the platform, but his wheels cannot grip. Instead, Tiger rolls forwards and is soon hanging dangerously over the cliff's edge. Spooky buffers up behind Tiger and declares that he must help his friend. Tiger laughs in relief, but he is not out of danger yet. As Tiger rolls onto Actual Factual's platform again, Spookly slips onto the platform too. The platform groans under the weight of two engines and gives way. The two engines hurtle towards the quarry floor at a tremendous rate. Owen tugs at the winch in order to slow down the platform. It finally bounces to a stop at a lower level of the quarry. All of the engines cheer and whistle; pleased that no one was hurt. However, none of the everyone notice that Kronk has disappeared.

Suddenly, Winston arrives carrying the Fat Controller and the Thin Controller. The Fat Controller is furious to find Thomas causing confusion and delay at the quarry, instead of working his branch line. He orders Rocky to lift Thomas and Luke down. Diesel oils forwards to explain to the Fat Controller about Luke. Diesel tells the Fat Controller that Luke had pushed an engine into the sea. Thomas does not have time to reply before Paxton enters the quarry, pushing Victor on a flatbed. Victor has come to meet an engine he has not seen in a very long time. He tells Luke that he did not push him off the boat, he slipped off and it was an accident. Luke does not believe that Victor is the same engines as the one that plummeted into the sea until Megamind speaks in his native language. Spookly is happy for the first time in a long time and he tells Mr. Reed that Tiger is his hero and his friend.

A few days later, Tiger goes to the Steamworks. Spookly is there with Megamind who jokes that he has found a yellow guy. Berliouz then puffs out of the Steamworks smiling. He has been given a new coat of bright yellow paint. Tiger beams from buffer-to-buffer; a bright new colour really does mean a new life for his friends.


  • Tiger as Thomas
  • Toulose (The Aristocats) as Skarloey
  • Berliouz (The Arisocats) as Rheneas
  • Radio (The Brave Little Toastet) as Peter Sam
  • Lampy (The Brave Little Toastet) as Sir Handel
  • Toaster (The Brave Little Toastet) as Rusty
  • Spookley (Spookley the Square Pumpkin) as Luke
  • Actual Factual (The Berenstain Bears) as Owen
  • Wally Gator as Merrick
  • Kronk (The Emperor's New Groove) as Paxton
  • Fievel as Percy
  • Squidward (Spongebob) as Henry
  • Tanya as Emily
  • Tony as James
  • Grasping as Diesel
  • Megamind (Megamind) as Victor
  • Minion (Megamind) as Kevin
  • Patrick (Spongebob) as Edward
  • Dailey Reed as Sir Tophamm Hatt
  • Dr. dithering as Toby
  • Mia and Tia (Cars) as Annie and Clarabel
  • Officer Dibble as Mr. Perceval
  • Too Tall (The Berenstain Bears) as Crankey
  • Louis (The Princess and the Frog) as Winston

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