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  • Real Name: Daniel Blake
  • Age: 13
  • Alias: Centrifuge
  • Powers: Can manipulate gravity

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Daniel Blake was the son of Vespero de Marie Blake and Angelina de Marie. He was also the brother of Rogue, though neither of them knew it until their eventual meeting.

In the Beginning

Daniel's tragic life started when he was born. 30 seconds after his birth, his mother, Angelina, died. He then was taken to live with his father. When he was 7 he watched as his father was taken to HYDRA, a terrorist group that was working to rid the world of mutants. He watched in horror as his father was killed then brought back to life, as a human/bat hybrid, though not a vampire. This tragedy released his mutant power to manipulate gravity. He ran out of the HYDRA facility and watched as it sank into the ground. He and his father were the only survivors.


When Daniels was 9, Hydra reentered his and his fathers lives. William Stryker and Bolivar Trask, two of the most renown mutant-hunters, asked Vespero to join a group of enhanced humans like himself to join an operation called Red-X, a mutant assasination group. Again tragedy struck as Daniel watched his father agree to lead this group and then hide Daniel in an orphan asylum.

All Alone

Daniel spent three years at Churvik Yurtigo's Home for Helpless Youth. There he was treated like a phych ward patient. When he was 11 he tried to destroy the school by flying it up into space. Unfortunately he wasn't strong enough and was injured in the attempt. This incident strained his powers and put him in a coma. He spent 4 months comatose. When he was 12 Daniel finally awoke and escaped the orphanage. He quickly made his way back to his home town of Verona, Italy. Sadly, Daniel found his old home his old home demolished.

Together Again

While looking inside what remained of his home, Daniel found a map of Italy. On it he found a circle around Rome, and on the back, an address. Daniel soon found himself in Rome searching for his father. After 3 weeks of searching he was finally re-united with his father. But it wasn't the same. Vespero kept him at arms length and never let him in on the goings on. It was no worse than being abandoned at Yurtigo's. Tragedy would strike for the last time as he overheard his father talking to his associate, Darts. He listened in horror as his father said: "He is no longer my son. He is a monstrosity!".

A Little Help

Daniel soon began plotting against his father. He wanted his father to pay for all the pain he had suffered. But he knew he couldn't do it alone. He needed help. Help soon did come in the form of two X-Men: Nightcrawler and Rogue, who had come to find him. Together they brought down both Vespero and Red-X. Along the way he discovered that Rogue was his sister. Daniel was brought back to the X-Mansion and became an X-Man, taking the name Centrifuge.

Behind the Scenes

  • This article was created by Darth JCS
  • This character was created as part of a Creative Writing class in which Darth JCS had to write a short story.
  • The title of said short story is: "X-Men Evolution: Revelations"


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