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The Holy Guardian Angel

In Ceremonial magic, much ado is played to the holy guardian angel (also known as the higher genius or the true or higher self). It is basically the ultimate goal of any true ceremonial magician, thus its name, ‘The Great Work’. The higher guardian angel principle presupposes reincarnation, or at the very least a highest order and meaning in the universe. It is the best and most harmonious vibration of your own soul, in harmony on every level. Whether this is a being above you who has already reached this point and is explaining the process to you or a point within yourself you are reaching for is entirely up to argument and is up for the individual being to decide. Through its reincarnation theory, the entire point of human existence is to reach up to the final point of the higher genius, which puts you in the spot of your ultimate purpose within the universe, with your highest character. The entirety of the kabalistic ladder within the Golden Dawn, as well as the sacred magic of Abremalin the mage are great places to start if one would choose to attempt a conversation with the Holy Guardian Angel. Although it is important to note that Peter Carroll believes that any invocation of the holy guardian angel is not real, as we have no real being, and all you can do through invocation of the holy guardian angel is to blow your ego to mammoth proportions, thereby allowing your demons to run free in your world. While this is only one of many perspectives of the Higher Genius, it is important to know that as it is known as the great work, it is fraught with many dangers, insanity being one and demon possession or obsession another (as well as its flip side).

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