Discovered on January 24, 1801 CE, is a trans-Martian dwarf planet that orbits the Sun between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. Ceres is the largest of the trans-Martian asteroids with a diameter of 1,025km. Settled as a mining colony by Transvaal SA in 2185 CE, it was deeded to the Charter Convention in 2281CE as the seat of government for the Convention. It also became the Capital of the United Nations after the destruction of Earth’s ecosystem by a planetoid in 2798 CE. Ceres itself was destroyed during a rebellion in 5095 CE.

Pronunciation & Astronomical Name

(Se´•rees) aka 1 Ceres

Astrononical Characteristics

Physical Characteristics


In the sci-fi universe of Alternate Earth and the Local Solar System, the dwarf planet Ceres is the home of the Asteroid Mining Guild, tens of thousands of asteroid miners, and a fleet of interplanetary cruisers (see spaceships in AELSS.).

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