Ash, Leader of the Ceruleun Ring, Moros of the Silver Ladder, Tamer of Stone, Hierarch of Iridescent Fellowship of the Pentacle Orders- The man who became Ash had humble beginnings on the streets of New York during the Sixties. One of the many black youths drawn to the spirit of revolution, he participated in the many race riots that plagued the latter parts of the civil rights movement. During a riot in the early seventies, he was beaten by a cop. He woke up in the hospital with a cracked skull, and a new understanding of the universe. Suddenly things made sense to him. His people, not just African Americans, but Americans were in a state of decay. The country was dieing, and he saw that the country needed leadership. Leadership that could only come from the ranks of those who suffered, and who know what it means to have their pride bent, but never broken.
He found his place among the Silver Ladder, and his method among the Tamers of Stone. It is his belief, and his belief still that change is brought by the establishment of institutions and not by a single movement. Revolutions remain passing fancies without physical incarnation, and so he started to build his new world order a home.


A Blue ring marbled with white, and the symbol for the silver ladder floating in it center.


The Caeruleum

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