Cetrariella delisei

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[“Snow bed Iceland lichen”; syn. Cetraria delisei]

FOLK NAMES: Jaegel [Name also applied to other lichens reindeer eat, Cladina spp., Cetraria islandica, Cetraria ericetorum, and Stereocaulon spp.] (Saami: northern Scandinavia)

USES: Animal forage (Saami: northern Scandinavia)

Cetrariella delisei is recognized by the Saami of Northern Scandinavia as one of the preferred foods of free-range reindeer, and they call these lichens Jaegel. SEE: Cladina spp. for more information on lichens as forages.

Cetrariella delisei contains gyrophoric acid (Brodo et al. 2001).

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