Chä-Mata is a brand of magic used by the Deity race in the BZPRPG. Chä-Mata feeds off many aspects of the users mind, memories, and environment. Main aspects that affect the users Magick Alignment, Magick Classification, and their Zodiac. Each of these creates a new power, and those powers can be mixed to create a new one. Not even a master Chäotic can tell you all the combination. However, a Chäotic can only master one of these powers. The powers of Chä-Mata are known as Chäs.

An explanation of Chäs

Chäs starts from within as a small section of a being's "life energy". Later, it feeds off of the being's alignment and strengths, however it is never used by the bearer. Only through long and extensive training can one begin to use their Chä. Some say that Chä powers are assigned to you at birth, others that you eventually gain one based on your choices. Neither of these theories have much evidence.

In the course of learning Chä-Mata, people gain three different "classes" that decide what Chäs they can use. The first group is called Magick Alignment, the second is called Magick Classification, and the third is a Zodiac. More on this later. Now it would seem that this would support the theory that you gain your power options but...

Sometimes people are automatically in-tune with there power. For example, a Justice Chäotic may have already been a judge or ruler before joining the Priory. In fact, he may have even been using some powers, like the most famous Justice power "punishment"

Magick Alingment

Magick Alignments are based on the life styles of the user. Each of the five main alignments are tailored to a specific life style and if you wish to change your alignment, you must redesign every aspect of your life. Here are the five main alignments:

  • Black (Aggressive)
  • White (Defensive or Healing)
  • Blue (Order)
  • Yellow (Chaotic)
  • Gray (Passive)

Black powers are used to attack or destroy. Commonly used Black powers are things such as Time, Energy and Waste. White is for healing and defensive, powers in the Bless Zodiac are the most well known White Chäs. Blue is used in order and justice powers, and can only be used when someone is supporting what they feel is right. Justice is the main power in this alignment. Yellow is a very odd alignment, and the powers in this seem to be a mix. Euphoria is the most well known Yellow Chä. Gray is passive, and is the oddest alignment. It generally reflects mental and invisible changes. Prudence, Hate, Euphoria, Love, and Depression are examples of Gray Chäs.

Note: Alignments mostly affect HOW you can use a Chä, not what Chäs you can use. Ex: Time is Black, White, Blue, and Yellow. Black powers in Time are: Time-Loops, Time-Aging, etc. White powers are: Time-Repair and Time-Heal. Blue Powers are: Butterfly Effects, and Time Prisons. Yellow powers are: Time-Stop, Speed-Up, and Slow Down. There are many more powers as well.

Gold Alignment

Gold is a combination of all alignments, and is easier to gain than one might think. You just need to balance yourself out. Pretty much anyone who is neutral will automatically get Gold Alignment. The benefits of Gold Alignment are few but definitely worth it. Basically, you can use ANY power from their Chä. Ex: a Time Chäotic would be able to use all Black, White, Yellow, and Blue powers.

Magick Classification

Magick Class bases itself on someones personality. There are about seven main types, but many more are being discovered. Magick Class is important because it defines what Chäs people can and can't use. Here are the main Classes:

  • Intellect
  • Emotional
  • Supernatural
  • Healing
  • Spectral
  • Hero
  • Corrupt

Many Chäs fall under many classes. For example: Heal is Supernatural, Healing, Hero, and Spectral. Intellect is mostly for intelligent beings, driven by knowledge rather than impulse. Emotional is for the (can you guess?) emotional type, and they are driven by their whims. Supernatural is for people possessing unexplained powers, generally in touch with spirits. Healing is for the hospitable and generous that rejuvenate their friends and company. Spectral is for the ghostlike and spiritual people. Hero is for those with a string sense of justice and that will do anything to defeat evil. Corrupt is for the evil and fallen, and is generally used to attack or destroy.

Environmental Chäs

Terros-Nui and Metru-Nui have many varying environments. Rocky mountains, frozen peaks, jungles, bays... There is no end. And if you are a Chäotic you pay attention to every detail, because it could make or break you. Every Chä has a signature power that, depending on where the Chäotic is, that signature power will change. To see which power is affected, and how it is affected, click on the Chä, a list is at the bottom of this page.

Note: Not all Chäs have environmental effects. Some lack the ability to adapt.


Chäotics are practitioners of Chä-Mata. Their name is enough to strike fear into people's hearts, and their power is nigh unmatched. Upon completing their training they go unto the world and decide to be either a large player for the side of good or evil. Chäotic "Instructors" will teach anyone due to the fact that they think race, alignment, and mentality are below the sheer powers of Chä-Mata.

The Degrees of Chäotics

Chäotic is the general term for someone who uses Chä-Mata, however there are various ranks, or degrees of Chäotics. Below is a list of the degrees, from highest to least.

  • Harbinger
  • High Templar
  • Templar
  • High Chäoser
  • Chäoser
  • Master Specialist
  • Expert Specialist
  • Specialist
  • Master Practitioner
  • Expert Practitioner
  • Practitioner
  • Trainee

For more information see Degrees of Chäotics.

Mysteries of Chä-Mata

Chäos Blasts?

There have been certain Chäotics that have been so powerful that they have channeled the very essence of their Chä into a beam or blast. Some have even been able manipulate their Chä like an elemental power. Reports from Chäotics that do this say that if feels like taking a bit of water from a lake, or breathing a breath of forest air. As if they are accessing a massive power vault and using what is stored there. The name for using Chäs like an element is "Chäos Blast". Although this can be done with any Chä, it is extremely dangerous and difficult.

Chä-Mata Diffusion?

There have been very rare times where Chä-Mata simply refuses to work. All Chäotics lose their power of Chä-Mata, and must resort to other methods of attack. Although the Chäotics still have powers they had before becoming a Chäotic, once you get used to Chä-Mata... It's a major loss. After a few hours or days their Chä will come back. Why this happens, no one knows, but it usually happens after a massive amount of Chä usage.

List of Chäs

  • Magnus

Time Chä
Space Chä
Mind Chä
Energy Chä

  • Virtue

Prudence Chä
Temperance Chä
Courage Chä
Justice Chä

  • Sin

Lust Chä
Waste Chä
Wrath Chä
Sloth Chä
Venality Chä

  • Bless

Heal Chä
Pure Chä
Create Chä

  • Emotion

Hate Chä
Love Chä
Euphoria Chä
Depression Chä

  • Mechanical

Invention Chä
Error Chä
Sensory Chä

  • Mancer


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