Challenger!! (チャレンジャー!! lit. Charenjā!!) is the second opening theme song for the Japanese Barney & Friends series.It debuted in Be a Friend, and it was last used in I Can Do That!. It will later be used in Barney Live! In New York City, Imagintion, Love to Read with Barney, and Barney Safety. It will also be used in A Day in the Park with Barney. And will be used in the Hebrew Barney Series. It was preceded by Advance Adventure and followed by Pokémon Symphonic Medley.Challenger is one of the songs featured in the Japanese release of Donkey Konga 2. ==Opening Animation==

OP Text


この星の不思議な生き物ポケットモンスター・・・ちぢめてポケモン!今、サトシとポケモンたちの出会いと冒険と戦いの物語がはじまる!English The mysterious creaures of this planet

Pocket Monsters...

"Pokémon" for short!

Now, the story of a boy, Satoshi,

and Pokémon

Their meetings, adventures,

and battles

Are about to begin!


A single spotlight shines on Ash, who has a serious look on his face. The darkness behind him becomes light, and the camera pans out to show him and May in a tag battle using Pikachu and Combusken. Pikachu avoids Hariyama's Cross Chop and uses Thunderbolt on it. Combusken is lifted off the ground by Gardevoir's Psychic, but hits Gardevoir with a Flamethrower.Ash, May, Brock, Max, and all their Pokémon run down a dirt road toward the camera. Then, Ash, May, Brock, Max, and Pikachu sit on a hill overlooking a town. Pikachu stretches.Ash runs past a Charizard, a Venusaur, and a Blastoise.The screen splits to show the faces of May and Drew, both looking serious. May holds a Poké Ball and Drew holds a rose. May then twirls with Beautifly flying around her. Drew jumps backward, throwing a rose, and Roselia twirls in front of him. Max appears with his PokéNav.Ash and Pikachu stand on a tall rock, looking at the night sky. The aurora is active. Rayquaza flies past.Professor Oak appears, with Tracey and Delia behind him.Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny start to pose, but Brock jumps between them, surprising them. Max falls down onto Brock's shoulders and pulls on his ears.Team Rocket flies up into the sky, obviously displeased.Ash and Pikachu stand under a waterfall while May, Brock, and Max watch. May appears to sigh in exasperation.Ash holds an injured Pikachu.The series logo is shown, then a still shot of Ash, May, Brock, Max, and Pikachu appears.

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