Challengers The Movie The Big Dig is A Special Who Slated to Appear I 2014

New Characters

  • Josh, a Red Excavator Who Identical to Poco Number 1
  • Terry, a orange Front Loader Number 2
  • Harry, a Wise old Yellow Bulldozer Number 3
  • Lindi, a Pink Steam Lorry Number 4
  • Ester, a Purple Excavator Number 5
  • Ted, a Brown Clumsy Steam Shovel Number 6
  • Peter and Sam, are Blue Dump Truck Twins Numbers 7 and 8
  • Mark, a Grumpy and Yelling Turquoise Steam Roller With Leopold Face and Number 9 (He,s Already Introduced)
  • Livvy, a Turquoise Mobile Crane Who Identical to Lofty She is Loftys Sister and Number 10
  • Gofty, a Blue Crane Car Number 12
  • Pattie, a Yellow Crane Number 11
  • Sir Hiss, a Snake Red Cement Mixer Number 13
  • Stella, a Pink Grader With a Apple Lipstick Number 14
  • Bella, a Ballast Tractor Number 15
  • Ginger, a Cat Payloader Number 16
  • Nick, a Green and Cream Transport Lorry Number 17
  • Alan, a Red Bucket Wheel Excavator Number 18
  • Eddie, a Orange Excavator Number 19
  • Chuck, a Red Angry Forklift Number 20
  • Dadran a Orange Excavator He comes From Russian He is Omars,s Brother Number 0
  • Kenny Jones, a Construction Worker
  • Tubs, a Red Tabby Cat

Running Times 76 Minutes

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