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Chamaeleon Cloth

Chamaeleon Cloth

June was trained alongside Andromeda Shun on Andromeda Island under the tutelage of Cepheus Daidalos. She was very protective of the Andromeda Saint, and tried to make him quit to avoid him getting hurt. Despite her wishes, Shun attained Sainthood and left for Japan, leaving June behind. She continued to train and earned the Bronze Chameleon Cloth. Soon after, her master was assassinated by Pisces Aphrodite. When she heard about the Bronze Saints' plans to defy Sanctuary, she immediately set out to stop Shun. Shun respected her feelings but had to go nevertheless and knocked her unconscious in a small fight. The Andromeda Saint carried her to the Kido mansion to rest until his return. She has not appeared since then in any media.

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