Chamillitary Entertainment (sometimes credited as Chamillitary Camp Music and Chamillitary Records) is a record/entertainment company owned and run by Chamillionaire. It is distributed by Universal Records.


Chamillitary was founded in 2004 by Chamillionaire after him leaving both Swishahouse and Paid In Full Entertainment.

He, along with his group, The Color Changin' Click, would find themselves without a label home, after a falling out with Paul Wall, he would return to Swishahouse. In early 2004, Chamillionaire decided to form his own label, in which he titled, Chamillitary Entertainment. It was named this after his rap psuedonym.

Chamillionaire would sign his younger brother, Rasaq, to the label along with Color Changin' Click. He also would sign Yung Ro, OG Ron C, and 50/50 Twin. The label also would sign Lew Hawk.

In 2005, the label's first release would come in the form of label compilation, Chamillitary, which gained the label some attention. Major label, Universal Records, would be impressed by the rhyming ability of Chamillionaire. They thought he was the kind of artist you could build around.

Universal wanted Chamillionaire to be their new flagship artist. In mid-2005, Universal signed Chamillitary to a five-year distribution deal. They quickly began working on the debut album from Chamillionaire.

By November 2005, Chamillionaire released his debut album, The Sound of Revenge, the album introduced Rasaq to the world outside of Houston, Texas. The album also introduced Chamillitary Entertainment and its cover unveiled its photo. Sound of Revenge would soon go Platinum behind the 2006 summer hit, "Ridin'."

In 2006, Rasaq would release his debut album, The Grass Green Over Here, Mayne! The album would not sell very much outside of Texas and did not even sell 300,000 copies. It had no charting singles, it failed to certify in the RIAA. The album was also a commercial failure.

Later in 2006, due to the popularity of Chamillionaire's hit single, Universal Records decided that he needed to release another album before the end of 2006. Chamillionaire agreed to record another album, but refused to have it out before the end of 2006. It was originally entitled The Sound of Success, but was later changed to Ultimate Victory.

The album was highly anticipated, but Chamillionaire had different ideas. He announced that he would not curse on this studio album, because too many people were using the n-word. During the summer of 2007, the lead single, "Hip Hop Police," was released and would become a minor hit. Upon its September 2007 release, the album received underwhelming success as it did not sell as expected during its first week and only ended up selling 250,000 copies. A second single was released, but went unpromoted and was a commercial failure, like Ultimate Victory. The album was, though, a huge commercial success.

Rasaq would release his second album, Get Green, Stay Clean, in October 2007. The album has the same theme as Chamillionaire's album, but does use profanities. This album, like his debut would have no charting singles, would be a commercial failure along with underwhelming critical success.

For 2008, Rasaq is preparing for the release of his second album, and a group album with 50/50 Twin. Chamillionaire is working on his third album, which is currently untitled, but will have a summer 2008 release. R&B singer, Tony Henry, will release his debut album later in 2008. Also Famous is working on his solo debut.




Upcoming Releases

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