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"It is a golden age for the Royal Republic. King Vincent elected by the people and governed by barons, rules with honor, truth and justice, while the Champion Knights defend and uphold the virtues of the land. Most throughout Eldasia live in peace and prosperity. But, it is a constant struggle, as the forces of the Dark Light and the Chaos Hordes wage a never ending war against the Light and all that is good. These are the ongoing adventures of Champion Quest..."

You grew up admiring the noble Champions, the guardians of peace and justice, and, especially, the elite Council of Twelve, led by Morpheus and other Master Champions. So when you were of age, you left home for the City of Goodhope, capital of the Royal Republic, intent on becoming a Champion Knight. Now, your training complete and dreams realaized, you stand before the Champion Council awaiting your next quest.

Leave, Wait, or Speak.

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