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Reserved for the most part. Waiting for group decisions to be made.

Remember to hit enter two times to actually go on a different line. Really need to learn more Wiki Formating.


  • Is Blane going to have a Greek Name in CT?
    • Probably, yes.
  • What's Deimos' Girlfriend's name?
    • Jessie. <3
  • Figure out, or make Ebon's last name.
    • Forex D:
  • I feel like I'm missing a lot of characters -- we have 11(12 if you count the minor BL characters). Can you tell me anyone we're missing?
    • I dunno, this seems like mostly everyone? There are a few unnamed criminals they go after, but idk I think that's it.;; We might want to add like, one person in the station... Oh, and I told Ashley she could be a character in the story, she can be Blane's weirdass aunt or something. :>
  • Think of names for the other people they go after. We need a couple more. ;;;; I know we did like 8, 4 each of us, but I have no idea what those names are anymore.
    • D: Kfine
  • Currency -- is it just dollars and whatnot, or do they have a certian name, look, etc. Is it just bills, or coins, or both?
    • I think it's just dollars and whatnot. :| I'm too lazy to make up new currency, we don't really need to.
  • What's the name of the Police Station? Just Toulin Police Station?
    • Yeh, that's it D:
  • Jim's last name -- didn't you give him one the other day? And is his bar just Jim's bar?
    • Idk just make one up? D:


Crazy ass kid with a gun. Link to the time line somewhere in here.

Characters Remember this.

Will link to each Character Profile. I know how to make sub-categories to this, and the difference between that and just pages in this sratchpad. So I can remember. Still have to figure things out, though.

  • Deimos
  • Blane
  • Jack
  • et cetera


Should we have them in here and that be it, or should we link to each individual town/city/place.


This one is the big-city, right? And Dei and Jack are elsewhere? Or is it now just the smalltown?

-- It's the big-city.


Family town. Hitchenson diner is in here; or at least their house.


Blane lives near here, sort of. We need more places, even if they're insignificant.

Other Places

Map, maybe?

Remember to put [[Category:ChaosComic]] at the end of every page related to this. And then the same thing, but with the Sub-Category name, too, if it's in one.

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