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¶ChaosRyu is a comic that features a young girl named Kris, who is the main character, that is on a quest to find who she really is. On this adventure she teams up with her friends Draku, Naku, Krystophyr, Taku, and many others to battle her uncle and her old sister Akurei(Kasumi) from using her power to open the Omega Gate in the underword.


¶It all begins at a temple where Katomerai and Fira living with their two daughters, the eldest being Kasumi and the youngest Kristalizabeth. They lived peacefully together for many years until the day their lives changed. Three unknown assassions were sent to kill off the family and kidnapped Kris.


¶ChaosRyu began as a collection of doodles that was founded in 2005 by a high school student named Ashley Simmons. A few years later it was expanded to an small group of seven. The Group of Seven came up with an idea to make a comic codenamed Project:ChaosRyu.

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