Chaos magick plays itself as the existential magick. IF there is no truth and we are alone in the universe, then why does magick work? Maybe it is a function of psychology, or maybe it just means that life is much stranger than we have imagined in our philosophy. The cry of chaos magick collectively is ‘nothing is true, everything is permitted’. It was began by a man by the name of Peter Carroll, as he wrote a book called Liber Null, a treatise on a new magic inspired by Austin Osman Spare’s psychological magic, as well as the existential principles of writers such as (?). The phrase itself comes from a beat writer of the 50’s by the name of William S. Burroughs. If nothing is true, then you are totally and completely free to choose your destiny in any shape direction or form. What chaos magick basically is is a freedom from the chains of belief, so that belief is not seen as an end, but only a means to an end, that end being manifestation of your desires. It is a powerful system of magick and can be shown to work in any paradigm, for, it is not a set of beliefs, but only one belief, the belief that belief is not important. Spare was famous for saying, ‘belief is just a technique’. Chaos magicians as a whole are usually obsessed with what they call ‘paradigm shifting’; which is a change of magical perspective, such as greek to celtic gods, or from Buddhism to Christian mysticism, to escape from the control of belief. Personally I don’t think it matters that one escapes from the jaws of belief, as that is as dangerous a belief in itself, but instead to allow ‘belief is just a technique’ to fully place itself into your psyche. So that at any moment, whatever ones beliefs are, you know deep down inside, that they very well may not be true except in the fact that they may be allowing you meaning. It is the same point of existentialism, but from a magical standpoint.

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