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Welcome to the Chaos Theory RPG mini wiki at Scratchpad!

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Chaos Theory

Chaos Theory is a bulletin board role playing game hosted on Greatestjournal set in modern day Washington, D.C. with heavy mythological influences. The idea behind the game is that the ancient, mythological gods are not truly gone from this world but have instead been reincarnated into the bodies of mortal people who may or may not remember their past lives.

The Gist of the Game

Think of any long-gone deity from mythology. Imagine they once truly existed. Now imagine that they aren't truly gone but instead their essence lives on, is reincarnated inside of that guy who sits next to you on the bus every day. Or Maureen from Accounting. Or maybe even you. They could be anyone, young or old, male or female, any race, anyone.

The old deities once existed, once walked the Earth, and mortals trembled at their names. Long ago, they each slowly faded out, their existance only remembered as fables and tales. During this decline, one deity gathered up and called upon his or her last reserves of power and influence to create a reprieve, of sorts, for them all. They would find their essence, their souls if you will, not dissipated amongst the matter of the Universe but instead reborn inside a mortal body. They would be mortal, yes, their power would be greatly diminished, yes, and they might not even remember what they once were, but they would at least exist.

The Reason this Wiki Exists

Only after the game was created did it become apparent that there needed to be a central repository of information for it. Not only In Character (IC) information such as summaries of what's been going on in the game, who the characters are and how they're related to one another and so on but also Out of Character (OOC) information about the city itself and where things are likely to be located, and so on. Being that there was overwhelming support for a wiki (that then would make it easier for any player to edit as need be), this was created and here we are.

<center>Chaos Theory RPG
Cast of Characters - Locations - Main Page - Chaos Theory News - Businesses

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