Tom TOM MAJOR Age:Teenage


Home:USA, Earth

Friends:Kaz, Sarah?, Peyton?


Deck Tribe(s):Mainly UnderWorld?

First Appearance:Welcome to Chaotic, Part 1

Last Appearance:Ongoing

Portrayed by:?

Tom Major is the main Protaganist of the Chaotic TV series.


He's mainly an OverWorld? player – loves meeting Creatures?, exploring their Perim? and experiencing excitement and adventure. At first, though, he is very shocked and overwhelmed by transporting to Chaotic?, transforming into his battling Creatures? and experiencing the battle? “for real.” Tom quickly gets over his fear and becomes a bold – maybe too bold – risk taker and thrill seeker.


Tom's deck is mainly OverWorld?, cards used in Chaotic? official fights are in italics.

Currently Owned


Used to Own

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