The Sky's Feelings is the second chapter of Stygian Solace.

A look ahead: Raging parents, raging hormones. Conflicting names. And Exhibit A: wet bishounen!


  • Riku spends the night at Sora's house.
  • Riku and Sora race for a chance to share a paopu with Kairi.
  • Sora brings Riku a paopu, which they share.


With two days left until the raft is finished, Riku is abused by his homophobic parents. Meanwhile, Sora contemplates his feelings for Riku, going back to the play island that evening to retrieve Riku's paopu.

Riku goes to Sora's house to stay away from his parents, refusing to tell Sora about the reasons for their cruelty. Soon, the two begin to tease each other, and Sora falls asleep in mid-conversation on top of Riku.

The next day, Riku easily bests Tidus, Selphie, and Wakka, as Sora collects materials for the raft. After a brief and tense moment atop the tower, the two decide to have a race, with the winner naming their raft. As part of his Plan A, Riku suggests the reward for the race be to share a paopu with Kairi.

Sora wins, but Riku claims that his heightened stakes were just a joke. The two boys begin another race (in which anything goes), but Sora begins early, so Riku grabs him and both boys fall into the water below. Sora sees Riku looking at him with one of his "stares" and goes to get a towel, returning with Riku's paopu. Sora confesses his love, and the two boys share the paopu and have their first kiss.



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