A Child's Toy is the third chapter of Stygian Solace.

A look ahead: Fun in the sun. Wrestling in the sand. And those two belts on the back of Riku's pants.


  • Tidus walks in on Riku and Sora.
  • Riku and Sora discuss their relationship with each other and with Kairi.
  • Selphie approves of Riku and Sora's new relationship.
  • Sora takes Riku home for dinner.


Riku and Sora continue to kiss and almost go all the way before they are interrupted by Tidus, who is returning for his towel. After Tidus leaves, Riku and Sora discuss their relationship, and Riku is alarmed to discover that Sora has only liked him for a few weeks, whereas Riku had liked Sora for years without acting. They continue on to discuss Riku's "Plan A" and its possible ramifications if Kairi were to respond to Riku's advances. As the two relax on the beach, Sora is alarmed to realize that Riku has been giving him a hickey.

Riku leaves a note for his parents that they should not expect him home because he is going on an adventure, then returns to the play island, where he encounters Selphie. She reveals that she knows about him and Sora, and considers them to be meant for each other.

Riku continues to the raft, where he overhears Sora and Kairi talking about him. When Sora finds out how late it is, he runs back to the boats, followed by Riku. They return to Sora's house together, where Sora's mother Seiya allows the boys to eat alone in Sora's room. After dinner (and a little play), they return to the play island.



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