The Earth Breaks is the fourth chapter of Stygian Solace.

A look ahead: When fishing goes wild~! Exclusion and betrayal. And a hungry tummy.


  • Riku hears Kairi joking about leaving without him.
  • Kairi discovers Riku and Sora's relationship.


Although planning to separate Sora from Kairi so he can make up with Sora, Riku accidentally overhears their conversation. Kairi expresses concern at Riku's manner and suggests leaving him behind on the raft trip, before quickly clarifying that she is "kidding". Riku is not amused.

Sora, too, is uncomfortable with Kairi's words, and stands up for Riku before running to the secret place. Riku follows him, and they reconcile. Kairi, however, witnesses this and interrupts, feeling hurt that she is suddenly a third wheel in the three children's friendship. Although she leaves quickly, Sora reassures her that she can come with them on the raft if she shows up. When he returns, he and Riku share an intimate moment that is interrupted by Sora's grumbly stomach.




  • According to the author's note, this is the first chapter that has not been rewritten; therefore, it is shorter and of lower quality than the chapters which preceded it. Similar author's notes accompany every subsequent chapter through the seventh chapter.

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