Farewell to Destiny is the sixth chapter of Stygian Solace.

A look ahead: An extended hand. Fear of the darkness. And here come the plot twists!


  • Riku and Sora meet on the paopu island.
  • Sora takes Riku's hand as they are enveloped by the darkness.


Riku waits for Sora on the paopu island, strangely ignored by the Heartless. Sora arrives, asking about Kairi, but Riku waves aside the questions and urges Sora to join him in going through the darkness to other worlds. Just before the darkness swallows them, Sora takes Riku's hand.




  • According to the author's note, this chapter has not been rewritten; therefore, it is shorter and of lower quality than the chapters which preceded it. Similar author's notes accompany every other chapter from the fourth chapter to the seventh chapter.

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