(The player walks up to Ash)

Ash: You ready for this?


M.C: Its finally here! As an extra special to this of the WRGP Final, the track has been changed to the Oversea Battle Lanes by Canalcave City. Now on with the first match Ash Ketchum from Team Unity versus Primo from Team New World!

Primo: Where is (player's name)? I have a score to settle!

Ash: You'll only get to him/her if you defeat me and Misty first.

Primo: Fine then. Its fitting for Machine Emperor Wisel to warm up on you two first.

Both: Battle!

M.C: Primo executes his stragety into top condition. Ash is trying to make a comeback... What's this? His Pikachu has been absorbed and his attacks are backfiring!

Primo: Farewell.

Ash: No way. Misty, its your turn now.

Misty: Just leave it to me Ash! Primo, this ends now. Don't think I'll go easy on you and make it 2 in a row.

Primo: Lets go.

M.C: Misty is trying to topple Wisel but it brushes it off as it was nothing. Gyarados has been absorbed too?! Its over!

Primo: All too easy.

Misty: (player's name), its up to you now.

Ash: What about that crystal?

Misty: Nothing.

Ash: Here we go.

Primo: Finally (player's name), I will have my revenge!


Primo: What's this?!

Your crystal has now transformed into 20 more powerful items. You obtained Max Potion x10, Max Revive x9 and Volt Magnet x1.

Primo: Whatever. Its too late for whatever you got to save you now!


Primo: Impossible!

M.C: The once invincible Primo has fallen at the hands of (player's name)! Is this the start of a comeback?

Misty: Yes! There's two left.

Ash: Its too early to celebrate. They may be stronger than Primo.

Lester: Bwahahahaha! Looks like Primo lost again.

Primo: Lester, I swear I'm gonna...

Lester: I'm off.

M.C: Team New World now has the challenge of Lester. Can his Battle Board skills bring him victory?

Lester: Sorry, but you luck has run out.


Lester: No way. I suppose I can't blame Primo for losing now.

M.C: What a miracle! Both teams are down to their last trainers. This is it!

Lester: Sorry about that. Jakob, its up to you.

Jakob: This is no time for fun and games. What if we end up losing?

Lester: You'll win no problem. Honestly.

Primo: Or our secret weapon of course.

Jakob: Grr.

Ash: Come on (player's name).

Misty: You can do it!

May: Just one more.

Misaki: I know you can win this.

Jakob: You luck runs out here. I'll bury you and your friends alive!


Jakob: Impossible! No matter, you've only made your future bleak. We or rather...

Team New World: Aporia will fix that!

Ash: Huh?

(Fusion Sequence)

Aporia: Its time!

Ash: What?!

Misty: Who is he?!

(Fusion Sequence)

Aporia: It seems my embodiements failed to beat you single handled. Now behold your future, as none of you from these regions will live to see this.


Ash: Is this the 4 regions?


May: What's happening?

Aporia: This is my time. A time and future of despair. The world in chaos from the bond of humans and Pokémon alike.


Aporia: You have interfered long enough (player's name). Suffer despair in its true form!

Special Rule: Revives are forbidden in this battle.


Aporia: Impossible! You're telling me my plan failed?!



M.C: Its all over! The winners are Team Unity!

Ash: We did it!

Misty: Our future...

Ash: Misty?

Misty: Could what Aporia said be true?

Ash: No way. Our future is what we decide, not fate.

Misty: You're right. Let's go.

(Credits 1)

Z-one: (player's name), I will finish you off now.

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