In Foreign Worlds is the seventh chapter of Stygian Solace.

A look ahead: An extended hand. Fear of the darkness. And here come the plot twists!


  • Riku dreams of cliffs, butterflies, and a demonic Sora.
  • Riku and Sora awake in a snowy world.
  • Running from the Heartless, the boys are rescued by a stranger.


Riku awakes on a cliffed plateau covered in butterflies and surrounded by water. He sees Sora nearby, but Sora does not acknowledge him. As Riku approaches, Sora becomes a sort of demon, emitting a horrific sound and sprouting two black wings. Both boys fall off the cliff, and Riku wakes suddenly.

The two boys find themselves in a town covered in snow, and Riku realizes that Sora is suffering from frostbite. On a sudden instinct, Riku jerks himself and Sora from their resting spot, where Heartless emerge seconds later. The boys run, but when Sora trips they are attacked. Riku is surprised to find that now the Heartless are focusing on him instead of Sora, as they did on the island. They are saved by a boy on horseback who explains that the town has been evacuated, and offers to take them back to his camp. He introduces himself as Fa Ping.




  • According to the author's note, this chapter has not been rewritten; therefore, it is shorter and of lower quality than the chapters which preceded it. Similar author's notes accompany every other chapter since the fourth chapter.

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