The Drifting Horizon is the eighth chapter of Stygian Solace.

A look ahead: Enter ancient China. Enter a plan to defeat the Hunny Heartless. Enter snuggling, cuddling and a bit of angsty Sora.


  • Riku and Sora wake up in camp and meet Mushu and Captain Shang.
  • Riku, Shang, and 'Ping' plan a trap for the Heartless.
  • Riku promises that Sora can be on top.


Riku and Sora wake up intertwined in a warm tent. Before they can get too intimate, though, they are interrupted by Ping, who has been assigned to watch over them while the captain and the other recruits are out scouting. Mushu, Ping's dragon, complains of his boredom while the boys were asleep, but the conversation is soon interrupted when Captain Shang returns, summoning Riku.

Riku tells Shang and Ping about the Heartless and his home, and in return Ping informs him of the new adaptations made by the Heartless, including armor and agility. Riku realizes that the Heartless have adapted to the cold climate of the world, making fire a potential weapon. They formulate a plan using Riku as a decoy to draw the Heartless into a fiery ambush.

Riku returns to the tent and is lectured by Mushu about how lonely Sora feels after having been left out of the meeting with Captain Shang. Riku joins Sora in bed and Sora gets handsy, only stopping after Riku promises that if Sora has to save him, Sora gets to be on top.



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