Written, directed and photos by Ned Grabiec. Written for the Mix Club.


The characters all get together for certain ways. During the first half, we meet some of the characters and during the second half all the characters arrive and sing a song. Ned Grabiec tells us his name and if you want to join the mix club just send £1 in the post and get a Thomas, a Mr Men, a Horrid Henry, a Toy Story and a Mix Poster.

Characters and Cast

Ben Small as Thomas

Keith Wickham as The Fat Controller

Rob Rackstraw as Mr Tickle, Mr Happy and Spongebob

Simon Greenhall as Mr Bump

Neil Morresy as Bob

Colin Farrell as Father Ted

Ardal O Hanlon as Father Dougal

Ken Barrie as Postman Pat

Peter Sallis as Wallace

Tom Hanks as Woody

Tim Allen as Buzz Lightyear

Joan Cuscuck as Jessie

Jonathon Kydd as Paddington

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