Nearly all characters in Beyond the Veil are player characters, and Gatekeepers should have to play no more than one character- though for the sake of impartiality they may not want to play a character at all.

A character is comprised of several parts which should be recorded on their character sheet;

  • A character should always have a name. You expect different things from Kahzket than you would from Namael, and much different things from either of these individuals than you would from Joe, Steve, or Kate.
  • The most important mechanical aspect of a character is their Rank, this single number determines much about the character- including both the total of their Stats and their maximum, what Attunements the character can have, and what the maximum number and level of Domains the character can possess are.
  • Max Psyche is across from that, calculated by adding the character's Endurance plus their Rank plus one.
  • Next comes their rating in each of the five Stats.
  • Below this should be named the Attunements the character has gained.
  • On the back the character's Domains and Powers should be listed.
  • After their powers any current Titles the character has earned are listed.
  • Finally, the character's Vassals and any individual to which the character has paid Fealty should be named.

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