Character Class Variations

Cleric1 (Charleton)

The Charleton cleric emulates a true clerics abilities without the ability to channel divine might. A Charleton gains bonus spells based on Intelligence, and though his spells are chosen from the Cleric spell list, those spells are cast as if they were arcane spells. The Charleton does not get access to any domains. Since these spells are easier to cast than most wizard spells, the character gains no arcane spell failure chance for wearing light armor. Medium or heavy armor still incur an arcane spell failure chance as listed in the phb. A Charleton's spells must be memorized each morning. The Charleton also has access to the Enchantment school from the wizard/sorceror spell list. Hp, attack bonus, saves: As cleric

class skills: A charleton may take the following skills as class skills; Bluff, concentration, craft, diplomacy, gather information, heal, listen, knowledge(arcana, nature), perform, profession, scry, and spellcraft. (notice knowledge religion is cross class... They can still learn about religion, but it is as hard for them as for any other person). Skill points at first level: (4 + int modifier)X4 Skill points at every other level: 4 + int modifier.

Weapon profficiencies: Charleton's are profficient with all simple weapons. Additionally, the Charleton is profficient with one of the following weapons: hammer(light), Flail(light), warhammer, or flail(heavy). The Charleton is profficient with all light armors.


This class is similar to the standard cleric from the PHB. The only difference is the True cleric cannot turn undead, and does not need to memorize which spells to cast. This reflects the characters dependance on divine favor to do what is needed at the time. In this world "oh, I would neutralize your poison, but I forgot to arrange with my god to let me do that this morning" does not fly. A cleric is expected to perform whatever miracle they need in any given situation. Because of this, the cleric does not gain access to any domains or domain powers.

Cleric1 of Kinden

The Cleric of the new god Kinden is unique. These characters are exactly like a Charleton Cleric, however their spells are cast just like a true cleric. They cast their spells Spontaniously like a True Cleric, but they do gain access to the Knowledge domain listed in the PHB. They can still cast spells from the Enchantment school on the wizard and sorceror spell list, but these spells must be memorized in the morning. Enchantment spells DO take up the clerics spell slots for the day if chosen.


As in PHB1


Paladins should use the non-magic alternatives listed in unearthed arcana.

Ranger (variant, non magic)1

I'm using an alteration of the varient ranger rules found in Wizards of the Coast's 1 Complete Warrior. Their version still had magical-like abilities. Below are the changes I have made instead. Here are the changes

Spellcasting: Rangers in West End do not cast spells
Fast Movement(ex)1: at 6th level, the ranger gains fast movement, increasing his/her base land speed by 10 feet when in no armor or light armor, and not carrying a medium or heavy load. (The varient rules say it also works in medium armor with a medium load, but I don't think that's quite fair).
Scent(ex)1: At 11th level the ranger gains the scent ability as an Extraordinary ability. According to the monster manual, a character with scent can detect creatures within' 30 feet by smell. This is modified by environmental factors. The exact location is not revealed unless the character takes a partial action to pinpoint the originator of the smell. This reveals the direction of the creature. A creature within' 5 feet can be located exactly. A character with scent can also track by scent with a wisdom check. Since rangers have the track feet, this ability will be at +4.
Nature's warrior (ex)1: At 8th level, and again at 14th level, the ranger gains certain advantages against humanoid opponents in a certain environment. At 8th level the ranger chooses an environment from this list; Forest, Grassland, Mountains, plains, or Desert. The ranger must have spent at least a year in this terrain. From then on, the ranger can add their dexterity bonus to thier attack bonus, in addition to their strength against humanoid opponents. At 14th level the ranger can choose a second terrain that they have spent at least 6 months in.
Freedom of movement(spell-like): At 16th level, the ranger can use an effect similar to the Freedom of Movement spell 1 on themselves once per day. This is as if the spell was cast by a caster of half the ranger's level, but involves no verbal, somatic or material components, and is a standard action.

Sorcerer 1

There are no known Sorcerers. It is theorized, however, that the growing use of magic will imbed itself in the heritage of the society. It may be possible that a person could be born with the ability to manipulate things around him through magic without ever learning how they learned to do magic. Such a person would probably be limited in ability, but the depths of their power might continue to grow until they can hold no more. [If a sorcerer is made, the following changes should be made: 1. They should obey the Banned/ altered spell list. 2. They should replace the 'summon familiar ability'. They should instead take the silent spell and Eschew material components as feat-like abilities that do not increase the spells level. They should remove 'knowledge(arcana)' and 'spellcraft' from their class skill list, and replace them with 'perform' and 'knowledge(local)'. They may take ranks at the normal cross class cost in Knowledge(arcana) and spellcraft anytime after 1st level.

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