Character Creation

The heart of any work of fiction lies within its characters, whether it be an Epicopia campaign or a novel. Each player should carefully craft his or her role-playing persona, as part of the allure of any interactive storytelling game is the gradual development of that persona. While the storyteller can consistently change his or her avenue of expression, the players generally only have one such outlet throughout each gaming session- their player character. As such, each player should feel free to spend as much time as necessary weighing the pros and cons of each decision during creation.

Character Sheet Summary



- Strength (Affecting)

- Body (Withstanding)

- Dexterity (Flexibility)

- Appearance (Co-existing)


- Intelligence (Affecting)

- Willpower (Withstanding)

- Reflexes (Flexibility)

- Charm (Co-Existing)


- Essence (Affecting and Withstanding)

- Perception (Flexibility)

- Empathy (Co-Existing)

Tier System Creatures in Epicopia have wildly varying powers; the players could very well start as ordinary humans and progress to the level of gods. To reflect this without the mechanical numbers becoming awkwardly large, the game uses a tier system- a system which is in place for both skills and attributes- with a rating of 1-10 within each tier, and each tier having special abilities that make it clearly superior to the previous. Tier System, Continued While frequently each attribute will have it's own unique special effects, there are some commonalities that unless noted, are shared amongst both attribute and skill tier hierarchies. These are detailed below.

General list of tiers

Tier 1- Mortal

Tier 2- Superior

Tier 3- Legendary

Tier 4- Epic

Tier 5- Exemplar

Tier 6- Divine

Tier 7- God

Tier 8- Greater God

Tier 9- Aspect

Tier 10- Universal

Tier Effects - After mortal tier all dice pools/skill levels are 10+Tier. - For every Attribute Tier higher than the opposing, add five successes to the roll, after rolling normally. For example, a Giant with strength 5(superior) steps on a human with body 5(mortal). The giant rolls 12 dice(10+tier), and the human rolls 5. The giant will add 5 successes to the end result. - For every Skill Tier higher, complexity of all relevant actions reduces by 1. - Many powers require a minimum tier rating to learn, and are otherwise modified by the relative distance between the minimum required tier rating and the character's actual tier rating, as will be explained in the description of each power specifically.

Attribute Descriptions

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