Character Analyzation/Categorization

There are different types of ways and techniques you can play or use, but more importantly, the style in which you do so. Each character in Super Smash Bros. Brawl has a different way of playing. Whether offensive, defensive, or both, each has their own style.

Fast and Agile

In this category are the characters whom where deemed the speedy style. Most of you would say "Oh, Sonic, duh". DING! Million dollars for you. He is but one of the fast characters.

Sonic The HedgeHog

Sonic, of course, is the fastest. His speed gives easy momentum to his comboeing attacks, but will need some precaution. He is an advanced character, speed control is essential. His recovering move, a small bumper used in his trademark games, launches him high into the air, and he can even attack after it.


MetaKnight is one of the fastest characters in the game. He can easily speed across the stage and attack with barely any lag, and has a very useful recovery, using at least 5(or 6) jumps, more of which involve his winged cape.


Fox, Falco, and Wolf are very similar indeed. All three have almost the same speed as each other, and MetaKnight in attacks. On the downside, for one, Fox has in fact been "nerfed" with more lag. MUCH more lag. He cannot attack with his neutral aerial A more than once even when very high without attracting an opponent to attack him. His shine is much faster, though, and can be used to float downwards slowly when repeatedly tapped.

Those are some examples of speedy characters. Those may be the only ones, but closer examination to some characters is needed.


There isn't much explanation needed here. Here is just a small list of those characters.

  • Mario
  • Pikachu
  • Link
  • Marth


Slow but Powerful

Speed is passed on for power in this category. Mostly used for defense, close range is usually not an option for the opponent. But then again, what would they do?


Ike, everyone's favorite hero, is probably the most powerful character. His side smash can K.O. at 0 percent if used correctly! His neutral and side B can both be held forever, and are very powerful. Though he carries power, one giant disadvantage is how open he leaves himself after attacking. One small roll from the opponent can easily catch him off guard. Ike is very defensive.


Bowser, the original powerhouse, is still a hard-hitter. On the negative, hsi sideA has SLIGHTLY been nerfed. Instead of how much power it used to have, it has now been split into two hits, the second can only be done if 1) The opponent is at a low percentage, or 2) the opponent is directly next to you, literally kissing you. His up B is still a lethal defensive/offensive move, and his new K.O. move is his aerial UpA, seeing as it is more powerful than his side smash. Another positive, he is MUCH faster and more agile.

There are a few more power characters, but they are very easy to distinguish from the rest.

Clones(Short Note)

There are no such things as "clones" in brawl. Even if a character has the same exact moves as another, the effects of the move are different, and that is enough to make them a whole different character.

For example, Fox's "FireFox" goes twice the length Falco's does, but Falco's does more damage.

Technique Usage

Various techniques described at do help in combat.

Moving and Shooting

This is very useful, especially with a super scope. Just when your opponent wants to jump to get out of the way, move a bit towards them and shortjump to fire a shot straight through the middle of the angle between you and them, and it should hit!

Standard Combos

There isn't much use here, except just that you may now hold the button down that gives you a one-two punch, and in turn can be utilized to trick your opponent and entangle them in a consecutive attack, I.E. MetaKnight and Falco.

Foot-Stool Jump

This could be the most useful technique. Jump onto your opponent's head, and push them down while jumping off. It will render them without any recovery for a short time. You can easily find a use here.

There are some others at

Final Smashes

Final Smashes are the finishing move of every character. None of the final smashes "suck" at all. In fact, you need to experiment with some to find their uses.


One example is Fox. His FS, the Landmaster(A.K.A. LANDAHMASTAAAAHHHH!!!) Is very easy to use because you can't miss, really. Barrel rolls can easily hit your enemy and send them flying, while shots from its turret pushes your enemy off the screen with every shot.


Captain Falcon's FS uses his F-Zero racer to smack the ene

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