Character Sing-Alongs: The Rainbow Connection is a Character Sing-Alongs release. In this video, Kermit the Frog and Sam the Eagle present some of the most classic songs from various productions, although Sam is disgusted with some of the songs (such as History of Rock, Jamboree, Cabin Fever, His Cheeseburger, Count It Higher and Tenderly).


  1. The Rainbow Connection (from The Muppet Movie)
  2. Rubber Duckie (from Sesame Street)
  3. Play a Simple Melody (from The Muppet Show)
  4. His Cheeseburger (from VeggieTales)
  5. Cabin Fever (from Muppet Treasure Island)
  6. No One's Lazy in LazyTown (from LazyTown)
  7. C is for Cookie (from Sesame Street)
  8. May You Always (from The Muppet Show)
  9. Together Again (from The Muppets Take Manhattan)
  10. Octopus' Garden (from The Muppet Show)
  11. Welcome to Grouchland (from The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland)
  12. Everything is Honey (from Winnie the Pooh)
  13. Jamboree (from The Muppet Show)
  14. The Ten Commandments of Health (from Sesame Street)
  15. Frog Talk (from Muppet Sing-Alongs: Billy Bunny's Animal Songs)
  16. Love Led Us Here (from Muppet Treasure Island)
  17. Count It Higher (from Sesame Street)
  18. Tenderly (from The Muppet Show)
  19. History of Rock (from Phineas and Ferb)
  20. Fuzzy and Blue (and Orange) (from Sesame Street)
  21. Cheesecake (from The Muppet Show)
  22. Cottleston Pie (from The Muppet Show)
  23. Happiness Hotel (from The Great Muppet Caper)
  24. Breaking Free (from High School Musical)


Linking Footage

Kermit the Frog, Sam the Eagle, Fozzie Bear, Rowlf the Dog, Gonzo, Boppity


Kermit the Frog, Ernie, Fozzie Bear, Rowlf the Dog, Animal, Floyd Pepper, Zoot, Trumpet Girl, Nigel the Conductor, Statler and Waldorf, Mr. Lunt, Jerry Gourd, Mudwell the Mudbunny, Dodo, Lew Zealand, Gonzo, Rizzo the Rat, Spotted Dick, Mr. Bitte, Jacques Roach, Calico, Begoony, Lassie the Goat, Real Old Tom, Angel Marie, Sportacus, Stephanie, Robbie Rotten, Trixie, Ziggy, Pixel, Mayor Milford Meanswell, Cookie Monster, Elmo, Zoe, Rosita, Telly Monster, Grover, Herry Monster, Kermit the Forg, AM Monsters, Rowlf the Dog, Baskerville the Hound, Muppy, Catgut, Miss Piggy, Scooter, Camilla the Chicken, Dr. Teeth, Janice, Robin the Frog, Grouch Mayor, Sharon Groan, Grouches, Winnie the Pooh, Cow, Ducks, Pigs, Penguins, Chickens, Mickey Moose, Rats, Snakes, Dr. Thad, Anything Muppets, Billy Bunny, Frogs, Long John Silver, Old Tom, Clueless Morgan, Sweetums, Walleye Pike, Beggar, Little Chrissy and the Alphabeats, Phineas Flynn, Ferb Fletcher, Danny, Frazzle, Cheesecake, Beautiful Day Monster, Boppity, Gloat, Miss Kitty, Pops, Lips, Beauregard, Dr. Bunsen Honeydew, Beaker, The Swedish Chef, Lubbock Lou, Gramps, Bubba, Lou, Zeke, Slim Wilson, Crazy Harry, Annie Sue Pig, Gaffer, Troy, Gabriella

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