Character Story 2 2009 DVD (VF2000's version): Mystery! Action! Intrigue! ...with a slice of pizza and chocolate malt to go, please. This would be released on Spring 2009, replacing "Kermit and the Amazing Promise".

Character Story 2 DVD cover (2)

DVD cover

Character Story 2 DVD back cover

DVD back cover

DVD Opening Previews

  1. Warning screen
  2. Coming Soon to Own on DVD
  3. CartoonTales: Minnesota Lockwood and the Search for Noah's Umbrella Teaser
  4. CartoonTales: Heroes of the Bible - A Baby, A Quest and the Wild, Wild West Trailer
  5. Now Available to Own on DVD
  6. The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything: A CartoonTales Movie Trailer
  7. CartoonTales: Jimmy Neutron and Kristoff's Big River Rescue Trailer
  8. DVD menu
  9. Why We Do, What We Do

DVD Closing Previews

  1. Huhu Studios, ltd. Logo
  2. JimmyandFriends' Entertainment logo
  3. DVD Credits

DVD Bonus Features

  • Behind the Scenes
  • Art Gallery
  • Previews
  • An Easter Carol Storybook
  • Spanish and English Subtitles
  • 5.1 Surround Sound


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