Character crossovers in New York City, the Movie


The cartoon children are back and going on a trip to New York City and during the trip Fuzzy meets a female puppy dog and 2 new young girl children join in to make close friends with them and Rod and Todd get a new mother right after Ned Flanders re-marries a real nice woman.


Chapter 1: The Godmother

In the Disco Dance Clubhouse and inside a dark office Isabella was with her 9-month-old little brother, Trevor just as they spoke to a mysterious figure at its desk. The figure was dipping sugar cookies in chocolate soy milk and eating them.

“I believe in the play park, it’s my most favorite place in the enter world, but 2 days ago a terrible thing happened when we were playing there, some big dudes took my little brother’s red squeaker frog and put it way up high in the maple tree.” Isabella said.

“Squeaker frog bye, bye.” Trevor said while waving his right hand.

“They made my little brother cry.” Isabella said as Trevor whimpered devastatingly.

Trevor was beginning to cry openly.

“So I said, ‘Trevor, this is a job for the godmother’.” Isabella said as the figure finished the sugar cookies and turned the chair around revealing Julia with a chocolate soy milk mustache.

“You came to me on the day of this wedding part and asked me to take care of the dudes who made your little brother cry?” Julia asked.

“Uh, no, Julia, Trevor just wants a new squeaker frog.” Isabella said as Julia spit the chocolate soy milk outta her mouth.

“That’s it?!? a squeaker frog? I don’t get to squeeze anybody’s head or pull anybody’s hair?!?” Julia exclaimed in shock.

“Uh…no, Julia.” Isabella said.

“Squeaker frog, please.” Trevor said.

“Crazy baby, he can’t even make 1 good wish, alright, kiss my golden ring.” Julia said as she let Trevor kiss her golden ring, but instead Trevor licked and drooled on it cheerfully.

“EW, gross, go send the next 1 in and tell him to bring a wash cloth.” Julia said.

“Do you want me to bring Rod and Todd? Isabella asked.

“No way, just bring Sherri and Terri!” Julia exclaimed angrily as Isabella took Trevor and they left the room where their grandfather, George was celebrating his wedding party at the Disco Dance Club with his new wife Gladys.

At the hallway everybody was throwing a wedding party for them and the DJ, Alex (‘Madagascar’ films’) set up the music to jam it up just as other people disco dance.

That’s the way

uh huh, uh huh

we like it

Just as the grownups disco dance Isabella’s close friends Rod and Todd were disco dancing with Bonnie who is also a close friend of Isabella.

“1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12…….” Rod said as he and Todd were trying to disco dance and looking at their sneakers.

“Come on, you guys, you’re not supposed to look at your feet while you’re disco dancing.” Bonnie said.

“But we need to, Bonnie, they keep getting all tangled up.” Todd said as he and Rod fell over, but Bonnie caught them and laughed.

Isabella who was pushing Trevor in his stroller walked by and saw Bonnie, Rod and Todd.

“Hi there, Rod, hi there, Todd, hi there, Bonnie.” Isabella said.

“Hi there, it was a good thing my mommy, Daddy, Aunt Bertha who is visiting and I moved in, you’re such great friends.” Bonnie said.

“Thanks, Bonnie.” Isabella said as she walked away from them.

Meanwhile Sherri and Terri tried to get the wedding cake and Terri was right on top of Sherri.

“Faster, Terri, we gotta try to reach the figurines up there.” Sherri said.

“I got dibs on their feet.” Terri said.

“Sherri, Terri, the godmother wants to see you right now.” Isabella said as Sherri and Terri walked around to Julia’s office.

Jason and Charlene were disco dancing with 1 another.

“I can’t believe Julia saw that movie last night.” Jason said as he was mentioning that Julia watched ‘The Godfather’.

“I can’t bear to say that at the same time, besides, she only saw a scene or 2 and it couldn’t have made an impersonation.” Charlene said.

Sherri and Terri were at Julia’s office.

“Uh, godmother, we found this in Terri’s bed.” Sherri said as she held up the head of a stick horse.

“Well that’s what you get for putting red paint on Francesca.” Julia said.

“So that’s where I left it.” Terri said.

Isabella and Trevor were disco dancing to the music and Marge took them just as Alex came in with the red microphone.

“And now let’s give a warm round of applause to the # 1 newlyweds out of this weeks’ top 10 married couples: Mr. and Mrs. George and Gladys Garcia-Shapiro!” Alex exclaimed as George and Gladys burst outta the door.

“Come on, Gladys, let’s show those guys how it’s done.” George said.

“I didn’t get them plastic hips for nothing.” Gladys said as she and George began disco dancing on the disco dance floor and everybody clapped and tapped to the music while cheering for the newlyweds.

“So, Ned, you think you’ll ever tie the knot again? ‘cause I got 2 sisters named Patty and Selma who are looking, beautiful clothes and sparkling jewelry.” Marge said.

“Thanks Marge, but that kind of makes me nervous and so does datin’, whoa, George and Gladys sure can disco dance.” Ned Flanders said as they continued watching George and Gladys.

Rod and Todd were next to speak with the godmother.

“You’re like family to me, boys, name your wish.” Julia said.

“Well, gosh, godmother, we don’t know what to wish for.” Rod said.

“Well just pick something already!” Julia exclaimed angrily as Rod and Todd stammered nervously and dug into their pants pockets.

“I don’t mean anything from your pockets!” Julia exclaimed angrily as Bonnie came outta the door.

“Come on, you guys, Isabella’s grandfather’s throwing the gardener.” Bonnie said as she, Rod, Todd and Julia got outta the room.

Julia walked by and gasped seeing 1 of Apu’s octuplets playing with 1 of the red squeaker frogs and she had a little smirk on her face.

“I'll take that red squeaker frog.” Julia said as she snatched the red squeaker frog from the baby boy. The baby boy stopped and saw his red squeaker frog gone forever and he began crying loudly.

Julia came over to Isabella, Trevor, Bart, Lisa, Milhouse, Ralph, Sherri, Terri, Rod, Todd, Kaleb, Jerry, Jimmy, Carl and Sheen.

“Here you go, little fella, it fell out through the kitchen window.” Julia said as she gave Trevor the red squeaker frog and she leaves with the children in amazement.

“See that, Trevor? you got your wish.” Isabella said to the now cheerful Trevor playing with his new red squeaker frog.

Meanwhile George was getting blue raspberry punch from the punch bowl and began drinking it.

Mr. Garcia-Shapiro and Dave came to him.

“I’m very proud of you, George.” Dave said.

"Yeah right, Gladys is a very nice woman.” George said as he, Mr. Garcia-Shapiro and Dave turned over to Gladys who was smiling at Isabella and Trevor cheerfully.

“Yeah right, she’s a real keeper, of course nobody will ever replace your mentor, it’s her love in here that helped this elderly man love again.” George said as he touched his heart cheerfully.

“Alright, you guys, it’s time for a very special disco dance for all of the children and their mothers.” Alex said as Mrs. Garcia-Shapiro picked up Trevor and took Isabella’s right hand.

“Oh I just love disco dancing with my children.” Mrs. Garcia-Shapiro said as Alex played the slow disco dance music and the mothers disco danced with their children including Isabella, Trevor, Bart, Lisa, Maggie, Milhouse, Ralph, Sherri, Terri, Kaleb, Jerry, Bonnie, Jimmy, Carl and Sheen.

When you fall in love

you’re not left alone

the 1 you’ll always love

is right there beside you

Rod and Todd watched the mothers and their children disco dance and they looked at them devastatingly knowing that they don’t got their mother anymore and they turned around and saw Julia standing by the snack food table.

“Julia, wait, we think we know what we wanna wish for.” Rod said as he and Todd sighed deeply and smiled eagerly.

“We kind of like to have a new mother.” Todd said.

“Sorry, Flanders boys, that game’s over, besides, I’m wanted on the disco dance floor.” Julia said as she turned over to Charlene and they disco danced.

Rod and Todd looked devastatingly at them.

“But that’s our wish.” Rod said devastatingly.

They weren’t feeling that devastated and lonesome as well, but their dad, Ned Flanders was sitting at the table with no wife or nobody to speak with and he walked around over to Rod and Todd who were both still watching the mothers and children devastatingly and he put his hands on Rod and Todd’s shoulders.

“Well, boys, it’s gettin’ pretty late, but what do you say we go back home?” Ned Flanders asked.

“Alright, Daddy.” Rod and Todd said in unison as Ned Flanders took their hands and they went back home, but just as they left Rod and Todd were still watching devastatingly at the mother’s dancing cheerfully with their children.

End of Chapter 1………..

Chapter 2: A new mother

Meanwhile back at the Flanders’ house Ned Flanders was in his closet and was looking through old photographs of his wife and Rod and Todd’s mother, Maude Flanders and he sighed devastatingly knowing that Maude had passed away in a freak accident at the race car stadium a little while back.

Rod and Todd came into the room and Ned Flanders saw them.

“Rod, Todd, what are you boys doin’ up?” Ned Flanders asked.

“We couldn’t fall asleep, Daddy.” Rod said.

“What are you doing?” Todd asked.

"I was just lookin’ through some of our old stuff.” Ned Flanders said as he took out 2 red stuffed rabbits.

“Now, Boys, do you remember your red stuffed rabbits?” Ned Flanders asked.

“Flopsy!” Rod exclaimed cheerfully.

“Mopsy!” Todd exclaimed cheerfully as they remembered their red stuffed rabbits and they took Flopsy and Mopsy and cuddled them cheerfully.

“Your mother made them for both of you.” Ned Flanders said as Rod and Todd held up Flopsy and Mopsy and turned over to him.

“Why did Mommy pass away, Daddy? what was she like?” Rod asked devastatingly, but he and Todd were both curious.

Ned Flanders paused for 1 single minute and looked cheerfully at Rod and Todd.

“Oh, boys, your mother was a wonderful young woman, I bet she’s in the heaven skies right now lookin’ down on us and I had been missin’ her a whole lot more.” Ned Flanders said as Rod and Todd sighed devastatingly in unison.

“Us too, Daddy.” Todd said as he and Todd put their arms around Ned Flanders’ shoulders.

“You know what, boys? maybe we can use a mother touch around here, right, boys?” Ned Flanders asked as Rod and Todd said nothing and still had their arms around his shoulders while falling asleep.

The very next day Rod and Todd both met up with Isabella, Trevor, Bart, Lisa, Milhouse, Ralph, Sherri, Terri, Kaleb, Jerry, Jimmy, Carl, Sheen and Brittany at the Garcia-Shapiro’s house and they looked out the window to see Mr. Garcia-Shapiro and Ned Flanders in the Fenton Lab on the portable computer in the living room.

“You gotta love the internet, Ned, behold, the future of dating.” Mr. Garcia- Shapiro said.

“What are they doing, Isabella?” Rod asked as he and Todd were still hanging on to Flopsy and Mopsy.

“My dad is helping your dad find some dates on the internet.” Isabella said as they were remembering what Ned Flanders just told them.

“What are dates, you guys?” Todd asked.

“Big ultra-explosions that go ka-boom.” Sheen said.

“What the heck is it with you guys and explosions?” Julia asked while rolling her eyes as she came over to the others.

“Wow, where do you want us to begin, Julia?” Isabella asked.

Meanwhile in the living room Mr. Garcia-Shapiro was showing Ned Flanders a dating website that he made for him.

“Wow, my very own website, ‘Ned Flanders: Christian Bachelor’, are you sure this is gonna work, Gary?” Ned Flanders asked.

"Would I ever do you wrong, Ned? look, you already got 11 dates.” Mr. Garcia-Shapiro said.

"Whoa, that gives me my lifetime record.” Ned Flanders said as he clicked on the information about 1 of his dates.

“Look at this woman, she loves sunsets, long walks on sandy beaches and is…….not allowed in Cartoon City.” Ned Flanders said as he finished reading.

“Goodness, I don’t know about this, Gary.” Ned Flanders said.

Meanwhile Isabella was asking Julia about dates.

“Let me tell you this way, Isabella, dates are for other people like Mr. Flanders who’s got no wife.” Julia said.

“But why does Mr. Flanders need a wife?” Sherri asked looking a bit confused.

“Oh what the heck do I gotta put up with? ‘cause if Mr. Flanders gets a new wife then that means Rod and Todd get a new mother.” Julia said as Rod and Todd gasped in amazement and had smiling faces.

“We’re gonna get our wishes?” Rod asked.

“Yeah right, you guys, just as long as you stay in my good favor.” Julia said.

“I didn’t know Julia had a good favor.” Terri said to Sherri as she chuckled.

“Hey, you guys, we’re gonna get a mother, and we bet she’s gonna be sparkling clean and gentle.” Todd said.

“That’s great news, you guys.” Isabella said as she was proud of her 2 close friends.

“I just hope she’s not too clean and gentle.” Bart said as Rod and Todd smiled just as they couldn't wait to have a new mother.

Meanwhile in the other side of the world in New York City was an amusement park known as Wild Dragon Park and in the theater Yzma was shouting angrily to the performers on stage.

“What the heck are you waiting for? get outta your seats and get the show on the road, let’s go!” Yzma shouted as she watched the performers coming to the stage just as the stage was setting up.

“I just love the sound of panicked speeding feet in the morning, don’t you, Dr. Eggman?” Yzma asked.

“It just moves me deeply, Ms. Yzma.” Dr. Eggman said as he was mixing up a mug of white chocolate hot cocoa.

The show began just as a red mechanical dragon named Sparky was moving around and a young woman ran away screaming in fear.

Young man: (singing) That Sparky’s gone crazy he’s bad to the bone

Young woman: (singing) the way other things are going our city will burn up……

Sparky breathed a great big fire ball on the stage setting and suddenly it began exploding a short circuit.

Yzma and Dr. Eggman saw this and Sparky’s head fell off just as it landed roughly on the seats of the entire theater and Yzma was fed up about it.

“Oh that Gary Garcia-Shapiro, I want that goofball here in about 23 hours or another head is gonna roll off stage!” Yzma shouted angrily.

“I’ll take care of it personally, Ms. Yzma.” Dr. Eggman said.

“Tiffany, Ms. Yzma wants her Garcia-Shapiro right now!” Dr. Eggman shouted as Tiffany picked up her light pink cell phone and dialed in the right telephone #.

Meanwhile that night Mr. and Mrs. Garcia-Shapiro were asleep while Trevor was enjoying his baby formula.

The wireless telephone rang and Mr. Garcia-Shapiro woke up to answer it, but accidentally picked up Trevor’s baby formula instead of the wireless telephone.

“Hello……” Mr. Garcia-Shapiro said on Trevor’s baby formula as Trevor cooed and Mr. Garcia-Shapiro saw that he was holding Trevor’s baby formula and he finally took the telephone and answers. "Hello?"

On the cell phone was Tiffany.

“Hello, Mr. Garcia-Shapiro, this is Tiffany Jeanette Gibson from New York City, I’m terribly sorry to call so late, but the dragon you designed has just broken down and my mistress is having a fit.” Tiffany said.

“Sparky’s a blast? that’s great.” Mr. Shapiro said.

“We need you to come to New York City on the next flight.” Tiffany said.

“New York City? oh yeah, the city of light.” Mr. Garcia-Shapiro said.

“Ms. Yzma kindly recommends you to……..” Dr. Eggman said.

“Come to New York City with my close family and close friends? alright, good idea.” Mr. Garcia-Shapiro said as he gave the wireless telephone to Trevor and hung up with Trevor’s baby formula.

Tiffany was still speaking on her cell phone.

"Hello, Mr. Garcia-Shapiro? hello? are you still there?” Tiffany asked.

“Hey, Vivian, guess what? we’re going to New York City.” Mr. Garcia- Shapiro said.

“Oh, Gary, I’m too tired to do anything.”

Suddenly Mr. Garcia-Shapiro’s eyes opened realizing something in his mind.

“New York City?!?” Mr. and Mrs. Garcia-Shapiro exclaimed in unison as they woke up in surprise.

End of chapter 2…………..

Chapter 3: The flight to New York City

Meanwhile at Bonnie’s house Julia was showing off to Bonnie about the trip to New York City with Mr. and Mrs. Garcia Shapiro, Isabella, Trevor and all their other close friends.

“I’m going to New York City and you’re not ‘cause I already know how to do things my way.” Julia said as Bonnie chuckled.

“I’m feeling terribly sorry for the New York City people who can hear you.” Bonnie said.

“Well, good luck with that 1, Julia.” Bonnie said as Julia left in a flash.

"Nobody likes a show-off, Bonnie.” Julia said.

Isabella and her close friends were having their photos taken for their passports getting ready for New York City.

Isabella: (singing) we’re goin’ out, you guys there we go moving around

Julia: get those legs movin’ no time to read comic books

Isabella: we got stuff to do so let’s take Pinky too

Isabella and the rest of the children were finished with their photo passports, including Isabella and Trevor’s white puppy dog, Pinky.

Sherri: (singing) we’ll be on our way to New York City

Just as Mr. and Mrs. Garcia-Shapiro packed up their belongings Trevor opened a suitcase full of clothes and it burst open with clothes flying around all over the place, but Isabella controlled him.

Milhouse: (singing) don’t forget our boxer shorts we’re goin’ out, you guys, we’re on our way there

All Children: (singing) here we go on 1 big exciting trip

Isabella, Rod, Todd and the rest of the gang were prepared and heading to the airport.

Isabella: (singing) we’re goin’ up, up, up so hang on to your bravery don’t lose your stuffed rabbits

Meanwhile at the airport Rod and Todd pulled Flopsy and Mopsy outta their tote bags while Bart, Lisa, Milhouse, Ralph, Sherri, Terri, Kaleb, Jerry, Jimmy, Carl and Sheen play with their action figures.

Rod: let’s get goin’, you guy’s we hope we’re all packed!

Todd: we don’t know when we’re gonna get back home

Isabella: there’s no time to worry about getting lost and alone

Bart: I hope you remember to pack your CD players and portable video game systems

Trevor laughed and threw his red squeaker frog up in mid-air.

Milhouse: we’re takin’ off, yahooooooo!

Ralph: we’re on our way to New York City

The entire gang went over to the flight with Isabella, Bart, Lisa, Sherri, Terri, Rod, Todd, Kaleb, Jerry, Jimmy, Carl and Sheen on their seats together forever and Jimmy, Carl and Sheen’s safety jackets puffed up.

Bart: “How do you guys work this thing?”

Rod: “We don’t know, Bart.”

Todd: “We think we’re gonna scream in fear!”

Isabella and the rest of the gang screamed in fear just as the flight took off and flew around right into the sky.

Meanwhile During the ride on the flight Jimmy, Carl and Sheen were watching a kung fu film just as Jimmy, Carl and Sheen played around and did karate chops with Isabella’s Sparky the Dragon action figure and Carl’s Robot Lizard action figure and Carl accidentally dropped his action figure on the plane floor.

"I guess Robot Lizard thought he could fly around.” Carl said as they heard 1 beeping sound and they turned themselves around to see a baby boy push a green button on the flight and his mother came to him.

“Wow, awesome, push a green button and get a mother.” Isabella said as Rod and Todd gasped in unison.

“We never saw a mother button before.” Rod said.

“Let’s see what kind of mother button they got for you guys.” Terri said as she pushed the ‘mother button’.

“Hey, I wanna push the mother button, Terri!” Sherri exclaimed.

"You want the mother button, Sherri? you can’t handle the mother button!” Terri shouted as a stewardess named Courtney walked around over, but stepped on something on the plane floor and she looks at the children and looked down to see she stepped on Robot Lizard.

“Oh look, an action figure that was already busted, unfortunately, the boss forbids me from picking this up and that’s a job for your mother.” Courtney said as she left with the children appalled by her grumpiness.

“Well somebody got up on the wrong side of the bed.” Bart said as he showed a gagging gesture to Isabella just as she chuckled.

“Let’s try again, you guys.” Ralph said as he was about to push the green button on the roof of the flight.

“No, stop, let’s not do that, Ralph, we’ll just wait for the godmother to bring her, whatever that is.” Rod said.

“Let’s go ask her, you guys, she just snuck behind that curtain over there.” Isabella said.

Julia was in 1st class in her seat and she was listening to ‘Queen’ music and she was enjoying it while she kicked Tails’ seat right in front of her and Tails’ face turned green and Tails barfed in his barf bag.

Isabella, Bart, Lisa, Milhouse, Ralph, Sherri, Terri, Rod, Todd, Kaleb, Jerry, Jimmy, Carl and Sheen came in and Isabella pulled the plug on Julia’s CD player.

“Hey, what’s the big idea over here?” Julia asked.

“Hi there, Julia.” Rod said.

“Oh for goodness sake, can’t you see that this is the no crazy child section?” Julia asked.

“Sorry about it, Julia, but Rod and Todd were kind of wondering when their new mother was coming.”

“I’m already working on it, and I almost got a real good one, but then I got starved to death so I just had to sit down for a bit.” Julia said.

“Maybe you need a rest.” Todd said.

“Or brownies.” Julia said.

“Or sugar cookies.” Rod said.

“And cupcakes.” Lisa said.

“And fudge cubes.” Bart said.

“Which happens to be way over there.” Julia said as she was pointing to a kart full of brownies, sugar cookies, cupcakes and fudge cubes.

“We’ll be right back, Julia, come on, you guys.” Rod said as he, Todd, Isabella, Bart, Lisa, Ralph, Milhouse, Sherri, Terri, Kaleb, Jerry, Jimmy, Carl and Sheen walked around over to the kart.

Julia continued listening to her ‘Queen’ music just as Kaleb and Jerry looked under the seats.

“Where are they going?” Kaleb asked.

“There’s a lot of awesome stuff over here, Kaleb, like my clean toothbrush, my twisted cheese puffs and my comic book collection.” Jerry said as Kaleb looked behind the seat and found Tails’ barf bag from before.

“Wow, somebody left their barf bag, but I wouldn’t touch it anyway.” Kaleb said.

“It’s very gross and disgusting.” Jerry said.

Rod and Todd saw the kart and climbed on it while Isabella was watching them, but they both stepped on the red lever and when they were about to get the treats for Julia the kart began moving around.

Rod and Todd screamed in fear just as the kart rolled wildly down the aisle knocking down all of the luggage.

Isabella began chasing after Rod and Todd who were still riding on the kart.

The kart stopped just as it catapulted Rod and Todd just as they flew around right on to Julia’s lap.

Julia stopped and saw them.

“Flanders boys!” Julia shouted angrily as oxygen masks fell over from the ceiling.

“Look, Terri, oxygen masks, better be careful with them.” Sherri said as Courtney made them leave.

“Thanks a lot, crazy hyper children.” Julia said angrily as they left and Courtney gave a disgusted grunt and closed the curtains angrily.

The children got back to their seats ‘til Mr. and Mrs. Garcia-Shapiro, Marge, Homer, Mr. and Mrs. Jacobson came in to check on them.

“Oh I see some tired eyes.” Marge said as she took Maggie in her arms and took Bart and Lisa’s hands.

“Come on, Isabella.” Mrs. Garcia-Shapiro said as she took Isabella’s right hand.

“You too, Trevor, my dear sweet little brother.” Isabella said as she took Trevor gently in her arms.

Rod and Todd watched their close friends get taken with their mothers just as music began playing on the flight.

I need a mother that can always last forever

I need a mother to make everything all better

Rod and Todd looked devastatingly at Flopsy and Mopsy that their mother had made for them.

I need a mother that can always last forever

I need a mother to always like me and love me forever

Rod and Todd looked outside the window to see some clouds in the sky and they saw some cloud portraits of them and their mother, Maude Flanders cuddling 1 another and making them feel very cheerful.

I need a mother to take my right hand

and make me feel like a summer vacation

Rod and Todd sighed devastatingly and sat right back at their seats.

a mother to tuck me in at night time

and chase the robots and monsters away

Rod and Todd looked at another seat to see Isabella rocking Trevor to sleep in her arms, tucking him in bed and cuddling and kissing him on the forehead.

I need a mother to read me bedtime stories

and make some picture drawings

and if I have a terrible nightmare

to help me when I weep in fear

Rod and Todd went back to their seat and looked outside the window again to picture their mother holding up a heart symbol in the sky.

I need a mother that’ll always last forever

I need a mother to make everything better

I need a mother that’ll always last forever

I need a mother to like me and love me forever…….

Rod and Todd continued to watch the clouds while some of the parents fall asleep.

“I hope we have a new mother soon, Todd.” Rod said.

“Me too, Rod, I really hope so too.” Todd said.

End of Chapter 3………..

Chapter 4: Wild Dragon Park

Meanwhile In a few days the flight has finally arrived to New York City and the entire gang came inside the New York City airport with Mr. Garcia-Shapiro holding his family’s cargo including Fuzzy who was in his cage and they were about to get out when Mr. Garcia-Shapiro saw something over there.

“Hey, hey, nobody’s being picked up by a guy in a Sparky suit.” Mr. Garcia-Shapiro said as the entire gang saw a charter bus driver who was wearing a Sparky the Dragon suit and he was holding up a sign that read: ‘Garcia-Shapiro’ knowing that the Sparky bus driver was ready to bring the entire gang to Wild Dragon Park.

“I was just thinking about the same thing.” Mrs. Garcia-Shapiro said.

"Welcome to New York City, I had been asked to take you directly to Wild Dragon Park.” the charter bus driver said.

“Outta my way, make room, the most beautiful gal gets the front seat.” Julia said.

“So why is Julia in such a hurry? I’m so much smarter than her.” Sherri said as Terri groaned nervously and clutched her stomach.

“I’m nervous.” Terri said.

"Don’t worry about it, Terri, it’ll be fun.” Sherri said as the entire gang including the children got on the Sparky bus and it took off.

Rod and Todd looked around and saw Wild Dragon Park nearby.

“Wow, look, it’s Sparky’s mansion.” Rod said.

“Tokyo sure looks different on television, right?” Todd asked.

“Tokyo? don’t you know anything? this is New York City.” Julia said as Isabella, Rod and Todd gasped in amazement just as they blinked twice and they just stared at Julia blankly.

Julia groaned in disappointment.

“You guys are just as crazy here just as you are at home.” Julia said as Trevor giggled while sitting on Mrs. Garcia-Shapiro’s lap and wetting himself.

“Except for him, he’s seeing the sights already.” Julia said.

“Welcome to Wild Dragon Park.” the Sparky bus driver said.

“Alright, Wild Dragon Park!” Isabella, Bart, Lisa, Milhouse, Ralph, Sherri, Terri, Rod, Todd, Kaleb, Jerry, Jimmy, Carl and Sheen cheered in unison as the Sparky bus finally arrived into Wild Dragon Park.

Right after check out time Mr. Garcia-Shapiro and the entire gang went up to their hotel room.

“And there we have it, our very own hotel room.” Mr. Garcia-Shapiro said.

“Beautiful viewing.” Marge said as Homer came right on the bed and lied down on it.

“Oh the beds are very soft and comfortable.” Homer said.

“Yeah right, Homer, incoming!” Marge exclaimed as she jumped right on the bed just as Homer fell over face down on the tiled floor.

"And so is the tiled floor.” Homer said.

Meanwhile Isabella, Bart, Lisa, Milhouse, Ralph, Sherri, Terri, Kaleb, Jerry, Rod, Todd, Trevor, Jimmy, Carl and Sheen were playing in the water play area.

“I think I'm a water girl myself.” Isabella said as the water splashed up at them.

“Whoa, a fountain that shoots water at you. Bart said in amazement as he pushed down the lever and the bidet keeps squirting them with water.

"We don't know, you guys.” Rod said.

“We always get wet and wild.” Todd said.

“We're off to the aquarium.” Charlene said as she and Jason left the room.

“Alright, it’s time to meet Ms. Yzma, the woman who made all of this possible, shall we?” Mr. Garcia-Shapiro said as he noticed that Mrs. Garcia-Shapiro, Marge and Homer were asleep exhausted from the trip.

“Well, Ned, it looks like you, me, and the children.” Mr. Garcia-Shapiro said.

“Yeah right, Gary.” Ned Flanders said with laughter as the two young men and the children went outside.

Meanwhile Pinky watched and decided to look out the window and he looked to see the Sparky roller coaster ride, but he heard barking and he looked around and saw a female puppy dog being chased by a dog catcher and the puppy dog was a white puppy dog with white fur around her a red nose.

The white puppy dog, Snowflake ran away from the dog catcher and escaped from Wild Dragon Park going to downtown New York City.

“And don’t ever come back here!” the dog catcher shouted angrily as Pinky was in love with Snowflake and he decided to follow her and he ran around outta the room and ran around downstairs and left the hotel and he knocked over the dog catcher and left Wild Dragon Park to find Snowflake.

Meanwhile Mr. Garcia-Shapiro, Ned Flanders and the children went up the elevator in Wild Dragon Park.

“Gee whiz, Gary, it seems kind of weird to have a Japanese theme park in the middle of New York City.” Ned Flanders said.

“It's a new century, Ned, just go with the flow.” Mr. Garcia-Shapiro said as they arrived and got outta the elevator and they saw Tiffany.

“Hi there, welcome to Wild Dragon Park and 1 of you must be Mr. Garcia-Shapiro.”

"That would be me, and this is my close friend, Ned Flanders.” Mr. Garcia-Shapiro said as Ned Flanders smiled at Tiffany.

“And this is my 2 sons, Rod and Todd.” Ned Flanders said as he was showing her Rod and Todd who were both hanging on to Flopsy and Mopsy.

“Hi there, Rod, hi there, Todd, oh, I like your red rabbits.” Tiffany said.

“Thanks Ms. Gibson.” Rod and Todd said in unison.

“What sweet and beautiful children, is this your 1st time in New York City?” Tiffany asked.

“Well, New York City, yeah, right, but I already been there a couple of times.” Ned Flanders said.

Just as the grownups spoke Julia snuck into the office and she looked around and saw the head of the Sparky robot.

“Wow, look at that.” Julia said as Bart, Lisa, Milhouse, Ralph, Sherri, Terri, Kaleb, Jerry, Jimmy, Carl and Sheen came into the room as well and saw the head too.

Bart gasped in amazement.

“It’s Sparky’s head!" Bart exclaimed.

“I wonder if the godmother had anything to do with this.” Lisa said as Isabella, Rod and Todd came in as well and they saw a miniature pool containing little goldfish inside.

“Come on, you guys, it’s a place to put our toy motor boats in.” Isabella said as Rod and Todd laughed in unison and looked around at the houses.

Isabella was playing with her toy motor boat and Sherri and Terri came to their close friends and saw the goldfish in the miniature pool.

“Oh, Terri, they look starved to death.” Sherri said

“It must be lunch time.” Terri said as she took out a little bag of gummy bears and ate some of them.

Julia saw a little glass bowl of fudge cubes and ate them and she heard a familiar noise and she grabbed the little glass bowl and hid under Yzma’s desk.

The door opened where Yzma and Dr. Eggman entered.

“Just don’t leave any fingerprints…..Yzma said as she gasped and saw Bart, Lisa, Milhouse, Ralph, Sherri, Terri, Kaleb, Jerry, Jimmy, Carl and Sheen racing around her.

“Where did those crazy children come from?!?” Yzma exclaimed in fear as she saw puddles of water right next to the children that lead to Isabella, Rod and Todd by the goldfish pool.

Yzma was fed up about it.

“Oh what the heck have you done to my priceless collection of goldfish?” Yzma exclaimed angrily.

“I should’ve told you to get the piranhas.” Dr. Eggman said.

“Dr. Eggman, call the dog catcher, the exterminator, do something about it!” Yzma exclaimed angrily.

“Yes, Ms. Yzma.” Dr. Eggman said.

“Tiffany!” Dr. Eggman called as Tiffany heard him and came over to the room.

“Come along, children, we need to go now.” Tiffany said as she took Isabella’s right hand just as the other children followed her.

“Uh, Ms. Yzma, Mr. Garcia-Shapiro is here.” Dr. Eggman said.

“Oh very good, send in the joker.” Yzma said as Tiffany and the children left and Mr. Garcia-Shapiro entered the room.

Julia was eating under Yzma’s desk and watched the entire show.

“Well if it isn’t our excellent designer.” Yzma said.

"Well, technically, I wouldn’t say ‘excellent’.” Mr. Garcia-Shapiro said.

“Well, neither would I.” Yzma said as Mr. Garcia-Shapiro gasped in shock.

Meanwhile, Tiffany took the children back to Ned Flanders who had Trevor in his arms.

“Ned, why don’t we take the children to see the Sparkles the Ferret Parade while they get better acquainted.” Tiffany said.

“The children will like that, Tiffany.” Ned Flanders said.

“Do you see this face? I never wanna make this face again, now get to work.” Yzma said angrily.

“I’ll have it working in the nick of time, mechanical expertise is my middle name.” Mr. Garcia-Shapiro said.

“Then your 1st name should be, I got no other choice.” Yzma said as Mr. Garcia-Shapiro left and closed the door.

“Sorry to interrupt your episode, Ms. Yzma, but it’s the boss on the telephone.” Dr. Eggman said as Mr. Herriman (‘Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends’) appeared on the television screen.

Julia was eating the fudge cubes just as she watched the entire screen.

“Oh, Mr. Herriman, so nice to see you.” Yzma said.

“Just as you know, I'm stepping down as president of 31st industries and I just begun a search for my replacement.” Mr. Herriman said.

“Excellent, I accept!” Yzma exclaimed.

“You’re the only 1 of the many hard workers under consideration.” Mr. Herriman said.

"But I just made millions for this company!” Yzma exclaimed angrily.

“The candidate should not be concerned only with cash, they must understand what it means to bring joy to the children of life.” Mr. Herriman said.

“Oh yes, the children of life!” Yzma exclaimed.

“In fact, they must have the heart and soul of a young child.” Mr. Herriman said.

“I must have 1 in a container somewhere, I’m engaged to a young man with 2 runts of his own.” Yzma said.

“Congratulations, Ms. Yzma, I’m expecting to attend the wedding service and seeing you with your new close family and we’ll discuss the promotion then, very well, good bye.” Mr. Herriman said as the television screen shut down.

“What now, female version of Pinocchio?” Dr. Eggman asked as he knew that Yzma was fibbing in front of Mr. Herriman.

“Years of walking my way above has gone to waste, why am I not some loving caring mother figure? why? why? why?!?” Yzma shouted angrily.

“‘Cause you hate young children and young men find you to be a harsh mistress.” Dr. Eggman said.

“There’s gotta be a spineless little man with a runt of his own somewhere and out there.” Yzma said as she looked out the window and she heard a loud thud.

Yzma turned herself around and saw Julia with fudge all over her mouth and placing back the plastic bowl that was nearly empty.

“Hi there…….” Julia said as Yzma gasped in shock.

“My fudge cubes are in her little American stomach, Dr. Eggman, get them back!” Yzma exclaimed angrily as Dr. Eggman came closer to her.

“Open up for the garage.” Dr. Eggman said.

“Wait, stop!” Julia exclaimed in fear as Yzma grabbed Julia by her light pink outfit knowing that she was spying on her.

“You got 32 minutes to come up with a reason why I should not lock you up in the dungeon forever and ever and ever.” Yzma said angrily.

“Well, ‘cause I can count to 100 by 10s and I can sing and disco dance real good, but forever and ever and ever is a very long time.” Julia said.

“Tick tock, young lady.” Yzma said as she was looking at her digital watch.

“And I know where you can find a young man with 2 runts of his own.” Julia said as Yzma stopped and turned over to her with a smirk on her face.

“Dr. Eggman, I think I just made a close friend.” Yzma said.

End of Chapter 4…………

Chapter 5: The Sparkles the Ferret Parade

Ned Flanders and Tiffany brought Isabella, Trevor, Rod, Todd, Bart, Lisa, Milhouse, Ralph, Sherri, Terri, Kaleb, Jerry, Jimmy, Carl and Sheen outside where they were seeing the parade of Sparkles the Ferret.

“Wow, oh my gosh, isn’t this beautiful, you guys?” Isabella asked.

“We don’t know, Isabella, there’s something weird about a karate man and 2 rainbow colored horses.” Rod said.

“Gosh, Tiffany, you’re a natural.” Ned Flanders said as Tiffany was cuddling Trevor cheerfully in her arms and he was proud of her taking care of the children at Wild Dragon Park.

“Well I got 2 beautiful daughters to thank for that, Katie and Tricia, they’re almost 10-years-old.” Tiffany said.

“So are my sons, Rod and Todd, not 2 beautiful young girls I mean, but you know……” Ned Flanders said.

"Oh look, children, Sparkles is coming.” Tiffany said as they saw Sparkles the Ferret and a puppet theater just as Tiffany told the children the story of Sparkles the Ferret.

A very long time ago there was a mighty green dragon named Sparky, everybody ran away from him except for Sparkles the Ferret, she wasn’t terrified ‘cause she could see that Sparky wasn’t dangerous, he was lonesome and devastated so she promised to take good care of him and keep him safe and loved forever and ever and ever.” Tiffany narrated as her story was finished just as the children saw Sparkles standing on Sparky’s right hand and she threw confetti into mid-air and looked at the crowd including Rod and Todd who both had smiling faces.

“Forever and ever and ever.” Rod and Todd said cheerfully in unison.

Meanwhile in Yzma’s office Julia was at Yzma’s desk and eating a plastic bowl of blueberry banana ice cream that Dr. Eggman gave her.

Julia told Yzma about Ned Flanders, Rod and Todd.

“My mom said Mr. Flanders is so desperate that he’ll marry the 1st woman that pops the question.” Julia said.

“Splendid, now run along right before you give me a splitting headache.” Yzma said.

“Well, what do I get outta this deal anyway?” Julia asked.

“Huh, what? why should I always give you anything?” Yzma asked.

“Well, I don’t know, ‘cause I could accidentally tell someone why you wanna marry Mr. Flanders.” Julia said.

“An extra scoop for visiting………” Dr. Eggman said as he gave Julia another scoop of blueberry banana ice cream the 2nd time.

“Just tell your Aunt Yzma what you desire.” Yzma said as Julia looked out the window to see the Sparkles the Ferret parade and got an idea.

“Well, let’s see, not very much, just my very own float in the Wild Dragon Park parade with matching horses and my very own disco dance karaoke show and to be the beautiful daisy girl at your wedding service.” Julia said as Dr. Eggman’s mouth widened in shock by how selfish Julia was.

Yzma didn’t seem to react.

“And who says girl children are selfish? I’ll take care of it.” Yzma said as she turned over to Dr. Eggman who was about to walk out the door.

“Dr. Eggman, find out where our guests are eating dinner tonight, true love is in the menu.” Yzma said.

Meanwhile it was night time and the entire gang was having dinner at the Karaoke diner.

Meanwhile inside the children were looking at Sonic and his brother, Manic.

“This place has got the most awesome people I ever saw.” Sherri said.

“That's gotta be 1 disco dance move.” Terri said.

Meanwhile Mr. and Mrs. Garcia-Shapiro, Ned Flanders and all of the grownups were having mushroom cheeseburgers and seafood.

“When I came to New York City, I had dreams and visions of the Empire States’ Building and the wax museum and……..” Homer said.

‘Yeah right, well I had dreams and visions of being a waitress at this diner, now pass the dinner rolls.” Marge said.

“It’s karaoke disco time!” Sonic exclaimed as music began playing in the background.

“Well, sing along to that 1.” Marge said as Sonic and Manic were onstage with Julia in amazement and they began singing into the 2 microphones.

Sonic + Manic: Take this and that take this and that!

Sonic: (singing in Steven Tyler’s voice) Brave gal

Manic: (singing in Little Richard’s voice) thinkin’ 'bout the lonesome gal

Sonic: yo, dudes!

Manic: (singing in Little Richard’s voice) brave gal

Sonic: (singing in Steven Tyler’s voice) thinkin’ 'bout the brave, brave gal

Julia came in with another microphone and sang along with them and wanting to join the entire show.

Julia: (singing) eat all of the fudge squares in plain sight

Sonic + Manic: chompin’

Julia: (singing) pesterin’ those children, [Laughs Evilly]

Sonic + Manic: (singing in unison) she’s always gotta be right

Julia: (singing) they’re very easy to prank and joke around with

Julia + Sonic + Manic: (singing in unison) ‘cause they don’t know 1 single thing, dudes

Just as Julia, Sonic and Manic sang in unison Jason and Charlene were impressed, but Kaleb and Jerry had to cover their ears ‘cause they rather listen to what Rod and Todd were saying to them.

“And when we saw the magical sparkles in my hand, we knew she was the 1 for both of us.” Rod said.

"You guys mean you want Sparkles to be your new mother?” Isabella asked.

“Yeah right, she’s real kind and gentle, she likes Sparky and the greatest forever, we could live a very cheerful life.” Todd said.

Mr. Garcia-Shapiro was trying to eat his dinner and tried to eat a tiny little shrimp eggroll with green plastic chopsticks, but with failure and he was about to grab it ‘til Yzma came in wearing a daisy outfit.

“Gary, what a pleasant surprise.” Yzma said.

“Everybody, this is Madame Yzma.” Mr. Garcia-Shapiro said.

“Uh, uh, just call me Ms. Yzma.” Yzma said as she put her eyes on Ned Flanders, Rod and Todd.

“And who is this devastatingly handsome young man you are trying to hide from me?” Yzma asked.

"That’s my close friend, Ned Flanders.” Mr. Garcia-Shapiro said.

“Very good……” Yzma said.

“Hi there, Ms. Yzma.” Ned Flanders said with seafood in his mouth as Yzma chuckled.

“Call me Yzma, if you want.” Yzma said as she turned over to Rod and Todd.

“And those 2 runts must be your sons.” Yzma said.

“Ms. Yzma, Ms. Yzma!” Tiffany called coming to the diner and holding hands with 2 beautiful young girls the same ages as Isabella and the other children.

“Oh hi diddly ho, Tiffany.” Ned Flanders said.

“What the heck?” Yzma asked.

“I’m sorry to interrupt, Ms. Yzma, but these need your signature.” Tiffany said.

“Can you join us for dinner tonight?” Ned Flanders asked.

"Why, Ned, I…….” Tiffany said as her voice trailed off.

“Oh you’re way too busy, Tiffany.” Yzma said as she took the papers from her to sign them.

“Oh that’s too bad, Tiffany.” Ned Flanders said devastatingly as Isabella, Rod and Todd ran around over to the 2 young girls named Katie and Tricia.

Ned Flanders saw the 2 young girls over there.

“That must be Katie and Tricia.” Ned Flanders said.

“Who exactly are they?” Yzma asked.

“My 2 daughters.” Tiffany said.

“Oh right, of course.” Yzma said.

Isabella, Rod and Todd came back to their close friends with Katie and Tricia following them.

“So, Katie, Tricia, do you and your mom and dad live her in Wild Dragon Park?” Isabella asked.

“Well, not exactly, exactly, it’s just us and our mom and we live in New York City, but we get to come here all the time with our close friends.” Katie said.

“Yeah right.” Tricia said.

“Wow, you girls met Sparkles the Ferret?” Rod asked.

“Why sure, you guys.” Katie said.

“We saw her a lot of times.” Tricia said.

“Really, girls?” Todd asked.

“Yeah right.” Katie said.

“She lives up there in that mansion on that volcano.” Tricia said as she, Katie, and the children looked out the window and saw the volcano and fireworks.

“And she comes out between explosions.” Katie said.

“Now we know where to find your new Sparkles the Ferret mother, you guys.” Isabella said as she noticed Rod and Todd had turned away from her.

“You guys?” Isabella asked.

“Sorry, Isabella, we just quit listening after the word ‘explosions’.

"Hey, do you think Katie and Tricia would like to come to the theme park with me and the children tomorrow afternoon?"

“What a coincidence, I just planned to spend the day with them there myself.” Yzma said.

“But, Ms. Yzma, you would never………” Tiffany said.

“Get tired of taking care of your 2 daughters, so it’s a date and it’ll be just me and you and that swarm of children.” Yzma said.

End of Chapter 5………..

Chapter 6: Crazy Water World

That night Pinky was looking for Snowflake just as he was outside in the streets of New York City and he sniffed around to find the scent and he stopped and saw a maple tree branch.

Pinky was barking uncontrollably as he came over to the maple tree branch and urinated there.

The very next morning everybody especially Mr. Garcia-Shapiro was in the Sparky Garage.

Sherri and Terri came to see the gentle giant Robot Lizard.

“Wow, Robot Lizard!” Sherri exclaimed.

“I think I’m in secretly in love with him, hi there, Robot Lizard.” Terri said as she waved to the lizard robot.

Meanwhile Mr. Garcia-Shapiro was speaking to the other mechanics and the Sparky robot which was almost complete with its head on.

“Why didn’t you guys just follow my design? I used paperclips and rubber bands for a reason, I like their potato wedges and everything, but this is advanced mechanics.” Mr. Garcia-Shapiro said.

“It looks a bit complicated.” Ned Flanders said.

“Actually, Ned, it’s not, you just put on the gear and anything you do, Sparky does.” Mr. Garcia-Shapiro said as he looked at the Sparky robot and waved his right hand and so did Sparky.

“It’s very simple that a young child could work it out.” Mr. Garcia-Shapiro said as he put the Spark helmet on Isabella’s head.

“Right, Isabella?” Mr. Garcia-Shapiro asked.

"Right, Dad, I got it.” Isabella said as she nodded her head and so did Sparky.

Just as Sparky’s head nodded a young man screamed and fell outta Sparky’s mouth.

Mr. Garcia-Shapiro took the Sparky helmet off Isabella’s head.

“Sorry about that!” Mr. Garcia-Shapiro called out to the young man.

“I’m gonna fall over!” AAAAAAAAAAH! the young man exclaimed as he fell over right into the giant air vent.

“Did I just say ‘young child’? I meant young grownup.” Mr. Garcia-Shapiro said as Yzma came in with Katie and Tricia

“Hi there, everybody, are you ready to go, my beloved?” Yzma asked.

“Well, let me just get Trevor all set to go.” Ned Flanders said.

“And how is this precious pork chop this afternoon?” Yzma asked as Trevor hit her on the head with his red blue striped rattle and laughed.

“You’re just a lawsuit ready to appear, aren’t you?” Yzma asked silently to Trevor.

Meanwhile Yzma and Ned Flanders were at the amusement park with the children.

“My beloved, I could always listen to your fascinating health history all day and night.” Yzma said.

“Then I’ll tell you all about my allergies when I get back from the little men’s room, would you mind holding Trevor?” Ned Flanders asked as she handed Trevor to Yzma.

“No, of course not.” Yzma said as she was holding Trevor.

“This should be good.” Bart said to his close friends.

"Yeah right.” Katie said as Ned Flanders gave Trevor to Yzma and left.

“So, we meet again.” Yzma said as Trevor made a noise like the invisible duck from ‘The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy’ episode: ‘Duck!’

“Oh how delightful.” Yzma said sarcastically as Trevor laughed with the children looking at her and she turned on the microphone that was on her right ear ring and the security camera closed up on Yzma.

In Yzma’s office, Tiffany was watching the videos from the security cameras and was helping Yzma.

“Tiffany, they’re staring at me and this little boy is leaking from his mouth, what’ll I do?” Yzma asked.

“Just smile at them and be nice.” Tiffany said as Yzma put on a grin and turned herself to Trevor.

“Hello there, you’re not terrible.” Yzma said as Trevor laughed and pulled on her golden necklace.

“Let go, do you know how much I paid for this golden necklace?!?” Yzma shouted angrily.

“I don’t think Trevor likes that woman very much, you guys.” Isabella said to her close friends.

“Stop it, you crazy sea monkey!” Yzma shouted angrily.

“I don’t think she likes Trevor very much either.” Milhouse said.

“She’s not a very nice woman, she's too harsh.” Ralph said as Trevor began crying loudly right after Yzma was being mean to him.

“Tiffany, he’s crying, what’ll I do?” Yzma asked.

“Calm him down, gently bounce him up and down.” Tiffany said as Yzma bounced Trevor up and down.

Ned Flanders came back to the children and Trevor barfed on Yzma.

“Ooh!” Yzma exclaimed.

In the security room Tiffany put her right hand on her forehead and groaned.

“According to Krusty the Clown, Trevor just gave you a gift.” Ned Flanders said as he took Trevor and wiped the barf off him just as Yzma wiped it off her outfit.

“Why wouldn’t he? after all, children, they are my entire life.” Yzma said.

“Oh right, I got that poem taped to my refrigerator back at my house.” Ned Flanders said.

“Excuse me?” Yzma asked.

‘Children of My entire Life,’ it’s a classic.” Tiffany said.

“‘Cheerful laughter, walkin’ feet’.” Ned Flanders said.

“‘Joy of wonder and heaven’s treat’, it’s 1 of my favorites.” Tiffany said.

“‘Joy of wonder and heaven’s treat’, it’s 1 of my favorites.” Yzma mocked.

“Whoa, oh dear, they’re getting a bit antsy.” Ned Flanders said.

“Why don’t you take them to Crazy Water World?” Tiffany asked.

“Crazy Water World?” Yzma mocked again.

“Crazy Water World, what a good idea!” Ned Flanders exclaimed.

Meanwhile Yzma, Ned Flanders and the children went on the ride: ‘Crazy Water World’ and they were inside on the ride where they saw a lot of water and animatronic dragons singing the theme song for it.

Animatronic Dragons: (singing in unision) It’s a crazy water world, it’s just right for all of us, behind the rock is a world that’s wet and wild, it’s a crazy water world, it’s just aquatic a home to fish, seahorses and dolphins

The children and Ned Flanders were impressed except for Yzma.

“Tiffany, remind me to eliminate whoever wrote this crazy song!” Yzma exclaimed.

"Look, you guys, no hands, yahoooooo!” Ned Flanders exclaimed cheerfully as the ride slid down and water splashed Yzma’s face and Trevor hit her on the head with red blue striped rattle again

Sherri, Terri, Bart, Lisa, Milhouse, Ralph, Kaleb, Jerry, Jimmy, Carl and Sheen looked at the water.

“Whoa, those water shooters are awesome.” Bart said.

“Yeah right it’s wet and wild, let’s load up those weapons!” Milhouse exclaimed as they continued watching the ride and they went past a mechanical dragon just as it spewed water at Rod and Todd’s hairs which was covering their eyes.

“And how exactly are we supposed to find Sparkles the Ferret with our eyes all covered up?” Rod asked as Katie and Tricia took out their hairbrushes.

"Here, you guys.” Katie said as she and Tricia brushed Rod and Todd’s hairs.

“Thanks, girls.” Rod and Todd said in unison to Katie and Tricia.

“Look, it’s the mansion, let’s go see Sparkles the Ferret, you guys.” Isabella said.

“Come on, you guys, they said to keep your hands and feet inside at all times.” Todd said.

“That never stopped them.” Sherri said as she and Terri were pointing at something and the children turned themselves around to see Katie and Tricia and the other children getting off the ride.

“Come on, you guys, we’ll show you the short cut!” Katie exclaimed.

“Yeah right, the short cut!” Tricia exclaimed.

“Katie, Tricia, no, you guys, you guys!” Rod and Todd exclaimed in unison as they saw Isabella, Bart, Lisa, Milhouse, Ralph, Sherri, Terri, Kaleb, Jerry, Jimmy, Carl and Sheen get off the ride as well.

"Come on, you guys.” Katie said.

“What are you guys waiting for?” Tricia asked.

"Great, 2 Isabella similarities.” Rod said as he and Todd got off the ride and followed them.

The security camera saw them and Tiffany saw them on the screen.

“Katie, Tricia!” Yzma exclaimed as she spoke right into her microphone.

“Ms. Yzma, the children are gone!” Tiffany exclaimed.

“Finally…huh, what? no wait, get them back, right before the Christian man finds out.” Yzma said.

“Security, we got an emergency situation going on around here!” Tiffany exclaimed as the alarm went off and some security guards who were dressed up as karate fighters showed up.

“Let’s go!” a security guard exclaimed.

“Follow me, quickly, quickly!” another security guard exclaimed as the karate fighters chased after the children.

Katie and Tricia lead their close friends outta the ride and into the theme park and they stopped just as sprinklers spouted outta the ground and just as it faded they ran out and the karate fighters came, but the sprinklers activated and shot them outta the sky.

The children crossed the metal bridge with the karate fighters still following them.

“All of this water is driving me crazy!” Terri exclaimed as she shook some of the water off her arms and on the ground and it splashed on 1 of the security guards and the other security guards tripped over him.

The children went up the escalator and they went to the Sparky slide.

“Yahoo!” Katie and Tricia exclaimed in unison as they slid down just as Rod and Todd stopped. Bart, Lisa, Milhouse, Ralph, Sherri, Terri, Kaleb, Jerry, Jimmy, Carl and Sheen slid down with them and Isabella came to slide down and grabbed Rod and Todd who slid down as well.

The karate fighters came to slide down, but 1 of them flew off and the others got stuck on the slide.

The children had fun continuing to ride down the Sparky slide just as Rod and Todd screamed in fear and hung on to Flopsy and Mopsy and they got off and landed right on the moon bounce and 1 of the karate fighters crashed right into the moon bounce as the bounce runs outta air and collapsed right on to him.

Katie, Tricia and the rest of the children went inside the volcano and inside the elevator.

“We told you we knew the short cut.” Katie said to them.

“That was the longest short cut I ever saw.” Tricia said.

Katie and Tricia pulled the red lever and they went up and 1 of the karate fighters and the others came in the volcano to see the elevator.

“They’re they are!” the karate fighter exclaimed.

The children were on the volcano and they saw a mechanical Daisy the Squirrel.

“There’s Sparkles the Ferret!” Isabella exclaimed.

“Isn’t she beautiful?” Sherri asked as Daisy bowed down and went back to her mansion.

Rod and Todd came to take her right hand, but it was too late Sparkles went inside and the door closed on them.

“Good grief, she’s gone…..” Rod said.

“Go get her, you guys, she’s right inside.” Isabella said.

“You’re right, Isabella, we’re gonna do it.” Todd said as he and Rod reached out their right hands, but suddenly stopped.

“What if she doesn’t like us?” Rod asked.

“Go ahead, you guys.” Katie said.

“You guys might never know unless you try it.” Isabella said as Rod and Todd reached to open the door, but they saw a door knob that looked like a fierce dragon and in their minds the dragon’s eyes glowed red and growled at them and they gasped in fear and hesitated.

“Go ahead, you guys.” Isabella said.

“Come on, you guys can do it.” Tricia said as Rod and Todd turned themselves around and gasped in shock knowing that the karate fighters were here.

“I got you, boys.” the karate fighter said as they took Rod and Todd’s right hands.

Isabella and the others screamed in fear, but a karate fighter caught them.

Another karate fighter took Katie and Tricia.

Jimmy, Carl and Sheen tried running away, but the karate fighter caught them as well.

“The children have been found, we’re on our way back to Crazy Water World.” the karate fighter said into his walkie talkie.

Meanwhile back in Crazy Water World Ned Flanders sang the song that was playing in the background and the karate fighters came in and the children came back in the ride.

“At least we didn’t need to walk around back there.” Carl said as the ride hit a bump.

Rod and Todd fell over and accidentally tugged on Yzma’s right sleeve and she turned over to see them and the children.

‘Oh look, my beloved, I think they like me.” Yzma said as Rod and Todd let go of her and hugged Flopsy and Mopsy.

Meanwhile in the town of New York City Pinky went and ran around downstairs with a young man chasing him off.

“Oh it will not? crazy dog, run away!” the young man exclaimed as Pinky left from the young man and he continued to sniff around and he came over to the corner and sniff out just as a familiar white puppy dog came and sniffed as well.

The white puppy dog was Snowflake and they continued sniffing around 1 another and wagged their tails and looking at 1 another’s eyes Pinky and Snowflake came closer to 1 another and licked 1 another cheerfully.

Pinky took Snowflake and caught her hanging on to her dreamily just as Snowflake smiled dreamily at him.

End of Chapter 6………

Chapter 7: Kung fu Rod and Kung fu Todd

Meanwhile it was night time and Ned Flanders was explaining to the grownups about his entire day in the hotel

“We’re both allergic to grass and pollen, like children and she finds Christian people fascinatin’.” Ned Flanders said.

“Oh, who doesn’t, Ned?” Marge asked.

“Well just be careful, Ned, I wouldn’t want you to rush into anything.” Mrs. Garcia-Shapiro said.

“I won’t, Vivian, don’t worry about it, but 1st I gotta see how Yzma and my Rod and Todd get along, they and I are a team you know.” Ned Flanders said.

Just as the grownups spoke the children were asleep in their hotel bedroom.

Isabella, Rod and Todd were asleep in the same bed in their cartoon character pajamas.

Brittany was asleep in her own bed just as Bart, Lisa, Milhouse, Ralph, Sherri, Terri, Kaleb, Jerry, Katie, Tricia, Jimmy, Carl and Sheen were asleep as well.

“Isabella?” Rod asked to their tired close friend.

“Yeah, you guys?” Isabella asked.

“Do you think somebody like us could ever learn to be brave and heroic like you, our daddy and Sparky?” Todd asked.

“Why sure, you guys.” Isabella said.

“But how, Isabella?” Rod asked.

“Well, you guys, maybe you could try thinking about something else the next time you guys are feeling terrified and nervous.” Isabella said.

“We tried that 1ce, but we just thought about something more spookier.” Todd said as Isabella rubbed her eyes and turned herself over to Rod and Todd.

“Why don’t you guys try thinking about the stuff that makes you feel great.” Isabella asked.

“You mean like our Sparky nightlight or our cheerful dolphins quilt or our video game collection?” Rod asked as Isabella yawned and covered herself with her quilt.

“Uh huh.” Isabella said as she fell asleep.

“Or a new mother?” Todd asked as he and Rod saw their close friend asleep and they looked out the window to see the volcano and mansion.

“The next time we see Sparkles the Ferret, we’re gonna be very brave and heroic.” Rod said as he and Todd yawned in unison and fell asleep.

Ned Flanders came out the door to see everybody asleep and he came over to the bed and pat Isabella gently on her head and he turned over to Rod and Todd.

“Goodnight, boys.” Ned Flanders said to them as he kissed him on their foreheads.

Ned Flanders left and went over to his bedroom and he sat down and took off his sneakers and he turned around and saw something on the bedroom floor.

“What’s this? a golden bible, wow, most hotels just leaves peppermints.” Ned Flanders said as he sees an engraving and read it.

“‘Neddy, you take my breath away, forever yours, Yzma’.” Ned Flanders read as he clutched his gift tightly in amazement, but something hit his mind.

“Neddy?” Ned asked in confusion.

Meanwhile in the children’s bedroom Rod and Todd tossed and turned having a weird dream and vision and in their weird dream and vision karate villains appeared and 1 of them growled and Rod and Todd gasped in fear and ran away from the karate villains and they screamed in fear and saw a giant red dragon and suddenly they turned themselves around and did karate moves at them.

“Hiyah!” Rod and Todd exclaimed in unison with kung fu flags as they did more karate moves.

Female singer: (singing) If you got chased around by a spooky giant lizard

Male singer: (singing) they’ll come racin’ to the rescue

“Yeah right.” Brittany said as the giant lizard flicked Rod and Todd off its back.

Female singer: (singing) and if your city’s been attacked by a karate fighters pack

Male singer: (singing) they’ll break up the disco party

Female singer: (singing) if they’re not at school

Male singer + Female singer: (singing in unison) you don’t need to worry about it they got fists of fury their powerful karate chops turn evil dragons into chopsticks

Female singer: (singing) here comes Kung Fu Rod

Male singer: (singing) and here comes Kung Fu Todd

An entire group of karate fighters came over to Rod and Todd just as they easily fought them off.

Female singer: (singing) they’re always ready when there’s danger at world’s end so here comes Kung Fu Rod

Male singer: (singing) and here comes Kung Fu Todd

Rod and Todd did karate chops, but they ran away when the red dragon came and they ran around, but Isabella came in and suited Rod and Todd up in their karate uniform.

Female singer: (singing) karate chop expert of Wild Dragon Park

Rod and Todd jumped up and prepared a kung fu kick at the red dragon.

Male singer: (singing) alright!

“Yeah right, that'll be their entire afternoon.” Brittany said

Female singer: (singing) here comes Kung Fu Rod

Male singer: (singing) and here comes Kung Fu Todd

Female singer: (singing) they make super villains say they’re terribly sorry with the side of their hands, but here comes Kung Fu Rod

Male singer: (singing) and here comes Kung Fu Todd

Female singer: (singing) karate chop experts of Wild Dragon Park

Rod and Todd jumped up in mid-air and sat right on the back of Sparky who was growling silently.

“Yahoooooo! Rod and Todd exclaimed in unison as they were right in front of the door and the door knob transformed into the golden dragon door knob again and came to them.

Male singer: go, Rod and Todd!

Rod and Todd showed the golden dragon door knob their karate chops and the golden dragon door knob disappeared leaving its door lock and they opened the door with the bright light surrounding them.

“Rod, Todd, you guys gotta get ready.” Isabella said to them.

“For what, you guys?” Rod asked.

“Julia says we’re gonna see Sparkles the Ferret in a stage show with Sparky.” Lisa said.

“This could be your only chance, you guys.” Isabella said.

“We’re gonna meet Sparkles the Ferret?” Todd asked.

“Yeah right.” Isabella said to them with her smiling face.

“We’re gonna meet Sparkles the Ferret!” Rod and Todd cheered in unison as they did a little disco dance and their close friends were very cheerful just as Brittany was near the Sparky mirror putting on her make up.

“Gosh, Isabella, maybe we should get her a gift, something real nice so that she knows how much we want her to be our mother.” Rod said as Julia was shocked and accidentally put her make up on her forehead and she turned herself around over to the children.

“You want Sparkles the Ferret to be your mother? but what about Yzma?” Julia asked.

“Who, Julia?” the children asked in unison.

“Mr. Flanders’ fiancé, the Wild Dragon Park woman.” Julia said.

"That woman’s not related to Sparkles the Ferret, Julia!” Isabella exclaimed angrily.

“Yeah right, we’re gonna get the real Sparkles the Ferret for our mother.” Todd said as Julia got a fed up look on her face and stomped angrily to them.

“Listen up, runts, I’m supposed to ride in my own parade on a float with a lot of red ribbons and rainbow colored horses and you better not mess this up for me!” Julia exclaimed angrily as she went outta the bedroom.

“Oh boy, I know somebody who needs a vacation.” Milhouse said.

End of Chapter 7…………….

Chapter 8: The Sparkles the Ferret Theater

Pinky and Snowflake were in love when they were walking around in New York City and they came to an outdoor eating place and they were having the day off.

“Come over here, come over here!” the young man called to them as the 2 puppy dogs came over to where the young man put down a barrel and newspaper for their dinner table.

“Dear, dear, yes, it can.” the young man said as he got them something extra good from the refrigerator a mushroom and sausage pizza and he put it on a platter and right on Pinky and Snowflake’s dinner table.

“Enjoy your dinner, little puppy dogs.” the young man said to them as he left them in sight.

Pinky smiled at Snowflake and pushed the mushroom and sausage pizza towards her with his nose telling her to eat it 1st and Snowflake was delighted and ate the mushroom and sausage pizza, but the mushroom and sausage pizza was very sticky and it was stuck to their faces and they tried pulling to get it off, but they accidentally hit 1 another, but they looked at 1 another’s eyes admiringly.

Their date continued at night time when they sat on the wooden bridge looking at the river and the moon still having mushroom and sausage pizza stuck on their faces, but they were still enjoying 1 another.

Meanwhile at night time Isabella, Rod, Todd, Bart, Lisa, Milhouse, Sherri, Terri, Kaleb, Jerry, Rod, Todd, Jimmy, Carl and Sheen and all of the other grownups were near the theater, waiting for Yzma who got the tickets.

“The show’s gonna begin, who’s got the fudge squares?” Carl asked.

“Right here, Carl.” Jimmy said as he pulled out a paper bag of fudge squares.

“Very tasty.” Carl said as he took a fudge square and ate it while Sheen ate the fudge squares as well.

“Yeah right, very tasty in deed.” Sheen said.

“It looks like Sparky’s head.” Bart said.

Rod and Todd turned themselves around to see the colorful statue of Sparkles the Ferret knowing how much they wanted her to be their mother and suddenly Yzma came outta nowhere.

“Hi there, my close friends, let me show you to your seats.” Yzma said.

“Thanks for the inhaler, Yzma, whenever I pray myself to sleep, I’ll think about you.” Ned Flanders said.

“Who says Christians are not that romantic?” Yzma asked as she turned over to Rod and Todd.

“And how are Yzma’s favorite boys?” Yzma asked as Rod and Todd looked at her and ran away in fear behind Ned Flanders’ back.

“They must be excited about the stage show.” Ned Flanders said to Yzma.

Meanwhile Isabella watched Sherri and Terri eating the fudge squares.

Milhouse groaned and rubbed his stomach.

“Eating this fudge square is making my stomach grumble.” Milhouse said as he belched the ending to ‘The National Anthem’.

Isabella and Bart watched in amazement.

“I thought you could always do that in the lunch room.” Bart said.

Brittany walked around over to Yzma and Dr. Eggman who was standing right next to her.

“Hi there, Mr. Flanders’ fiancé, how’s my float coming along?” Brittany asked.

“Splendid, we’re just waiting for the matching horses.” Yzma said.

“And I still get the float if Mr. Flanders married Sparkles the Ferret instead of you, right?” Julia asked.

"What the heck?!? why do you ask me that?” Yzma asked angrily.

“‘Cause uh…..well uh……the Flanders boys are planning on getting Sparkles the Ferret for a mother and let’s face it, woman, you’re not related to Sparkles.” Julia said.

“Not related to Sparkles the Ferret? Well if the clothing fits, then wear it.” Yzma said as she left with Dr. Eggman watching her.

“I spy trouble around here.” Dr. Eggman said.

Meanwhile inside the theater the children and the grownups were watching the Sparky show and performers were screaming and running away in fear just as Sparky destroyed the entire city.

The children gasped in amazement when suddenly on the mountain a blast of blue smoke appeared which was showing Sparky the Ferret appearing.

“Wow, Sparkles the Ferret!” a young woman exclaimed.

“She’s very beautiful.” a young man said as Trevor opened his eyes from the fright and turned himself around in amazement to see Sparkles and Bart was eating white cheddar cheese popcorn just as Milhouse drank diet root beer and Isabella looked at Rod and Todd who smiled cheerfully while seeing Sparkles.

Piano music played in the background and the song began just as Sparky turned over to see Sparkles singing to him.

Sparkles: (singing) Sparky, he’s not an ordinary dragon he’s a green dragon with a heart and soul of gold don’t believe the fibs you have been told he’s a fire breathing close friend for me

Sparky was soothed by Sparkles’ talented voice and breathed fire in mid-air.

The children were amazed and Bart let out a light belch.

Sparkles: (singing) I always see kindness when I look into his large blue eyes he’s got a very sensitive stare 1 that can hypnotize he might be tough on the outside, but inside…..

Just as Sparkles sang, Sparky gave a right hand to Sparkles just as she walked around on it.

“Man, I hate it when they sing.” Bart said as Sparkles continued singing just as Sparky put her down on the ground and she got off and went right on to the stage.

Sparkles: (singing) he’s a lost friend he’s the nicest dragon I ever met

“Do you see how great his head stays on?” Mr. Garcia-Shapiro asked.

Meanwhile Yzma snuck to the back of the stage with a costume that made her look like Sparkles and she took out a fan to cover her face and she came over to the stage.

Sparkles: (singing) Sparky I’ll protect you Sparky I’ll hang on to you and I’ll be there for you, Sparky and I’ll never go away…….

Suddenly Sparkles screamed in fear just as Yzma snatched her outta the stage and stepped right on stage with everybody thinking she was Sparkles and now Yzma sings the song Sparkles was singing this evening.

Yzma: Sparky I’ll protect you (begins singing) Sparky I like you

Just as Yzma sang Rod and Todd took their chance and got outta their seats walking around towards Yzma.

Ned Flanders and the others looked at them just as Rod and Todd walked around closer and Yzma leaned closer to them also still singing to them.

Yzma: (singing) And I’ll be there for you, Rod and Todd forever and ever and ever

“Forever and ever and ever.” Rod and Todd said in unison as they held up Flopsy and Mopsy for Yzma.

Yzma: (singing) I’ll be there for you

“Whoa, they’re sharing Flopsy and Mopsy.” Ned Flanders said.

Yzma: (singing) forever and ever and ever……..

Yzma took out her fan that hid her face and grabbed Flopsy and Mopsy.

Rod and Todd gasped in shock and Trevor did too.

“Ms. Yzma?” Tiffany asked in fear.

Rod and Todd tried getting Flopsy and Mopsy back, but Yzma kept pulling it and pulled out Rod and Todd just as she now hung on to them and waved to the entire crowd cheering and whistling.

“That woman’s related to Sparkles the Ferret?” Sherri asked.

“No, she can’t be!” Isabella exclaimed.

“Bravo, bravo, isn’t she talented? gosh, you guys, I think the boys and I are both secretly in love.” Ned Flanders said.

End of Chapter 8…………….

Chapter 9: Julia confesses

Ever since the stage show Ned Flanders just proposed to Yzma and they were to be married very soon.

Meanwhile in their hotel a photographer was taking photos of the entire gang and children.

“Say ‘blueberry cheesecake’.” the photographer said.

“Blueberry cheesecake.” the entire gang said in unison.

“Thanks.” the photographer said as he took the photo and walked off.

Everybody including the children were in suits and beautiful outfits for Ned Flanders’ big ceremony and Julia was in her beautiful flower girl outfit.

“Ned, I’m amazed that you met somebody very special here in New York City, but don’t you think you’re rushing things? marriage is a very big step between us.” Mrs. Garcia-Shapiro said.

“Well just you wait, Vivian, they’re 2 crazy children secretly in love.” Marge said as the grownups left their children expecting Dr. Eggman to pick up the children and take them to the church and the children saw a kart with snack foods on it.

“Oh wow!” Sherri and Terri exclaimed in unison as the children came over to the kart and ate the snack foods cheerfully especially Jimmy, Carl and Sheen.

“My stomach hasn’t been this cheerful before.” Carl said as Bart belched lightly and spotted a banana cream pudding donut.

“Whoa, looks like it’s time for a pastry donut to go.” Bart said.

“Get us something real good and tasty, Trevor.” Isabella said to her little brother as Trevor cooed and looked around for snack food.

Isabella turned over to see Rod and Todd hanging tightly to Flopsy and Mopsy cheerfully.

“It sure is gonna be great having Sparkles the Ferret as our new mother, isn’t?” Rod asked as he and Todd looked a bit confused.”

“Of course it is, you guys.” Isabella said as she was proud of her 2 close friends.

“Then how come we don’t feel so great?” Todd asked as he and Rod were proud of their dad, Ned Flanders, but something wasn’t right to them and they were hanging on to their heads.

“Well, maybe those bow ties are too tight.” Isabella said as she tried fixing Rod and Todd’s bow ties.

Trevor looked around and fell right off the snack food kart just as Bart and Milhouse enjoyed the banana cream pudding filled donuts, but their fun and excitement ended when Yzma opened the door in her wedding gown with Dr. Eggman behind her.

“Do you see those sticky fingers? chocolate covered mouths? filthy little faces?!? disinfect them!” Yzma exclaimed angrily as the children were shocked about how mean, cruel and harsh she was.

Yzma turned herself around over to see Rod and Todd with Flopsy and Mopsy.

“What the heck are you doing with those crazy things?!?” Yzma shouted as she tried grabbing Flopsy and Mopsy away from Rod and Todd.

“Flopsy!” Rod exclaimed in alarm.

“Mopsy!” Todd exclaimed in alarm as they pulled them away from Yzma and it was just like a game called tug of war.

“Help us, you guys!” Rod and Todd called to their close friends in unison as s as they helped them by pulling them, Flopsy and Mopsy away from Yzma.

“Give me those, how dare you defy me!” Yzma exclaimed angrily as Dr. Eggman and Brittany watched from the door.

“You children are in very big trouble now.” Dr. Eggman said with a smirk.

“You guys are gonna be mine forever, you guys will do things my way!” Yzma exclaimed angrily.

“No way!” Rod and Todd exclaimed in unison.

“You’re not getting away with it!” Isabella exclaimed angrily as Yzma pulled Flopsy and Mopsy outta Rod and Todd’s right hands.

The children fell over and bumped right into the pedestal where the vase was about to fall over on Trevor and the children gasped in shock.

“Trevor!” Isabella exclaimed as she gently grabbed Trevor outta the way and the vase fell over and broke on the tiled floor.

Yzma gasped in shock, but her face changed into anger.

“Dr. Eggman, take those crazy runts away, I’m not gonna have them ruining my wedding service!” Yzma exclaimed angrily.

“It looks like you crazy children will be missing the wedding service.” Julia said to them.

“And don’t forget about the loud mouth too.” Yzma said.

“Indeed, Ms. Yzma.” Dr. Eggman said as he grabbed Trevor and took the other children’s right hands especially Brittany by her right hand.

“Keep your hands off me, you mean evil scientist bully!” Julia exclaimed angrily as Dr. Eggman still hung on to her just as they walked away.

Tiffany came outta the door and gasped in shock and fear seeing the children being taken away by Dr. Eggman on Yzma’s commands.

“What the heck do you think you’re doing?!? I’m the flower girl here!” Julia exclaimed angrily.

“I’m feeling your pain, Ma’am, unfortunately, you just go ‘boot’.” Dr. Eggman said.

“But what about my float and the rainbow colored horses?!?” Julia exclaimed in fear as the elevator doors closed on them.

Tiffany saw the entire thing and turned over to Yzma.

“Ms. Yzma!” Tiffany exclaimed.

“Destroy this hideous disgusting play thing!” Yzma exclaimed angrily at Tiffany as she threw Flopsy and Mopsy on the ground.

“I may never wanna see it again!” Yzma exclaimed as she went back to her dressing room angrily.

Tiffany looked at her and leaned down and hung on to Flopsy and Mopsy feeling terribly sorry for Ned Flanders, Rod and Todd.

Meanwhile Dr. Eggman was driving the children away in the garage in a Sparky car.

Meanwhile Yzma and Tiffany were in the limousine.

“To the church in Cartoon City and step on it!” Yzma exclaimed to her driver just as he drove outta Wild Dragon Park.

Tiffany hung on to Flopsy and Mopsy and looked at Yzma in anger.

“Ms. Yzma, you can’t go through with this, it’s obvious that you don’t really like Ned, Rod or Todd!” Tiffany exclaimed angrily.

“Which 1 is it again?” Yzma asked still not caring about anybody or anything as Tiffany was terribly upset right now ‘cause she liked Ned Flanders, Rod, Todd and all of the children, but Yzma hated them and marrying Ned Flanders for the wrong reason.

Tiffany couldn’t take it anymore and scoffed.

“I can no longer stand by and watch you destroy their lives, I’m gonna tell Ned the truth and there’s nothing you can do to stop me.” Tiffany said as the limousine stopped and Yzma kicked Tiffany outta the limousine.

“Except kick you out on the curb, goodbye.” Yzma said as she threw Flopsy and Mopsy at Tiffany.

The limousine drove off and Tiffany took Flopsy and Mopsy and tried running away from Yzma.

“It looks like our little woman is up for the chase, now step on it.” Yzma said to her driver.

The limousine drove off and Tiffany knew that she could never catch up with Yzma or even beat her to Ned Flanders and she turned herself around and saw a motorbike shop and got a good idea.

Meanwhile the children were in the garage with the giant Sparky robot and Dr. Eggman was sitting in a vacation chair and was reading a Nickelodeon magazine.

“We’re terribly sorry, you guys, if we didn’t want Sparkles as a mother so bad, we wouldn’t have been in this terrible place.” Rod said.

“It’s not terrible, you guys, I mean, at least we got Sparky to keep us company.” Isabella said as she and Trevor held 1 another’s right hands and the children turned themselves around to see the Sparky robot right next to them.

“Well, you guys, we decided we don’t want Sparkles as a mother anymore, we don’t need the magical powers and sparkling golden dust, all we want is a real mother like you guys got, we want a mother who smiles and speaks nicely to us and tucks us in at night time and tells us stories….and…who likes us.” Todd said as he and Rod got tear drops in their eyes and began weeping silently.

Julia looked at them devastatingly knowing it was her entire fault and she got up and walked around over to them.

“Oh come on, Flanders boys, don’t weep.” Julia said.

“We can’t help it, Brittany.” Rod sobbed silently.

“Yeah right, we’re feeling terribly bad about it, our daddy’s marrying a woman who doesn’t like us or Flopsy and Mopsy or our close friends.” Todd sobbed silently.

“Well, actually, Flanders boys, it’s sort of my entire fault.” Julia said.

“What the heck do you mean, Julia?” Isabella asked.

“Well, let’s see, where do I begin? It’s like this, Mr. Herriman was on television and he told the Yzma woman you can’t have joy and life if you don’t got a heart and soul, well, she had 1 in a container, but she still needed a Christian man with 2 sons so I told her how you wanted Sparkles the Ferret as a mother and she was supposed to get me my own float, but she made the entire thing up!” Julia exclaimed angrily as the children looked at her not understanding her or what she really meant.

Julia groaned in annoyance.

“I helped that woman trick Mr. Flanders into marrying her!” Julia exclaimed as she confessed.

The children gasped in shock understanding what really happened before.

“You did, Julia? but…….” Rod said.

“Bad, girly, bad!” Trevor exclaimed angrily while shaking his red blue striped rattle at her.

“Quiet down, drooly face!” Julia exclaimed angrily at him as Trevor made another noise like the invisible duck.

“Trevor’s right, that’s 1 of the most terrible things you ever did, Julia!” Isabella exclaimed angrily.

“I know it was terrible, especially for me, sometimes I just can’t help myself, I’m terribly sorry, you guys.” Julia said as Rod and Todd sat down silently for 1 single minute and suddenly Rod and Todd’s faces became very brave and heroic just as they stood up right in front of their close friends.

“You guys, we can’t let that woman marry our daddy!” Rod exclaimed as the children were amazed at Rod and Todd’s bravery and standing up knowing that they wanted to do something and they looked at 1 another and looked back at them.

“It’s like you always say, Isabella, we’re brave and heroic and we gotta stop that wedding service!” Todd exclaimed.

“How are you gonna do that, you guys?” Isabella asked as the record scratched and the heroic music stopped playing in the background.

Rod and Todd stopped with their faces in nervousness.

“Well, actually, we were hoping you got a good idea, Isabella.” Rod said as Isabella thought for 1 single minute and spotted the Sparky gear: the gloves, helmet, and boots and Isabella looked up and saw the giant Sparky robot.

Isabella, Rod and Todd looked at 1 another and smiled and they got a good idea.

End of Chapter 9…………….

Chapter 10: Sparky vs. Robot Lizard

Meanwhile in the church back in Cartoon City the grownups were inside waiting for Yzma, Dr. Eggman and the children and the parents and employees of Wild Dragon Park were there just as Homer taped it with his video camera and a beautiful young woman was singing a beautiful song for the wedding service.

“Finally, we get to see a real wedding service.” Mrs. Garcia-Shapiro said.

“Yeah right I saw 1 church and you saw all of them, wake me up if you see a red or green dragon.” Marge said as Ned Flanders walked around with his close friend, Mr. Garcia-Shapiro watching him.

“I wonder where Dr. Eggman is with the children, I can’t begin without my boys.”

Meanwhile back in the garage Isabella’s plan went exactly as planned.

Isabella, Bart, Lisa, Milhouse, Ralph, Sherri, Terri, Kaleb, Jerry, Jimmy, Carl, Sheen, Rod, Todd and Trevor went inside the Sparky robot.

Meanwhile Julia tried distracting Dr. Eggman by tying his sneakers together forever and she chuckled nervously while Dr. Eggman stopped reading his Nickelodeon magazine and looked at Julia.

“What the heck do you think you’re doing, young lady?” Dr. Eggman asked Julia as Sparky’s eyes opened and glowed light blue.

“I uh……..I’m just practicing tying sneakers.” Julia said.

“Children are very amusing.” Dr. Eggman said as he heard a familiar growling sound and he turned himself around and gasped in shock seeing the Sparky robot come to life and begin walking around.

“Good grief!” Dr. Eggman exclaimed as he tried getting up, but tripped over.

“Thanks for Flying Air Julia!” Julia exclaimed cheerfully.

Meanwhile inside Sparky’s head the children were operating the Sparky robot.

Isabella got the helmet and was right on Rod and Todd just as they wore the gloves and boots controlling Sparky’s movements.

“See that, you guys? I told you guys we could do it.” Isabella said.

“Yeah right, Isabella, if we could just find the door.” Rod said as Sparky walked off and crashed through the brick wall.

“Look, there’s 1 over there!” Bart exclaimed in excitement as Julia looked up to see Sparky walking around outside.

“Hey, you crazy children, wait for me!” Julia exclaimed as she ran off after Sparky.

The telescope came right outta Sparky’s head

Sherri looked through the telescope to see Julia trying to catch up with them.

“Isabella, we forgot Julia!” Sherri exclaimed in alarm.

“You always say that like it’s a terrible thing, Sherri.” Terri said.

“Rod, Todd, we gotta go back and get Julia.” Isabella said.

“We don’t know if we can, Isabella, we hardly know how to go straight!” Todd exclaimed as Sparky was about to go over to a metal bridge.

“Wait for me, you guys, do you even know how hard it is to run around in a flower girl outfit?!? I’m supposed to be at that wedding service, take me to that church!” Julia exclaimed in alarm as Sparky crashed right into the metal bridge, but Julia jumped and landed right on his nose.

Meanwhile inside the nose were cameras just as the children looked at the entire screen to see Julia hanging on screaming in fear.

“Wow, Sparky’s blue boogers look just like Julia.” Lisa said.

“Hang on, Julia!” Isabella exclaimed as she pushed the green button and suddenly blue smoke came right outta Sparky’s nose and hit Julia just as she fell off screaming in fear, but luckily Sparky caught her with his right hand.

“Nice catch, you guys!” Isabella exclaimed heroically.

Julia was on Sparky’s right hand and she was covered in blue powder from the nose just as she coughed silently.

“That’s not the parade I wanted!” Julia exclaimed angrily.

Meanwhile back in Cartoon City Homer was filming and spotted Yzma in her very long wedding gown coming outta the door.

“Keep that Tiffany outta here ‘til the very final ‘I do’!” Yzma exclaimed to her limousine driver as she turned herself around and walked around right into the aisle.

“Goodness gracious, here comes the bride!” Homer exclaimed.

“Without the beautiful wedding march?” Mrs. Garcia-Shapiro wondered.

“Without the beautiful daisy girl?” Jason asked.

“Without Rod and Todd?” Ned Flanders asked as he wondered to see that the children or Dr. Eggman were nowhere to be seen.

Yzma was walking around, but stopped and turned herself around over to the woman showing a ‘You’re doomed’ sign to cut off the woman’s song and they quit singing and silenced themselves.

“Go, go, go, begin.” Yzma said.

“Yzma, we can’t begin yet, Rod and Todd aren’t here.” Ned Flanders said.

“Oh, baby cakes, we’ll tell him all about it.” Yzma said.

“But I wanna share this beautiful minute with my 2 sons.” Ned Flanders said.

“This is what the video tape is for.” Yzma said as the 2 of them turned over to Reverend Lovejoy (‘The Simpsons’ and ‘The Simpsons Movie’)

“Go ahead, Reverend Lovejoy.” Yzma said as Reverend Lovejoy turned himself over to the couple and crowd.

“Hello, everybody, I would like to welcome the close family and close friends of Mr. and Mrs.-------” Reverend Lovejoy said.

"Yeah right, they can read that in the program, now let’s begin.” Yzma said.

Meanwhile in the daycare center in Wild Dragon Park, the children’s new close friends, Katie and Tricia were drawing a familiar picture on the chalkboard.

“What are you and Tricia drawing, Katie?” Leroy asked.

“It’s a vampire bat.” Susie said.

“It’s a werewolf that disco dances.” Henry said.

“It’s Sparky!” George exclaimed.

“That’s right.” Katie said to them.

"No, you girls, I mean, it really is Sparky!” George exclaimed as he pointed outside the window and all of the children saw the Sparky robot.

“How do we get outta here?” Ralph asked.

“We think it’s this way.” Rod said as he pointed out with Sparky pointing out as well.

“No, that way or the other way.” Todd said as they both accidentally made Sparky knock off the roof of the daycare center with his right arm.

“Just as long as you’re sure about it.” Jimmy said as the teachers and children screamed and ran away in fear except for Katie and Tricia who were both proud to see the Sparky robot.

“Hi there, Sparky.” Katie said as she and Tricia waved to the Sparky robot.

“Look, you guys, there’s Katie and Tricia!”

“Wow, they look like little munchkins from down here.” Lisa said.

"Let’s pick them up, Lisa.” Carl said as Sparky lend a right hand on the ground.

"Wow!” Katie exclaimed.

“We never been on this fun ride before.” Tricia said as she and Katie both climbed right on the right hand.

Sparky lifted up its right hand and walked off.

Katie and Tricia giggled with joy and excitement.

“Hey, runts, get your own float!” Julia exclaimed as the Sparky robot finally left Wild Dragon Park and walked around right into the streets of New York City.

“Are you going somewhere, my green dragon friend?” Dr. Eggman’s voice asked behind them as Sparky turned himself around.

The children gasped in shock just as Rod and Todd covered their mouths which was making Sparky put Julia, Katie and Tricia right into its mouth and what they saw coming towards them was the Robot Lizard robot which was being controlled by Dr. Eggman himself.

“You can’t hide from me, ‘Robot Lizard’!” Dr. Eggman exclaimed as he chuckled evilly.

Meanwhile back in Cartoon City the wedding service was beginning.

Ned Flanders whispered something to Reverend Lovejoy and Reverend Lovejoy nodded his head in agreement.

“Ned would like to recite a poem to his bride.” Reverend Lovejoy said as Ned Flanders took something outta his right pocket.

“It’s our favorite poem, remember?” Ned Flanders asked cheerfully as he rolled out a very long piece of paper which was the poem ‘The Children of My Entire Life’.

Yzma gasped in shock seeing how long the poem was.

Meanwhile during the wedding service other people were being terrorized by Sparky and Robot Lizard while Tiffany was on her motorbike trying to get to the wedding service.

Robot Lizard followed the Sparky robot with Dr. Eggman’s evil laughter.

“I’ll have you children for lunch, but not without the proper bar-b-q sauce.” Dr. Eggman said as he pushed the red button just as Robot Lizard got mechanical blasters from its sides.

Sparky turned himself around over to Robot Lizard just as Katie and Tricia came over to the edge of the mouth.

“You want a piece of us, Lizard breath?” Katie asked as she and Tricia teased Robot Lizard.

“Move over, runts, I’ll show you how it’s finished.” Julia said as she made crazy faces at Robot Lizard, but got hit with blue slime this time.

Robot Lizard continued throwing blue slime at Sparky.

Sparky stepped on the blue slime and slid on it.

“Quit moving around, you guys.” Isabella said to Rod and Todd..

“Don’t tell us, Isabella.” Rod said.

“Tell our feet.” Todd said as Sparky slid down and passed the Empire States Building for Robot Lizard, but he got stuck in the city bridge.

“Dang blast it!” Dr. Eggman exclaimed as Sparky slid down and there was Chief Wiggum, Officer Lou and Officer Eddie right in front of the Robot Lizard robot.

“Stop in the name of Springfield or New York City!” Chief Wiggum exclaimed in his megaphone.

“Look, you guys, I think they want us to stop.” Isabella said.

“So do we.” Rod and Todd said in unison as Sparky tripped on the stair steps of the metro sub train and he flew around over the police cars and landed right on the fire truck.

“Alright then, don’t stop.” Officer Eddie said as Tiffany rode past them.

Meanwhile back inside Sparky the children screamed in fear just as Sparky was about to fall over right into the water that was in their way.

Trevor who was in his walker slid around and hit the red button and just as the red button activated a parachute opened right on Sparky’s back which was stopping him where the fire truck nearly hit 2 people on a motorboat.

Sparky almost fell over in the water, but Rod and Todd kept their balance and sighed in relief knowing that Sparky didn’t fall over.

Meanwhile back in Cartoon City Ned Flanders was reciting his poem.

“‘Cheerful laughter, squirmy toes, tiny little nose, lovely lips and soft cuddles and kisses……….’” Ned Flanders said as he recited the entire poem and suddenly Yzma’s cell phone rang and she took it out to answer it which was Dr. Eggman on the other hand.

“What now?” Yzma asked.

“Ms. Yzma, the children are on their way to the church!” Dr. Eggman exclaimed.

“What the heck?!? you goofball, you betray me!” Yzma exclaimed as she closed her cell phone and turned over to see everybody staring at her.

Yzma chuckled evilly.

“Auntie Yzma sends her true love.” Yzma said.

Meanwhile the children were still heading to the church in the Sparky robot.

“Come on, let’s give it some gas.” Bart said as Trevor farted lightly.

“Ew, gross, Trevor!” Rod said in disgust as he put his hands over his nose and Todd did as well

“No offense, but could somebody please open a window?” Todd asked.

“Alright, here goes.” Lisa said as she opened the doorway to Sparky’s mouth just as she saw her close friends.

“Hi there, Katie, hi there, Tricia.” Lisa said as she put the ladder right in front for Katie and Tricia to climb and they both climbed right on Sparky’s head.

‘It’s about time you goofballs came to the rescue.” Julia said as she was about to climb the ladder, but right before she could climb the ladder Robot Lizard appears.

“Tag, you’re it!” Dr. Eggman exclaimed as Robot Lizard grabbed Sparky by his tail and he spun Sparky around and began singing to them.

Dr. Eggman: (singing) Children go round and round I’ll launch them from the ground they will go flying right now

While Dr. Eggman sang Julia screamed in fear hanging on to Sparky’s teeth just as the children inside were all hanging on to 1 another screaming in fear.

their mothers have a cow……….

Suddenly Sparky’s tail fell off and Sparky slipped right outta Robot Lizard’s hands and other people looked up to see Sparky flying right into the maple tree.

Sparky rubbed his right hand on its face and inside it got bumpy just as the children tried keeping balance, but Bart accidentally pushed the green button and there was a loud beeping alarm sound and red, yellow and orange fire spewed right outta Sparky’s behind just as he took off on the maple tree.

Meanwhile back inside Isabella, Rod and Todd hung on to 1 another screaming in fear just as their other close friends were on the ground screaming in fear.

Julia who was lying down on the mouth screamed in fear as well.

Sparky stopped and accidentally flung Julia outta its mouth just as she flew off.

“Look, you guys, up in the sky!” Isabella exclaimed.

“It’s a bluebird!” Katie and Tricia exclaimed cheerfully in unison.

“It's a rocket plane!” Bart exclaimed as Julia flew around and was about to fall over, but luckily Sparky caught her with his right hand.

“It’s Julia!” Sherri exclaimed as Sparky hung on tight to Julia while hanging to the maple tree branch just as the plane flew past by.

“What the heck is the big idea? are you goofballs trying to get rid of me?” Julia asked.

“This was the big idea.” Terri said.

“Can you guys see the church from over there?” Isabella asked Rod and Todd as they looked around and spotted it.

“There it is!” Rod and Todd exclaimed in unison as they pointed to the church with their right hands and they gasped in amazement and looked at their other hands not hanging on to the maple tree.

The children screamed in fear again just as Sparky fell off the maple tree and he threw Julia right back into its mouth and he grabbed a hold of it with his legs and arms stretching and the children sighed in relief.

“Rod, Todd, you’re my action heroes!” Lisa exclaimed as Sparky began moving around crazily just as it looked like it was scratching its behind with its hands.

“Hang on, you guys.” Rod said.

“We think we got wedgies.” Todd said.

Meanwhile Ned Flanders was still reciting his poem.

“Grabbing fingers, dimples on faces, ticklish stomachs, lovely skin……” Ned Flanders said as the grownups were touched by his poem.

Yzma didn’t care about it.

“Enough poetry, marry us right now!” Yzma exclaimed angrily.

Meanwhile Sparky was on his way to Cartoon City and heading over to a metal bridge.

“Look, you guys, we’re almost there.” Isabella said as she saw the church up ahead.

“Yeah right, there’s the church.” Katie said as Robot Lizard came right in front of them blocking their way just as they came to 1 another in the metal bridge.

“Hi there, my little tourists, this is where you tour of New York City comes to an end!” Dr. Eggman exclaimed.

“Rod, Todd, we gotta beat Robot Lizard or else that mean horrible woman’s gonna be your new mother!” Isabella exclaimed in alarm.

“Over our tough bodies!” Rod and Todd exclaimed in unison as they didn’t want Ned Flanders or them or their close friends to be devastated by Yzma.

“Caution, children!” Robot Lizard said as Sparky and Robot Lizard began fighting just as Robot Lizard pushed Sparky over to the metal bridge.

Sparky stopped him by kicking him outta the way and he fell over right on an empty red car.

Robot Lizard’s right eye fell out and hit Sparky just as he got up and he turned himself around over to see Robot Lizard.

Rod and Todd were both getting fed up and wanted to fight and defeat Dr. Eggman and Robot Lizard.

“Get outta our way, Lizard breath!” Rod and Todd exclaimed angrily to him as they did their Kung Fu sounds and used karate chops right against Robot Lizard.

Rod and Todd made Sparky grab Robot Lizard’s left eye and stretched it out and he let go and Robot Lizard spun around and fell over right into the water.

“You did it, you guys!” Isabella exclaimed to them cheerfully.

“You guys beat Robot Lizard!” Tricia exclaimed.

“Yeah right.” Rod said.

“Now let’s go save our daddy!” Todd exclaimed as Sparky cheerfully marched around back over to Cartoon City.

Meanwhile back in the church Yzma was shouting to Reverend Lovejoy.

“For better or for worse, next!” Yzma exclaimed as Reverend Lovejoy slowly read his book.

“For the richest and……” Reverend Lovejoy said.

“Greatest, illness!” Yzma exclaimed.

“And in health conditions…….” Reverend Lovejoy said.

Yzma groaned and put Reverend Lovejoy’s book away .

“Must we always repeat everything?” Yzma asked as she slammed the book and threw it around at Reverend Lovejoy’s face.

Suddenly the grownups heard and felt a rumbling sound just as the water from the stoup began moving around.

Reverend Lovejoy got up.

“Holy crap, I skipped a section.” Reverend Lovejoy said as he was still reading his book.

Meanwhile Sparky was approaching the church.

“Hurry, you guys!” Isabella exclaimed heroically as Sherri and Terri fell over and turned over to see something in Sparky’s machinery.

“Hey, look what I found!” Sherri said.

“Paper clips and rubber bands!” Terri exclaimed cheerfully as she saw them.

Sherri and Terri took the paper clips and rubber bands and suddenly Sparky’s head fell off.

Just as the driver was driving the limousine he looked up and gasped in shock.

Tiffany finally made it to Cartoon City on her motorbike, but stopped to see what was going on around here.

Fuzzy and Snowflake came as well and looked up.

The driver screamed in fear and ran away just as Sparky’s head landed right on the limousine and right outta Sparky’s head, a red slide came out just as Rod and Todd slid down.

“We’re coming, Daddy!” Rod and Todd exclaimed heroically in unison as they took off their gloves and boots and ran around over to the church.

“Go, you guys, go!” Isabella cheered for them.

“Hurry, you guys!” Katie exclaimed heroically.

“You can do it, you guys!” Lisa cheered.

Rod and Todd were at the church and they were about to open the door, but they stopped in their minds just as the doorknob was a golden dragon just as it growled silently at them.

Rod and Todd gasped nervously and they both backed away.

Meanwhile back inside Yzma smiled just to see her plan about to succeed.

“If anybody objects to this marriage, speak right now or forever hang on to your entire life.” Reverend Lovejoy said as Ned Flanders gulped nervously and was about to get ready.

Rod and Todd stared at the doorknob feeling terrified, but they realized that Ned Flanders might be in trouble and they thought about him and all their close friends.

“We gotta be brave and heroic, we gotta be brave and heroic.” Rod and Todd said to themselves in unison as right before Reverend Lovejoy could say anything the door opened.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” Rod and Todd exclaimed heroically in unison as Ned Flanders, Yzma and everybody turned themselves around to see Rod and Todd running around in the church.

“Boys? Boys!” Ned Flanders exclaimed in excitement.

“NOOOOOOOOO!” Rod and Todd exclaimed heroically gain as they and Ned Flanders run around to 1 another.

Ned Flanders put his arms around their shoulders.

“Rod, Todd, I’m glad you boys are safe and sound.” Ned Flanders said.

“And so is their new mother, come here, Christian boys.” Yzma said as Rod and Todd gasped in fear and hung on to Ned Flanders for dear life.

“No, Daddy, don’t marry the mean horrible woman!” Rod and Todd exclaimed in unison as Ned Flanders gasped in shock and looked at Yzma, but they heard something ahead of them and they turned themselves around over to see Dr. Eggman coming all wet and injured.

“Ms. Yzma, our kidnapping plan has failed.” Dr. Eggman said.

“Ignore that unemployed joker!” Yzma exclaimed.

Ned Flanders looked at Yzma angrily realizing what happened to his 2 sons and the other children.

“Yzma, this wedding it off, you’re not the young woman I thought you were.” Ned Flanders said angrily as Yzma turned herself around to see Brittany, Isabella, Bart, Lisa, Milhouse, Ralph, Sherri, Terri, Kaleb, Jerry, Katie, Tricia, Tiffany who was holding Trevor in her arms, Fuzzy and Snowflake.

“Hey, woman, it looks like your plan to trick Mr. Herriman didn’t work out after all.” Julia said.

“Chipettes should be seen, not heard.” Yzma said.

“I would like to hear what the little 1 needs to say.” Mr. Herriman said.

“Alright, but listen real good, ‘cause I’m tired of telling this story: ‘That Yzma woman told her boss she had a child’s heart in a jar and she was gonna marry Mr. Flanders just so she could be president’.” Julia said as Yzma growled angrily at her.

“Listen here, you joker……..” Yzma said angrily.

“Now, Ms. Yzma, you’re dismissed.” Mr. Herriman said as he left.

“Dismissed? but nobody fires Yzma, Yzma fires others, Yzma is Wild Dragon Park!” Yzma exclaimed as she was about to leave, but suddenly stopped.

Yzma turned herself around over to see Isabella, Bart, Lisa, Milhouse, Ralph, Sherri, Terri, Kaleb, Jerry, Jimmy, Carl, Sheen, Katie and Tricia on her wedding gown.

“Get off the wedding gown, you crazy twerps!” Yzma exclaimed as she pulled her wedding gown and knocked the children off and the grownups gasped in shock.

“Listen here, woman, nobody messes with my crazy children except for me.” Julia said as Yzma scoffed and walked away.

Julia looked at Yzma’s very long wedding gown and stepped on it which was causing her wedding gown to rip.

“I see London, I see France, I see Yzma’s underpants.” Dr. Eggman said as he mocked.

It was true that everybody saw Yzma’s underpants.

“Well take the photo, ‘cause this is the last time you’re gonna see Yzma or her underpants.” Yzma said angrily as she walked around out into the city streets and everybody took her photo and she gasped in shock and saw them and she sobbed in humiliation and left.

Fuzzy growled at Dr. Eggman and grabbed his right leg.

“Crazy puppy dog, crazy puppy dog!” Dr. Eggman exclaimed to Fuzzy as he fell over and got up and ran away.

“Yzma, Yzma, wait!” Dr. Eggman exclaimed as he went after her just as Pinky was chasing after him.

“Go get ‘em, Pinky!” Mr. Garcia-Shapiro said as Trevor made another noise like the invisible duck.

“It looks like Fuzzy found himself a little love interest.” Marge said as she smiled cheerfully to Bart, Lisa and Maggie.

“Come here, my dear sweet children.” Marge said as she cuddled Lisa and Maggie and all of the children were reunited with their parents.

Ned Flanders was still hanging on to Rod and Todd just as Tiffany, Katie and Tricia walked around over to them.

“Rod, Todd, I got something that belongs to both of you.” Tiffany said as she gave Rod and Todd back Flopsy and Mopsy.

“Flopsy!” Rod exclaimed cheerfully.

“Mopsy!” Todd exclaimed cheerfully as they saw their red stuffed rabbits again and they took them from Tiffany and cuddled them.

“Thanks, Tiffany.” Ned Flanders said nicely to her.

“Ned, I’m terribly sorry, I wanted to tell you about Yzma, but I……” Tiffany said.

“No, It’s my entire fault, I guess I got caught up in the romance of New York City, I’m terribly sorry, boys.” Ned Flanders said.

“It’s alright, Daddy.” Rod and Todd said in unison as they cuddled Flopsy and Mopsy.

Tiffany smiled at Ned Flanders nicely.

“‘Oh how my heart and soul runs wild’.” Tiffany said.

“‘Every single time I hang on to my precious children.” Ned Flanders said as he realized something in his mind.

“Wait 1 single minute, you know that poem?” Ned Flanders asked.

“Oh, Ned, it’s my absolute favorite.” Tiffany said as Ned Flanders smiled just as he and Tiffany stared at 1 another’s eyes.

Katie and Tricia giggled in unison.

“We don’t know anything about you guys, but we think we’re hearing wedding bells.” Katie said as Rod and Todd gasped in unison with smiling faces.

“We hear them too!” Rod and Todd exclaimed in unison as they were both smiling at Tiffany.

Rod, Todd, Katie and Tricia laughed just as Ned Flanders and Tiffany looked at 1 another dreamily.

End of Chapter 10………

Chapter 11: Ned Flanders gets married

Ever since Rod, Todd, Isabella and close friends stopped the wedding Ned Flanders and Tiffany fell in love and it wasn’t a terrible thing for Rod and Todd ‘cause they liked Katie and Tricia especially Ned Flanders’ new fiancé, Tiffany.

Right after the trip in New York City, everybody was back at the Disco Dance Club and Ned Flanders and Tiffany were finally married and everybody was cheerful and having a disco dance party.

“And now the bride and groom will cut the wedding cake.” Mr. Garcia-Shapiro said as he announced cheerfully.

Ned Flanders and Tiffany kissed cheerfully and held up a knife together forever to cut the wedding cake.

“Now be very careful, Tiffany, this knife is very sharp.” Ned Flanders said as they smiled at 1 another just as Homer and a few other people took several photos and Mrs. Garcia-Shapiro was sitting at the table with Marge.

“Wasn’t the wedding service beautiful?” Mrs. Garcia-Shapiro asked her close friend cheerfully.

“I’m just glad I didn’t need to return the donut box this time.” Marge said

Meanwhile back in the other room Julia was speaking to another mysterious figure and the figure also was dipping sugar cookies in chocolate soy milk and eating them.

“Let me put it to you this way, godfathers, we had been back home for an entire day and you still haven’t delivered the good stuff, you got your mother wish, so what do I get, crab fathers?” Julia asked as the figures turned themselves around and it turned out to be Rod, Todd, Katie and Tricia.

Rod and Todd were grooming Flopsy and Mopsy just as Katie and Tricia ate the sugar cookies.

“Julia, you showed the godfathers no respect!” Katie exclaimed angrily

“Yeah right, you can’t speak to them like…….” Tricia said as Rod and Todd stopped them with their right hands.

“Julia, you came to us on the day of our daddy’s wedding service to ask us for Francesca and rainbow colored horses and an entire bunch of stuff we can never ever get for you.” Rod said as the door opened which was revealing Bonnie who was wearing a beautiful outfit.

“There you are, you guys, come on, the grownups are giving away all of the wedding cake!” Bonnie exclaimed to Rod and Todd.

“Wedding cake? game over.” Julia said as the children cheered in unison and headed outta the room.

Rod and Todd stopped and put Flopsy and Mopsy on the red and blue chair.

Katie and Tricia turned themselves around to see their new brothers.

“Flopsy and Mopsy are very nice rabbits.” Katie said to Rod and Todd cheerfully.

“Thanks, Katie, thanks, Tricia, our original mother gave them to us.” Rod said.

“Do you guys ever miss her?” Tricia asked as she and Katie knew Rod and Todd must’ve been devastated about their other mother.

“Well, sometimes, but then we remember that she’s up there watching us from the heaven skies.” Rod said as he, Todd, Katie and Tricia looked up and were silent for 1 single minute.

Rod and Todd laughed in unison and smiled cheerfully.

“We guess we’re so lucky.” Rod said.

“We got 2 mothers to look after us now.” Todd said.

Ned Flanders and Tiffany came over to the room where they saw their children.

“There’s my boys.” Ned Flanders said as he patted Rod and Todd on their heads and he turned himself around over to Katie and Tricia.

“Katie, Tricia, sweetie girls, can I have this disco dance?” Ned Flanders asked.

“Yes, Daddy.” Katie and Tricia said in unison as Ned Flanders took their hands and disco danced with them.

“Rod? Todd? would you boys like to disco dance with your new mother?” Tiffany asked.

“Yes, Mommy.” Rod and Todd said in unison as they took Tiffany’s hands cheerfully.

The 6 of them arrived on the disco dance floor.

Ned Flanders disco danced with Katie and Tricia just as Tiffany disco danced with Rod and Todd cheerfully while Alex played the music that was from the disco dance at George and Gladys’s wedding service.

When you fall in love

you’re not left alone

the 1 you’ll always love

is right there beside you

Rod and Todd were so cheerful that they got Tiffany as a new mother.

Tiffany kissed them and Rod and Todd cuddled her back.

Meanwhile Julia walked around over and tried to get the wedding cake.

“Let me at the wedding cake!” Julia exclaimed as she was in the way of an elderly woman.

“Hey, woman, have you ever heard about a thigh blaster?” Julia asked as the elderly woman walked away and Julia who was hanging on to Francesca spotted 1 single piece of the wedding cake.

“Francesca, that frosting daisy’s got our names written all over it.” Julia said as she went over to grab it a right hand took the piece of the wedding cake right before she could grab it.

Julia gasped in shock and looked up to see Isabella, Bart, Lisa, Milhouse, Ralph, Sherri, Terri, Kaleb, Jerry, Jimmy, Carl, Sheen, Trevor, Katie and Tricia eating the wedding cake and they had made a very big mess and got some wedding cake all over their clothes and faces.

“Who the heck do you guys think you are?” Julia asked as they turned themselves over to her.

“Well, Julia, I’m Isabella, and that’s Ralph.” Isabella said.

“Hi there.” Ralph said as he waved with his right hand.

“And this is Milhouse.” Isabella said as Millhouse was massaging the bride and groom statue decorations with Jimmy, Carl and Sheen.

“And she always calls us crazy.” Carl said. .

“Give me that wedding cake right now!” Julia exclaimed angrily as she got hit with the wedding cake.

Trevor cooed since he was the 1 who threw the wedding cake at Julia.

“Good throw, Trevor.” Isabella said as she was smiling at her 9-month-old little brother.

“That does it, prepare to meet your wedding cake weapon!” Julia exclaimed evilly.

“Hey, you guys.” Rod said as he, Todd, Katie and Tricia came to them just as Julia was about to throw the wedding cake at them.

“What are you doing?” Todd asked as they suddenly got hit with the wedding cake and the children laughed in unison and scooped up the wedding cake.

“Food fight!” Katie exclaimed as she, Tricia and the other children began a food fight and threw wedding cake at 1 another.

Bart threw the wedding cake to Pinky and Snowflake cheerfully just as the 2 puppy dogs jumped up and down and ate it up.

“Hey, Bonnie, Katie, Tricia, heads up!” Milhouse exclaimed as he threw some wedding cake at Bonnie, Katie and Tricia.

“Look out, here it comes!” Tricia exclaimed as she, Katie and Bonnie ducked and the wedding cake hit Julia right on the face and the other 2 children laughed in unison.

Bart, Lisa, Milhouse, Ralph, Sherri, Terri, Kaleb, Jerry, Jimmy, Carl and Sheen fought over a little plate of the wedding cake.

“Wedding cake battle!” Bonnie exclaimed cheerfully as she let go just as the wedding cake hit Kaleb and Jerry on their faces.

Trevor laughed and threw the wedding cake up in mid-air just as it hit him on his head.

Katie and Tricia were with Rod and Todd just as Isabella, Bart, Lisa, Milhouse, Ralph, Sherri, Terri, Kaleb, Jerry, Jimmy, Carl and Sheen watched.

Katie and Tricia threw it at Lisa and Julia, but they missed just as the wedding cake passed by them.

Suddenly it hit Marge on the head and everybody gasped in shock and Katie, Tricia, Rod and Todd gasped in shock knowing they could be in very big trouble.

Marge took the wedding cake outta her hair and George laughed at her and with a smirk Marge hit George with wedding cake and she smiled at him.

Jason was walking around with 2 plates of wedding cake, but he slipped on the mess which was caused by the children.

The plates flew around and accidentally hit Ned Flanders and Tiffany and they both gasped in shock at this, but they laughed out loud cheerfully.

Katie, Tricia, Rod and Todd smiled at 1 another.

“Yahoooooooo!” Rod, Todd, Katie and Tricia said as they threw another slice of wedding cake in mid-air and it hit Marge on the face and Homer laughed ‘til Marge slammed the wedding cake at him and very soon everybody especially the children and grownups were having a wedding cake fight and having a lot of fun.

“Well, Isabella, we guess this is the way things are gonna be from now on.” Rod said as the 3 close friends laughed cheerfully just as the food fight continued.

End of Chapter 11………(Almost!)

Meanwhile in New York City in Wild Dragon Park Yzma and Dr. Eggman had lost their jobs, but luckily they were now working in Crazy Water World and they were in costumes just as the ride was about to open.

“Welcome to Crazy Water World, wait for the safety bar and keep your hands and feet in the car at all times.” Yzma said as Dr. Eggman opened the door and an entire bunch of children ran over to Yzma and pushed her just as she fell over right into the water.

“Oh boy is this gonna be my entire life? tell me it’s gonna get so much better, tell me it’s gonna get so much better!” Yzma exclaimed as a big red bucket splashed water on her head and all of the children laughed in unison.

“I think it’s getting so much better already.” Dr. Eggman said as the credits appeared with the names of the voice portrayers and their characters:

End of Chapter 11……………


Alyson Stoner as Isabella Garcia-Shapiro (voice)

Nancy Cartwright as Bart Simpson, Ralph Wiggum, and Todd Flanders (voices)

Yeardley Smith as Lisa Simpson (voice)

Pamela Hayden as Milhouse Van Houten and Rod Flanders (voice)

Grey DeLisle as Yzma (new and improved replacement voice)

Mike Pollock as Dr. Eggman (voice)

Harry Shearer as Ned Flanders and Reverend Lovejoy (voices)

Russi Taylor as Sherri and Terri (voices)

Dan Castellaneta as Homer Simpson (voice)

Julie Kavner as Marge Simpson, Patty Bouvier and Selma Bouvier (voices)

Candi Milo as Julia (voice)

Tress MacNeille as Tiffany (voice)

Dakota Fanning as Katie (voice)

Miranda Cosgrove as Tricia (voice) and Sparkles the Ferret (speaking and singing voices)

Tara Charendoff as Trevor Garcia-Shapiro (Poof’s voice from ‘The Fairly Oddparents’ and ‘The Fairly Oddparents’ new video game series) and Jerry (Ben Tennyson’s voice from ‘Ben 10’)

Daran Norris as Mr. Garcia-Shapiro (voice)

Eileen Galindo as Mrs. Garcia-Shapiro (voice)

Christopher Plummer as George Garcia-Shapiro (voice)

Kath Soucie as Charlene (voice)

Charles Adler as Jason (voice)

Phyllis Diller as Gladys Garcia-Shapiro (voice)

Emily Hahn as Bonnie Anderson (voice)

Hank Azaria as Chief Wiggum (voice)

Ben Stiller as Alex the Lion (voice)

Debbi Derryberry as Jimmy Neutron (voice)

Rob Paulsen as Carl Wheezer (voice)

Jeffery Garcia as Sheen Estevaz (voice)

Danny Cooksey as Kaleb (Milo’s voice from ‘Pepper Ann’)

Susan Sarandon as Courtney, the stewardess (voice)

Roger Craig Smith as Sonic the Hedgehog (speaking voice)

Steven Tyler as Sonic the Hedgehog’s rock singing voice (his rock singer’s voice)

Cheech Marin as Manic the Hedgehog (speaking voice)

Little Richard as Manic the Hedgehog’s soul singing voice (his soul singer’s voice)


Dedicated to the loving memory of Yzma’s original voice portrayer, Eartha Kitt (1927-2008) may she rest in heavenly peace and have a happy Valentine’s Day, happy St. Patrick’s Day, happy Easter, happy memorial day and happy holidays in the heaven skies.

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